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  • Doggymoon

    M and I have discussed a honeymoon and were initially looking into Italy as our destination. However, after looking at our budget and holiday allowance. It just isn't going to happen next year. We've been looking into getting two dogs for ages and we got the go ahead from our landlord so instead we're having a doggymoon. Our plan is to get two cavachon puppies the day after the wedding and use the two weeks annual leave we've taken off for puppy training and getting them used to us and our home. I cannot wait! It is more important to get dogs to me than go on holiday if I am honest. We will go on a sort of honeymoon the following year but I think it will be a week in Cornwall with our two new family members. Hopefully I'll be expecting then as well. We're trying for a baby again straight away. If anyone happens to read the due threads etc, I've had two miscarriages this year and another one a few years ago. So starting a family is mega important to us. I don't really want to wait until after the wedding to try again if I am completely honest. But I think H2B needs a break and it'll be good for my body.

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    FutureMrsDraper wrote (see post):

    Thank you Ashley and MrsC - I do feel a lot better about everything now that its sorted!

    We must have similar tastes MrsC, I didn't want to go for the stereotypical hen do just for the sake of fulfilling some kind of tradition (not sure what to call it). I really want to enjoy my hen and I think that the sleepover is the only way that's going to happen.

    Yes, totally - I was never really into clubbing, and now my idea of heaven is just chilling out somewhere and getting plenty of sleep and R&R :)

    A doggymoon sounds adorable! Sorry to hear about your losses - I've also been through it in the past and have PCOS, but now have a cheeky almost 3 year old. Fingers crossed for you x

  • It’s nice to hear from some who’s been in a similar position MrsC - thank you xx

  • I thought I had most things under control but I’ve made a to do like and it’s current at 53 items and it’s bound to go up. So much for being organised!

  • Oh wow the doggymoon sounds incredible - such a good idea! 

    Also sorry to hear about your losses, hopefully the break from trying will do you the world of good and I wish you all the success in conceiving after the wedding! 

  • Thank you MrsTomlin! The kind words are very much appreciated x

  • Chair Covers and Sashes

    Yesterday my fiancé, myself and FMIL went to Bartley Lodge to meet with a lady called Bev from Bartley Events. She does loads of decorative hire items and they all look gorgeous... we had to rein ourselves in when we were looking at her Facebook page. M and I just needed to pick the covers and the sashes. I generally dislike chair covers but the chairs are just ugly, so we had to bite the bullet. We’ve gone for the spandex chair covers so they fit nicely and wont crease and two sashes. The two sashes will go on together, one a thin with a floral design and then underneath we’re having a cream taffeta sash to give a background. I think they’re actually really pretty and I’ve changed my opinion on chair covers/sashes.


  • Signs and notices

    I've been thinking of using chalk boards and the pens in our similar colour scheme to do a welcome sign, order of day and a little-ish one say no photos or recording during the ceremony. Obviously we will word it nicely and not so cut throat. These are on amazon for £6-£20 depending on the size. I think we'll have an A1 for the order of the day, an A2 for welcome sign and an A3/4 for the no photos. My sister, J, is really artistic and she's more than happy to do the writing for us and potentially a little design around the welcome sign. I am debating whether to stick some flowers on the top of the welcome sign and have it draping down slightly.  Just as some extra cuteness but we'll see.


    <img src="

  • Just binge read your thread. I’m so sorry to read about your losses. We have not experienced that but have been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for over two years. We’re back  at the fertility clinic in November. So I know it can be a sad background to planning a wedding (in my darker moments I wonder if my fiance proposed to give me something shiny to think about rather than focusing just on my seeming inability to conceive).


    Anyway that all aside I love your plans and am particularly delighted by the idea of a doggymoon! Our honeymoon, such as it is, will be a few days away with our dog I think. 

  • Centre pieces

    We had a meeting with the florist or our centre pieces yesterday and we’ve made decision, couldnt be happier!


    We‘re having a glass bowl with a candle in the middle as pictured above but with lysianthus and roses in the cream and dusky pink as shown in the second picture. The top table will have a spray in the middle with the same colours and then small jars with the same flowers dotted down each side of it. The spray that will be on the top table will also be on the registrars table  where we sign the register. I’m also going to ask my BM that is also a florist to do some more flowers in jars to go along the fire place that’s in the breakfast/reception room. Picture below.


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    So I haven't updated my thread for a while and although we haven't done a huge amount, I thought I'd share what we have done.

    Giving notice - We did this between xmas and new year, pretty simple and not too arduous. We live in a different area than we're getting married but we've already had the planning form through from Hampshire. We need to sit down and start making decisions for the vows and music. I will actually have to force M to make decisions with me, rather than just letting me do what I want. He wants it to feel like both of us have planned it but he's hopeless at sitting down with me and making decisions.

    Welcome sign - Originally I had asked my sister to make a sign for us, but after thinking and looking online. I realised I actually would prefer a professionally made one as I had a feeling it wouldn't end up looking how imagined. (Bridezilla, I know!). I found this one on etsy and have personalised it for our wedding. It arrived a couple of weeks ago, I love it! Just need to find an easel to place it on in the ceremony room.

    image 0

    Wedding bands - I have been thinking for ages about wedding bands and whether I'd want the classic plain or have some bling. In the end, I decided that I prefer the plain ones and I can wear it at work which is a bonus! I begrudge spending hundreds of pounds on a plain band but I know I need it to be white gold to match my E ring. I though I'd have a look on etsy - because they seem to have everything - and found plain wedding bands for £99. It's 14ct white gold. I've ordered a 3 mm one and it should arrive in the next couple of weeks (it's being shipped from New York). Hopefully it will fit, I had to convert my UK size into US and gone up half a size which should be perfect as my E ring is a little snug. The seller is Weddingbandsrus if anyone else wanted to have a look. I also quite like the fact it's being made in New York as that's where we got engaged and it's quite sweet, obviously not why I ordered it though. But I feel like it's a sign.

    Invites - I've ordered our invites from vista print, they're due to arrive in the next couple of weeks. I got one of their designs and adjusted it to fit with our theme. They don't match the save the dates but I don't mind. They're really cute. I just put time, date, place, RSVP deadline and my mobile number, and asked to include any dietary requirements with the RSVP. I know its not fancy and I have ordered the RSVP cards, but we're tight for money and I don't want to spend an extra £50 of RSVP cards when we haven't got menu options so would just be a yes or no tick box. I'll upload a picture when they arrive but they're this design, although altered slightly. We've got venue details and RSVP details on the back instead of just initials. I am waiting for these to arrive before I order the evening only invites, we want to check the quality before we order anymore

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    Does the price of the ring include customs duties? If so that's really good.

    Love the invites, we did Vistaprint too, and we also didn't bother with RSVPs - people have the option of email, text or they can just send the menu back with their choices ticked. You can buy RSVP cards anyway which is what people used to do - I feel like brides spoonfeed guests a bit these days!

  •  MrsCToBee It doesn't include custom duty but as it is under £135 so it doesn't incur one of the custom fees. The other import fee thing (technical I know lol) is about 20% so it'll be about £15-20 to pick it up at the post office. I still think it's a decent saving for a 14ct band :) Definitely agree with the spoon feeding thing! Some of the things I hear about weddings are crazy, you'd think guests are incapable. I refuse to baby people and bend over backwards for petty things. This is our wedding and while I want everyone to enjoy themselves, I'm not going to stress myself or H2B out in the process. Weddings are meant to be enjoyable after all :)

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    Totally agree - I have no issue with other people doing it if they want, but I'm not booking people's hotel rooms, arranging their transport or anything else - they are all big boys and girls! If you go to any other type of party you don't expect someone else to arrange all this stuff for you!
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    Another mini update!

    I've spent my lunch break emailing all the suppliers that we have included with our package that we've organised with Bartley. I've seem to have got my wedding planning bug back - it seems to go through phases. I've sent the stationary ladies our choices for colours and fonts etc.

    My to do list

    - Sort out H2B and Best man suits

    - Organise hair/makeup trials for me

    - Organise/check styles for BMs hair with hair stylist and check timings

    - Confirm time of arrival with BMs make up artist

    - Organise my dress alterations

    - Have meeting with venue to confirm random details (setup, clear down, timings, music for ceremony etc)

    - Organise a jobs list for the day and delegate any jobs

    - Buy confetti/confetti bags or cones and sparklers/basket for sparklers

    - Buy battery candles for votive

    - Fill out ceremony planning form and return it and pay rest of ceremony fee

    - Contact photographer to confirm times and shots etc

    - Look into how to record ceremony without paying for a videographer!
    - Organise a menu for each table

    - Thank you gifts for BMs, parents and best man

    - Finalise table plans

    - Organise fake tan/lash extensions for before the wedding

    - Sort wedding cake

    - Get E ring cleaned closer to wedding

    - Buy my perfume and underwear for the day

    - Make emergency kit (pain killers, safety clips)

    - Organise stuff we've already bought for the wedding into one safe place

    I am sure there's a tonne more to do but my brain won't tell me! Let me know if you can think of anything

  • M’s ring

    We’ve just ordered M’s wedding band from H Samuel. It’s a 6mm titanium band, he spent ages deciding the width and metal he wanted and we both like the one he’s chosen. It came to £65 as I had a discount code. I know that titanium can’t be resized but I really don’t think his size will change. 
  • I’ve managed to get a couple of umbrellas for £2. I wanted to get something pretty in case it does rain (fingers crossed for a dry and sunny day). I think these will look nice for photos if we need them.

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    Heeeey I’ve just binged your thread - don’t know how I’ve not stumbled upon it before. Loving it all - your lovely fresh colours and your flowers and bm dresses! Nearly snorted my drink out when I read my mum will be straight on the dick straws 😂😂 

    really wanna see a pic of your dress! But then I’ve not put mine on either haha. 
  •  Thanks for reading Charleah! I'm impressed you made it through my ramblings, I've had a read through your thread and it all looks fab, I love all the travel themed accents :) It's not long now until your big day!
  • My Wedding Band

    I posted before about my wedding band and it arrived (without customs charge, bingo!) and it is lovely. Exactly what I was looking for, suits well with my engagement ring and lovely quality. Really happy with my £99 band :)


    I've finally logged on to pay the rest of the ceremony fee so that's one thing less to do and it actually gave me a bit of a thrill to know we are 100% getting married. I have no idea why, given we've planned pretty much everything and we know we're getting married but now the official bits are sorted, I am buzzing.

    We've still got to pick our vows, readings and music etc and we've got the forms but we fill it out online and send it back to them for approval.

    Confetti and Sparklers

    I am still on the hunt for confetti and sparklers and a decent price, if anyone has a website or shop they'd recommend, please let me know :)

    Menu Tasting

    We've booked a menu tasting for the 15th of this month so we're going to go and try each item on the set menu and decide what we liked best. The only thing food wise about our venue is that with our package, we get the wedding breakfast included but not the drinks package that would accompany it if we paid per head for the "lesser" package... if that makes any sense at all. The corkage is £16 per bottle for their in house selection of £19 per bottle if we wanted to get our own stuff to bring in. I have no idea what to do or where to pull this money from. I'll have to find some way around it because I can't not serve wine at all for the breakfast, we can't afford an open bar but I'd at least be able to provide arrival/toasting/wedding breakfast tipple.

  •  BMs Hair

    So I've finally bit the bullet and booked a hair stylist for my BMs. I've already found a make up artist for them but this means the lady who's doing my hair and make up wont need to stress and she can just focus on me. I had visions of all the BMs taking too long and I'd be rushed at the end and look awful :D I've booked with Laura-Jane Hairstyling. She's based in Dorset but will travel to the venue. I am feeling a lot better now I've sorted it but the though of spending £400 solely on hair and makeup for 1 days is eye watering. But as there's 5 BMs, I feel like that's not too crazy an amount.

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    We got our sparklers from Amazon. £10 for 100 20inch ones. The burn time was 3 minutes which was more than enough time. Confetti I got from Kays Confetti Creations on Facebook. Very reasonably priced and always doing special offers/deals.
  • Thank you Mrs H! I will definitely check it out x
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    We’ve picked our readings 

    M and I picked our readings tonight and decided we’ll ask our mums to read one each. I really wanted sweet and romantic ones but at least one of them had to be from a book. I’m a massive book worm (I swear my house is better stocked than Waterstones) and there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity of anything relating to books. We’ve pick Union by Robert Fulghum and an Excerpt from Philip Pullman’s Darkness Materials trilogy. I personally think the excerpts beautiful and Union really does capture the promises you make as a couple. I am aware these are probably really popular but I don’t mind because they are meaningful to us.

  • Beautiful readings! 
  • Thank you Mrs T 😊
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    10 weeks to go!
  • This thread is great! Some really great ideas and advice. I am also getting married at Bartley Lodge on 30 May 2020! Can't wait to hear about your day. H x
  • Thank you Heather! You’re the first person that’s said they’re getting married there 😊 I’ll let you know how the day goes, we’ve got just over 8 weeks 😱 good luck with your day! Time flies past once you hit the year mark, it’s scary. Have you got/are you thinking of doing a planning thread? I’d love to read yours xx
  • How exciting! You're also the first person I've come across getting married at Bartley Lodge. :) I don't have a thread as of yet, but I may start one. Completely new to this site! I'm planning on making lots of DIY bits for the wedding so I may even start an Instagram page :smile: xx
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