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Throwing the Wedding Bouquet???

Just for fun really and to see what people's take is on this, but last night I was watching "My Best Friend's Wedding" (love that film) and near the end the Bride threw the bouquet into the crowd and made a big deal out of it with everyone standing around the catch it. This really surprised me for some reason as it's something I really hadn't considered on doing and hadn't even remembered people do! So my question is this, is throwing the bouquet still a thing, do people still do it? Or is it an outdated tradition? Do you plan on doing it or will you just skip it? I think i'm more inclined to just leave it but it will be interesting to see what everyone else thinks. 



  • I'm not doing it cause my bouquet's bring preserved and turned into paperweights to give as thank you gifts!
  • JdotJJdotJ Posts: 196 New bride
    Ah that's such a lovely idea, see I hadn't even thought of that either!

  • It's not the cheapest but my parents are giving it as our wedding present. They did it for my sister years ago too, and I love having a paperweight with a bit of her bouquet in on my mantlepiece!
    It's also longer lasting than the thank you bouquets people normally give on the day, even if it will take longer...

    The last wedding I went to, the bride just thrust the bouquet at me, but then my fiance proposed a few months later so maybe it works after all! :D 
  • I'm not doing it - personally i don't want to fork out for a lovely bouquet for it to (potentially) smash into the floor, and i think its a bit embarrassing for those who get roped into catching up. nothing like putting a spotlight on all your single nearest and dearest... 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 951 New bride
    I didn't do it, mainly because I wanted to keep the bouquet but also because I made the bouquets myself and was worried it would disintegrate in the air! I know some women buy or make an extra bouquet especially to be thrown, so they can keep theirs.

    I think it's more of an American tradition though, and it didn't appeal to me because usually in films it's portrayed as all the single women jostling each other to get the bouquet, which I don't think is very nice. It also goes in tandem with the lesser-done tradition of the groom taking off the bride's garter and tossing it to the men, which I think is just plain weird!

    Saying that, if you want to do it, it is just a bit of fun, and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't tried to catch it at friends' weddings! I was tempted to pull out a single flower to throw to one of my best friends, but alas I got too drunk on the night and forgot!
  • Laura GraceLaura Grace Posts: 334 New bride
    edited February 2019
    I didn't do it as I didn't want to 'waste' my bouquet.  It ended up sitting on the cake table all night and when I got back from my honeymoon, my parents said they'd thrown it in the bin!!  So I guess at least if I'd thrown it, someone else could have kept it.
    On the other side... I would estimate less than 10% of the weddings I photograph have a bouquet toss, it doesn't seem to be the 'done' thing anymore.  However when it is done, it's always lovely.  I have yet to see a bouquet fall apart (they are actually usually wired to be really secure) and very often the guests give it back as they don't expect to keep it xx
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    I've only been to one wedding where it's happened.
    I'm one of the last of my friends and family to get married so they'd be barely anyone to catch it! I'm doing my own flowers and want to put my bouquet on my grandma's grave so won't be doing it.
  • Ours is a private ceremony, however even if we were having guests, I wouldn't be doing it. I have had a felt and fabric flower bouquet made, so that I can keep it. Therefore I wouldn't want it ruined by throwing it x x 
  • It's not even commonly done stateside anymore. Bouquets are too heavy, too expensive to be throwing around. Plus, there are very lovely keepsakes that can be made from them.  I found a company that takes the petals and incorporates them into the glass of beads and makes bracelets and other things from them. That's what I hope to do with mine if I'm able to get it back with me from Vegas in acceptable condition.
  • I did, everyone was invited to join in and I threw one of the bridesmaid’s bouquets because like many of the other ladies I didn’t want mine ruined. I had my bouquet preserved so wanted it kept. 
    Never late to the party if I’m late to the party with you!
  • I personally hate the bouquet toss as it puts the spotlight on single women and reinforces the outdated idea that everyone must be desperate to get married and if they’re not there’s something wrong with them .... but if it’s just for anyone to catch then I guess it’s a bit of fun. 
  • Katy81Katy81 Posts: 31 New bride
    I threw my flowers and even the none single ladies joined in and we got really good photos of it xx
  • JdotJJdotJ Posts: 196 New bride
    Come to think of it, the majority of our female guests are already married so it might be a bit redundant 🤦🏼‍♀️ I think we’ll pass to be honest but it’s so interesting to hear what people think. I used to think it was a massive part growing up, I’ve been a Bridesmaid about 7 times and every single time the Bride has done this.

  • AmyrosieAmyrosie Posts: 134 New bride
    edited February 2019
    I threw mine, and it went down really well! Many of the non single ladies joined in too. Given we were leaving on honeymoon the next day, I thought someone else may have the enjoyment of keeping my bouquet, plus I got some really fun photos. 
  • Pisces91Pisces91 Posts: 216 New bride
    I don't think I'll be doing it. It's only been done at one wedding I've been to and I hated it so I wouldn't inflict it on my guests. 
  • SlySly Posts: 36 New bride
    Certainly won't be doing that, i didnt do it at my first wedding either and neither did my sister who married a month after us. It's an outdated tradition. Plus they cost a lot 😂 I will put mine in a vase by the cake probably and may well give it to mum the next day as it would have been her 55th wedding anniversary a week or so later. 
  • I’m keeping mine I think so not throwing it  :)
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