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  • @NikkiM we went with navy, same thought. It’s going to be covered in all sorts. And I loved the brown handle. I was walking round our house with it yesterday, made me laugh and very happy.

    Hopefully HG will disappear between 14-20 weeks if it disappears as some do have it the whole way through. I’m 14 weeks today so would love it if it does one very soon. Slightly better today, maybe yesterday was just a blip 😜

    Oh @Nottinghamshirewife how wonderful a little boy :) I am convinced we are having a boy, just going to have to wait to see. I loved the scan but I don’t know about anybody else I found it a little uncomfortable when they were pushing down. 
    What’s it like feeling baby? I will be honest that part has for years now freaked me out although everyone assured me it’s an amazing feeling 😄
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    Hi girls! 

    Just an update from me, my nausea returned last week! Yay, who knew that would be exciting. So making me feel a bit more positive again thankfully. Your encouraging words did help as well. 

    I had an appointment with the midwife last week at my GP surgery ... what I assumed as my first being a booking appointment (at 8+2) but it lasted 5 minutes weighed, height, blood pressure and a she's sending a referral to the hospital for my booking in/scan. What a waste of my afternoon, UGH!! 

    So still sat waiting on a date for them now at 9+2. The joys of it all. Checking the letterbox at home at every given opportunity  :/
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    Glad to hear you’re ok @Nottinghamshirewife and that baby is on the move. I’ve always found the baby moving with other women weird but now I can’t wait to feel mine moving. One of the ladies at work, who also bought the same pram as me!, said she started to feel hers around week 18 so I’m hoping mine starts in the next few weeks. I’m happy for you to add my due date too - 10th August.

    Glad to hear your nausea has returned @MrsR17. I have to say that’s one thing I’m glad has gone now that I’m over 15 weeks pregnant. But it was helpful in letting me know something was happening.
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    @Nottinghamshirewife I'm 10 August too if you wanted to add mine? 

    I've got my 16 week appointment on Thursday, does anyone know what I can expect? Will I hear the heartbeat? I really hope so. Trying to decide whether husband needs to be there or not. 
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    Lovely to hear from you @Nottinghamshirewife! Congratulations on being team blue. I wanted a girl last time but absolutely love having a little boy. They are the best and I'd quite happily have another one!

    I've not had my scan yet. It's in 2 weeks time.

    @Rach371 I heard the heartbeat, got weighed and had a urine check at 16 weeks last time. I think that was all.
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    @Rach371 my midwife said the 16 week appointment would only be around 20 mins. She said I’d hear the heartbeat at this one so you should too.

    It was so nice to talk to someone in person who’s only a few weeks ahead of me. We had a lady who does some training come into our office, who I get on with, and we spoke for 2 hours about being pregnant! Sometimes you can’t discuss things with your friends or family as they don’t understand or want to know whereas pregnant women seem happy to discuss it all. 
  • @MrsRichardson, the first definite movements felt like ‘pops’. I don’t know how else to describe it - it’s such a unique feeling! And I’ve found that I only really feel him when I’m laying or sat down so early mornings and late evening at the moment. That's not to say he doesn't move during the day but I think they're less noticeable when I'm moving around.

    @NikkiM, at my 16 week app the midwife said you usually feel baby for the first time between 17 and 20 weeks so I think mine were on the earlier side. Although that being said, I've heard that some women feel them very early at like 15/16 weeks. 

    @Rach371, my 16w appointment was pretty short and sweet. When I went in the receptionist asked me to do a urine sample (I didn't know anything about this - so try to drink something before you go). Then she checked that, went trough my blood results from the 8 week app and asked if I wanted to hear the heartbeat - obviously I did! 

    Also, this might have already been discussed so sorry if I missed it!, but has everyone decided on which pram they are getting? If anyone has any recommendations I'd appreciate it! The only criteria is that we want a travel system and it needs to be compact when folded down as I only have a small car! 
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    @Nottinghamshirewife glad to hear you’re well, we’ve started looking at prams, at the moment I like th Babystyle Oyster 3 cause it’s small but still ok for non city outings but I’m not entirely decided - there is far too much choice! Oh and I’m happy to be added to the due dates - August 7th :)  
    @Rach371 as everyone else has said the 16 weeks appointment wasn’t really much, I went yesterday - urine test, blood pressure, heart beat check, looked over my bloods discussed that I am likely aneamic and what to do and just reiterated where to go for problems and what to expect appointment timings wise. Although that said  I know some midwives won’t check for heart beat until after 20 weeks because it’s not always easy to find but FC they do! 

    Hope the HG settles down for you soon ladies I have no idea how you are managing so well! my sickness has reappeared after a week of freedom and I’m less than impressed. Hoping you feel good soon. 

    Any team pinks yet? 

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    I'm happy to be added to due dates - 19th August. 

    No idea when HG stops. Soon I hope. We've booked an early gender scan in 3 weeks time so I'll be able to update then! Can't wait.

    My friend had a really strong feeling that she was having a boy and that's what she had... I haven't had any feelings really. Has anyone else got a sense of what they're having? 
  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,118 New bride
    Thanks everyone, husband working from home so will come with me tomorrow and said he's happy regardless, fingers crossed we get to hear the heartbeat. 

    I'm convinced I'm having a boy, no particular reason just a really strong feeling! My 20 week scan is the 18th so not long to wait!

    Has anyone elses bump "popped"? I honestly feel huge today, it's as if overnight I look pregnant. Two people asked when I was due today which was nice. 
  • MrsSharkMrsShark Posts: 860 New bride
    I was convinced from the beginning that DS was a boy, I'd have even put money on it. Wasn't surprised in the slightest when he came out and we never really found a girls name.

    This time I'm feeling like it's a girl. We'll be finding out at a private gender scan too.
  • MrsSharkMrsShark Posts: 860 New bride
    @Rach371 I've put on my maternity jeans today! I'm only 10+2!! My normal size 8s were tight after Xmas and obviously have only got worse. I feel like I'm maybe getting a bump shape on my lower stomach. Hubby pointed it out. I didn't properly show until I was about 26 weeks with my son!
  • Pisces91Pisces91 Posts: 167 New bride
    I think my "bump" is often bloating. I'm definitely starting to get one but at the moment, I just look a bit tubby. 

    I'm looking forward to getting a proper bump.
  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,653 New bride
    I have a strong feeling mine’s a boy and we find out in a week and a half. I’ll be shocked if it’s a girl. My bump is definitely growing. It’s at that stage where people could question whether I’ve piled on the pounds or am pregnant. Or I just look constantly bloated. I’ve managed to put a pound back on since the nausea went. Only another 5lbs to go to get back to normal pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Drs have said HG will calm down between 14-20 weeks if it does go because sometimes I can last a whole pregnancy. Fingers crossed it leaves us both soon @Pisces91. If not it will definitely be gone in August!

    I’ve ended up having another scan today. I had to go back in for more drips and they scanned me (I think they felt sorry for me and wanted to cheer me up, which it absolutely did) They’ve changed my EDD to the 19th!! My birthday! I’m becoming a regular at that unit, the nurses are beginning to remember me 😛

    I think I’ve got a bump, but I think that’s because I lost so much weight I’m showing more. I have a strong feeling we are having a boy, no reason just a feeling. I really want to find out early but O isn’t sure so might have to wait until April. It going to be so much fun finding out what we are all having :) 

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    Ah, Mrs R we are due date twins!! 
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    @MrsRichardson my due date is the day after my birthday. I’m making sure I keep my legs crossed on my birthday as I’m not sharing the day! Haha
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    Nikki in the last few days I've moved from looking like I'm bloated to looking pregnant in the space of a couple of days. It's quite nice if I'm honest! Looking forward to my 16 week appointment tomorrow, partly because I get a few hours out of work! 
  • @Pisces91 yay :) sharing HG sharing due dates, we’ll be able to find out soon if we share gender too 😛

    @NikkiM my legs will be firmly clamped shut that day, we’ve both waited all this time and now we might have to share our birthdays, no thank you :p haha
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  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,653 New bride
    @Rach371 I can’t wait to look more pregnant. I’m looking forward to having a proper bump.

    Completely agree @MrsRichardson! We’re not waiting this long to then have to share a birthday too! Someone mentioned that they knew a mum who shared her birthday and every year the focus was on the child rather than the mum. I might have to tell the baby they were born the day after just so we didn’t have to share. Haha
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    Well my 16 week appointment was a bit of a let down! They didn't take my blood, weigh me, nothing. They took my blood pressure and checked my wee and apparently my glucose levels are through the roof so they want me to go for some urgent tests to see whether I have gestational diabetes. I'm a normal weight, no family history etc but I'm thirsty, craving sweet things and have a large looking baby bump so they want to check everything's ok. Hopefully the baby's fine, they didn't really say much about that! 
  • Sorry it wasn’t what you’d expected @Rach37. Is that the GTT test? I’ve got to have them done because I have PCOS (although I think it’s a blanket statement because I’m not sure I have typically PCOS, but that’s a different story) When do you have to have them?
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  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,118 New bride
    Next Friday, it was the earliest they could see me. They were investigating me for pcos but I got pregnant so they didn't know if my hormone levels were due to pcos or the baby. 

    It's the gtt, I feel so guilty having so much time off work at the moment, we're such a small team that everyone else has to pick up my work when I'm not around. 
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    You have been very chatty ladies, sorry if I miss anything 😂

    We have the iCandy Peach at the moment but because there have been two new models since we brought ours we now can't get the parts to make ours a double so will need to look at something new. I do still like the iCandy and have absolutely loved the version we have at the moment but I don't think my DS will like sitting underneath and not sure he can sit on top if that makes sense. Like @MrsShark my DS will be 2.5 years when this one arrives but we do go to town etc a lot so not sure a buggy board would be enough. Decisions decisions.

    Fingers crossed your HG goes soon @MrsRichardson @Pisces91

    Congratulations on your little boy @Nottinghamshirewife, we're also having a boy and due on the 13th August.

    I was convinced each time that it was a boy and each time I have been right :0)

    My bump is definitely getting more noticeable, I think I'm at that stage where to look at me you would know but be to polite to ask lol! I have ordered some new maternity jeans today as my last ones were worn to death and the ones I have on now aren't comfortable (under bump).

    Sorry about your appointment @Rach371, I have to have the GTT too, it's the most boring appointment ever!!!

    I have my 16 weeks scan on Tuesday and I really want it to hurry up now as get nervous!! xx
  • MrsSharkMrsShark Posts: 860 New bride
    @MrsN82 could you use a sling for the baby and keep DS in the pushchair for a bit longer? That's what I think I'll do if he decides he really doesn't like the buggy board. 
    Although I am in 2 minds now whether to buy the converter kit to make ours a double. We already have the carry cot and DS can use the seat so I'm thinking I may as well as it'll just be the adaptors to buy.

    My friend has 18 months between hers. She bought a bugaboo donkey but hated it so went back to her single with the buggy board for her son. He is a really good walker whereas mine is lazy and wants to be carried!
  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,653 New bride
    Sorry to hear your appointment was a let down @Rach371. Did you not get to hear the heartbeat either?

    Another boy on the board! Congrats @MrsN82. How did you find out so early?

    My 16 week appointment is next Thurs and the gender scan next Sunday. Can’t wait! My sister gave me her fetal heart monitor. I’m not sure how useful it will be or whether it will drive me mad!
  • MrsN82MrsN82 Posts: 211 New bride
    @MrsShark I have the close caboo from DS which I hardly used but I think this time it will be really useful. Mines the same fairly lazy lol, he loves to walk but after a while he just wants to be picked up. Sounds like a good plan re your pushchair, if I could still get the converter kit for ours I would.

    i had a quick look at the bugaboo donkey in double mode the other day in John Lewis and it’s so big! I wouldn’t be able to get through any doors 😂

    Thank you @NikkiM, we found out with our harmony test. I’m sure they’ll confirm on the scan on Tuesday too.

    I have a Doppler, only used it a couple of times so far but it is nice to hear the heartbeat, best to only use them if it won’t stress you out if you don’t find the heartbeat as that’s perfectly normal but makes some people worry unnecessarily if that makes sense. You’d probably be able to find it quite easily now though xx
  • MrsSharkMrsShark Posts: 860 New bride
    Can't wait to start finding out more genders @NikkiM .

    I've got the close caboo and I loved it. DS had silent reflux so I got plenty of use. My friend with the donkey couldn't get through any of the doors if the shops in our town!
  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,118 New bride
    Feeling a bit worried today about the diabetes thing, the midwife was quite casual about it all and I don't feel like she explained it all very well. It worries me I guess because no one in my family has diabetes, I'm a normal weight and I've never had problems like this before so it wasn't something I'd considered. Has anyone had the glucose tolerance test before? I don't know what to expect. 

    What does everyone have planned this weekend? I'm planning on sleeping a lot! 
  • Pisces91Pisces91 Posts: 167 New bride
    I think it's quite common and picked up early, they can manage it very well so that it doesn't hugely affect your pregnancy. Try not to worry too much.

    I am catching up on work this weekend. So behind on my marking and planning and everything really! 
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