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DJ to play Italian music

i live in Bucks and was looking forward to booking an Italian DJ who could play a mix of Italian music alongside the usual party stuff but the one I had in mind has retired! 🙁 Is there anyone in the Bucks or surrounding areas who can recommend someone similar?



  • Ruth126Ruth126 Posts: 40 New bride
    edited February 2019
    Can’t recommend anyone specific but a good DJ would be able to get hold of songs and play them for you - you might have to give them a list of singers/groups at least though. 
    We have Italian and other European guests at our wedding and I have lived in France/Italy so have songs I want played and our DJ is fine about sourcing them. He does all kinds of weddings in London and South East and I think DJs are used to it these days if they’re in more culturally mixed areas. 
  • Thanks Ruth.  Thinking about it, you’re right.  A good DJ should be able to compile a play list.  I wanted the Italian DJ as my partner, his family and many friends are Italian and the DJ would know how they tend to organise the day but I should be able to find someone else.  It’s next year, so there’s plenty of time xx
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