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Autumn Barn Wedding - October 2019



  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    sometimes I find shops more helpful on weekdays when they aren't staffed by bored teenagers.
  • Very good point! Although Slaters was a lot of bored middle aged men. I think we may have to try a different tactic! 
  • More bits and pieces
    I had my first management meeting at work since the baby news this week and walked into the most beautiful flowers from one of my colleagues. In a male dominated industry, we spent the day chatting babies and weddings (as her Husband runs a wedding company) and bored all the men stiff!

    After the suit shopping, D's best man surprised us with an outfit for baby boy that will match theirs... we'll change the colour of the bow tie to Burgundy to match the guys and the girls dresses, but it was a really lovely thought. 

    Also, along those lines, I've been thinking about how we can have him involved with the wedding whilst being so small. He is such a blessing and so there is no way we couldn't not have him included. The plan is for MOH Z to walk down the aisle with him (instead of her flowers - a swap she was more than happy to make) and carry this sign. I looked at so many different ones and got teary when I saw this, so knew it had to be bought!

    Speaking of Z, I'm still trying to figure out a good enough way to thank her for everything. Not just for everything she's done for the wedding but the support she's given me over the last 6 months has been incredible. Everything I think of doesn't seem quite special enough, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears! In the meantime, I found this card on Etsy and thought it was lovely. It's personalised to have our hair colours and I thought it was more of a keepsake than anything else!

    After getting my dress the other day, It'd allowed me to think a bit more about hair and makeup. I'd been looking at putting something subtle in my hair after deciding I didn't want a vail with my dress as it just didn't quite 'go'. I found this on Etsy and loved it. It is delicate but has a little bit of sparkle and for £10, you can't really complain! I decided to go for gold wire, because I'm going to wear my Grans earrings that she wore everyday when she was with us and they were gold. I'm not normally impressed with stuff like this, but it arrived this morning and the packaging was so beautiful, I genuinely contemplated not opening it! 


    I cannot explain how relieved I am! I was absolutely dreading our appointment, but I got all four bridesmaids together on Saturday afternoon to go back to GoBridal and L, R & K all tried and swapped each of the three choices so they could all try on each one. All decided on one, very easily! It was almost too easy! It wasn't the one I thought it'd be either... but as I said before, I was happy with any of the three. These are the dresses and they're on their way in Burgundy. They won't be in for 2-3 months, which was longer than I thought it might be but once they're in were going to have to go for some serious alterations, especially for R (second from the right) as she's currently 15 and still growing. We got a dress with a big enough size for her to grow, but it'll need some work when it comes in. All others will need taking up and straps adjusting if nothing else. 
    One of Mum's friends friends is a seamstress who I've been stalking on FB, so I'm going to contact her to see what she's like, instead of going straight to the one that GoBridal suggest in case I can save some pennies!

    Please excuse the flowers, there were some interesting 'surprised' faces there!! 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Love the hair vine, and the baby suit is adorable. My son is carrying a "Daddy, here comes Mummy" sign too, I got it from Amazon.

    Gorgeous dresses, good old Go Bridal! I'm trying to avoid using Miss Kay too, as while she has a fab reputation her prices are quite steep. Going to use a friend of my SIL's mum  in Five Oak Green hopefully.
  • MrsCToBee said:
    Love the hair vine, and the baby suit is adorable. My son is carrying a "Daddy, here comes Mummy" sign too, I got it from Amazon.

    Gorgeous dresses, good old Go Bridal! I'm trying to avoid using Miss Kay too, as while she has a fab reputation her prices are quite steep. Going to use a friend of my SIL's mum  in Five Oak Green hopefully.
    Ahh that’ll be so cute! 

    I know! :). That’s helpful to know she’s expensive before I even contemplate her. The lady Mums friend recommended is ‘bridal seamstress’ on Facebook and she’s in Horsmonden and her before and after pictures look quite good... just in case you wanted to look at another! 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    edited January 2019
    Well her prices are on her website and GoBridal gave me a leaflet, and they seemed high - but she does have a town centre shop to fund I suppose. Thanks for the info - the lady I hope to use is on Facebook as Sewing Dreams.
    She altered my SIL's dress and made her a beautiful veil.
  • MrsCToBee said:
    Well her prices are on her website and GoBridal gave me a leaflet, and they seemed high - but she does have a town centre shop to fund I suppose. Thanks for the info - the lady I hope to use is on Facebook as Sewing Dreams.
    She altered my SIL's dress and made her a beautiful veil.
    Ah they just gave me a name, I didn’t get a leaflet! I’ll have a look at her website. It doesn’t help that we don’t know exactly what alterations are needed yet. 
    Thank you! I’ll have a look at her... it’s nice to know your SIL used her and was very happy. 
  • We gave notice! Besides a small hiccup where D forgot about his surname change when he was 13 and his parents got divorced... which I ended up knowing more about than him *rolls eyes* - all was fine and we can officially get married :)

    Few other bits
    We've been thinking about shoe colours for the bridesmaids and think we've settled on a dusty pink. Z had these shoes from a wedding she went to last year and I think that they go really nicely with the colour of Burgundy that their dresses are. We tried more of a nude and a silver against the dress but I think these looked the better and were only from New Look so I've asked the girls to get any shoes in that colour that they're happy with, heels or not, before the next fitting so that their dresses can be altered to the right lengths. 

    Also thinking about bridesmaids, the dress that they've chosen is pretty low at the back and so my initial idea of them having a high pony tail hair style leaves them all very uncovered, which I'm not sure about for an October wedding. So I've been having another look at what we can do. Staying with the ponytail but lower as then their backs are slightly more covered, something like this I'm hoping will work well. I'm going to see if we can have a trial April or May time as with a shortened time line, hopefully this will give us enough time to make amendments if needed!

  • Make up is booked! 
    It's amazing how many friends of friends I've found people have, that do something related to weddings! Mum was chatting about our wedding at work and one of her team's best friend is a make up artist. This lead to a lot of texting between them to see if she was free on our wedding date and then I followed up with some emails that evening and we are booked! I'd actually been stalking her Instagram for a while after thinking she was very talented and so it was perfect.
    We're going with Hollie - and have preliminarily booked a trial for August. 

    Other bits
    We've got a meeting at the venue this weekend to go through the day and for them to answer any questions that we've got. I've got a big list and so we're both looking forward to seeing the venue again as we haven't been there since the summer. Mum's coming with us as she's very good at thinking of questions that I wouldn't.

    My main questions are around them letting my grandparents come to the ceremony but then not the rest of the wedding and us not having to pay for them. They're very elderly, live like its the 1930's and find anything other than being in their little bungalow very difficult but they would like to see the ceremony.
    For everyones sakes, I think it's better that they aren't there for the day as it would be a little bit traumatic for them but all they'd be doing is be there for the ceremony and sitting on a chair each. They wouldn't be having any drinks or eating anything, so I'm hoping they'll be understanding and won't charge as there would be nothing to charge for! 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    My grandparents are just coming to the ceremony and it hasn't been an issue with my venue at all!
  • MrsCToBee said:
    My grandparents are just coming to the ceremony and it hasn't been an issue with my venue at all!
    ahh that's reassuring to hear... I'm hoping it will be the same for us!
  • Venue meeting
    The meeting at The Gardens went really well yesterday, they ran through this big checklist they have for the day and answered all of our questions and more! Nan and Grandad can come to the ceremony for no extra charge. And our severely gluten and nut intolerant guests can have a completely separate meal from the menu to everyone else, which makes things much easier for us and them!
    It's also looking like we'll be able to set up the day before, which is somewhat of a relief... I wasn't looking forward to the stress of getting the grooms men to attempt something arty the morning of! 

    We looked round again and having started talking about table planning, early I know, but I really want to get this all done and dusted asap, we've realised that we need more tables than we thought as we have very strong groups of people and we can't fit as many people to a table as we originally thought... so we need three more to be precise and so I'm frantically trying to put together some more centre pieces  :'(

    We had another look in The Croft where we'll be getting married. We've said all along that we needed something for the back wall. It's a gorgeous room but with nothing there, it does look a bit plain. The Gardens work with the supplier The Creative Venue and they had some of their work up on display yesterday and it looked amazing. I've emailed them to see if they do us anything that's not extortionate and am just waiting for a reply. In the meantime, this is what we saw... we all (D, Mum and I) thought it was lovely, I've asked if they could do more of an autumnal theme to fit with our October wedding and am crossing all my fingers price wise!

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    edited February 2019
    After the meeting at the venue this weekend, they gave us a list of the music we'd need...
    One to walk down the aisle to
    Three when signing the register
    One to walk out to
    First dance

    Walking down the aisle - being an only child, I spent a lot of time being educated by my Dad in his favourite music and films (doesn't mean I like them now!) but a few stuck with me, including the film Master & Commander with Russell Crowe. It's not a particularly old film but the story 'gets' me and the relationship between the doctor and captain is something that made a huge impression on me. There is a scene where the captain takes the doctor back to land so that he can have an operation on dry land (bear in mind this was set in times before anaesthetic) I just love the music that plays as they arrive and can remember saying at a much younger age, pre-D that this would be my wedding song! I'm not a classical person but love this piece. Luckily D is easy and likes it to, so Adagio from Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 8 in G Minor will be the one!

    Singing the register - these need to be confirmed!

    One to walk out to - don't get me wrong, this is not by any means traditional, but as my father reminded me yesterday, we're not really going down the traditional route. We'll be walking out to Forever by Chris Brown... see what I mean! If you've seen the video from years ago where the wedding party dances in to this song, it doesn't seem quite as much of an out there song. We're not going to crack out into a choreographed dance, but it's upbeat and we love it (although we love Chris Brown's personal actions a lot less)!

    First dance - We've had a few different thoughts on this one but since finding it a few months ago, it makes me emosh thinking about the first dance every time I listen to it and its a beautiful song. Again, not traditional but Say you will by Hearts and Colors will be our song!

  • Backdrop
    We heard back from The Creative Venue and we're very surprised at the quote! It was much much cheaper than we were expecting and really quite within our budget and do-able! We looked at buying the stuff from eBay and putting up something similar ourselves, but we wouldn't have been able to get anything as nice or as big for the money to hire it. So we've gone with it! They didn't have any pictures of it how we'd like it set up but if you use your imagination, it'll be like these two (that the company sent through) but put together.

    The autumn leaves from the top picture will go across the top of the backdrop and then the two hoops from the second picture will be hanging in the middle. We've also gone for a little autumn style gathering on the table in the room like my pictures from the visit, instead of the long and low that we had planned from the florist and saved ourselves £45 by doing that! 
  • Invites
    I've been designing the invites this week, using Canva and then printing them on some card from home to save a bit of money. They're quite plain but I've got some hessian string and some hollow wooden hearts so thought I could tie the different cards together with the string and a heart on the front. 
    Putting the pictures together, I've just noticed that the tick section on one of the desert options needs changing but apart from that, I can't think of anything else that needs to go on there!?

  • I found my wedding ring!
    Wedding rings had been worrying me... my dream ring was a thin band with diamonds inset into the top of the band. However trying to find something that I liked that wasn't too over the budget was proving difficult and so I'd resigned myself to the fact that I'd just have to go with a plain silver band that was way under budget just to save us some money and it would still be special because it was my wedding ring. 
    I didn't do anything about it and Mum kept telling me that her only real regret from their wedding was that she didn't get the wedding ring that she really wanted and spend the extra money, which was playing on my mind a lot!
    This weekend we went back to Ashford Designer Outlet to finally sort out suits (more on that later) and whilst we were there decided to browse in some jewellery shops as we weren't in any rush and I found the perfect ring! It was in a shop called Chappell and the manager who helped us was lovely. She let me try on a few but the one that I'd seen in the first place was exactly what I'd been looking for but 1/2 if not 1/4 of the prices that I'd seen before. 
    I cannot wait to be able to wear it properly!

  • It’s beautiful, and it’s great that you were able to fine one that’s perfect for you and cheaper than you thought!
  • Thank you @SoontobeMrsJ it really was an amazing accidental find!
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    Menu tasting
    We had the menu tasting last week and I'm really glad we went. Before, I didn't think we'd be making any changes to the menu and so was surprised when actually there were things that we didn't like about some of the dishes and decided to make some changes. 


    Hoisin duck wrap

    Melon and Parma ham

    We really liked both of these... plus D whose never had duck before tried it for the first time and it was a hit! For someone fussy like him who doesn't like to try new things, this was a miracle!

    Mains - I forgot to take photos of these before we started!

    Ham wrapped chicken stuffed with goats cheese. 

    Herb crusted Lamb

    The lamb was amazing and I was very much a fan of the pee puree, so this was a definite! The chicken, we didn't like so much. The sauce was really really strong and D and my mum found the vegetable ratatouille particularly vinegary. We took my Mum and Dad along because we thought it would be nice to have their opinion too and Dad could try the wines. Mum doesn't drink, being pregnant I can't and D just about knows the difference between red and white! 
    Dad liked everything, but then, thats not beyond the norm! We decided to go through and change the chicken we tried for a plainer and more normal roast chicken. Our thinking being that a really good roast would be much better than something fancy. We've also gone for a vegetarian option of Shepardess pie, so think shepards pie but with lentils! Then the lamb as another alternative. 


    Vanilla cheesecake with Raspberry coulis

    Vanilla Pannacotta

    The cheesecake was lovely and looked beautiful! The pannacotta was just like eating ever so slightly vanilla flavoured jelly and wasn't the best. So we've decided to change this to a lemon tart with raspberry sorbet as we think it could be a safer bet and popular with the grown ups! 
  • That all looks lovely and it sounds like a reallly good menu! I'd be very pleased if i saw that at a wedding haha. 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    All looks and sounds delicious! I think you are right to change the panna cotta to the lemon dessert, as 2 vanilla desserts isn't a great choice anyway.
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    @CoffeeDogAddict & @MrsCToBee thank you! Hopefully the menu will suit everyone. 
    And agreed re-two vanilla desserts, we didn’t quite realise just how vanilla-ery the cheesecake was going to be and it was definitely the better of the two! 
  • GinAndBlingGinAndBling Posts: 1,311 New bride
    That all looks so tasty! I’d be very happy as a guest with that menu ha. Lemon tart is always a winner, too.
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  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    @GinAndBling  ahh thank you! I've never been a lemon tart type person, so it's good that other people think it'd be popular!
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    I luuuurve lemon tart!
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    MrsCToBee said:
    I luuuurve lemon tart!
    @MrsCToBee Amazing!!! Lemon tart it is :)
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    Boys suits are done!
    After the Slaters saga, we decided to have a look in Ashford designer outlet when we were visiting family. We looked in the standard Moss Bros etc but then found Suits Direct that are only based in outlets - which means discounts! They had one in there that D loved... it's not quite normal suit material, it's more of a threaded material but looks great. We found some Burgundy waistcoats in the sale from ASOS and the bow tie is from Primark! 
    D has decided that he's going to have the waistcoat that matched the suit so that he's a tad different to the guys but everyone has tried them on and they all fit and look perfect! Very pleased :).

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    Hair trial
    We had the hair trial last night! MOH, Mum and I went and without knowing what to expect, it was really good! Angela was super understanding and knowledgeable and I felt really happy that she'll be great on the day. 
    She looked at my dress, neckline, ideas and then put together a half up, half down for me. We decided that the top 'puff' will be less pointy and high on the day, but overall, I'm really happy. 
    I'm thinking about additional extensions... not to add to the length but the volume. It's not something I'd ever considered before but because half my hair is taken to create the up bit, there isn't much left at the bottom and its been left looking a tad lack lustre. 
    I normally wear my hair forward, but when I do this, there is nothing left at the back and so it looks funny... I think I'm going to have to do some research, but any opinions or experience would be welcome! 

    We then moved onto bridesmaids. Three of them have pretty thick hair and one of them thin, so we wanted something that suited them all. Because of their low backed dresses too, I wanted something that wouldn't leave them too exposed in October and so we came up with the low ponytail. I think it worked really well and will hopefully suit all of their hair types. I think we're going to find some sort of sparkle to add into the back to give it a tad more 'something' too!

  • Those styles are gorgeous! Really lovely choice. 
    Im not too sure i can help with the extension front, but i must say i don't think the hair down looks thin or lack lustre by any means! I have heard great things from friends about Tape In extensions so might be worth looking into? Failing that i have worn clip ins for a friends wedding a while ago and they did look great, but they can tug after a while. 
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