Soooo urmmm my fiance having an affair and I'm not sure how to approach the situation any help?


  • Sorry *is
  • DUMP HIM THROW HIM IN A WELL :))))))))))))
  • No one can tell you what to do. Its not black and white. Do you have kids? Do you have a house? Do you think you could ever forgive because if you stay you cant keep bringing it up? 
    Strangers on the internet cant tell you anything, especially when we have absolutely no idea about you or your relationship. 
    Do whatever feels right.
  • Definitely not enough information here for any of us to render a helpful opinion.
  • So we have 3 kids 2 dogs and a goldfish!My son is being bullied at the moment and his older brother refuses to help and I don't know how to help. I found out that my fiancee Jamie was sleeping with my sister Katie and she denies it but I saw them together. What should I do? If I break up with him it would put so much pressure on my kids and they are going through a hard enough time at the moment because their grandma just died in a car accident. Any ideas?
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  • I feel like this might be a hoax ...🙄🙄🙄 
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    I'm calling Nancy on this one
    Glad I'm not the only one who thought Nancy straight away!
  • Whose Nancy?
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    A troll that comes on and posts fake threads, the first was being offered money to sleep with her minister or something?!
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