Ceremony room hire very small wedding

Hi I'm new here and I am planning to get married towards the end of this year. We are going to get married just us, our 2 children and parents so in total there will be 12 people. I still would like to have a proper venue so it's a nice wedding. 

I'm just wondering why ceremony rooms are so expensive to hire! We've looked at a few and they are all around £500-£600 but then having to obviously go and get your registrar .. ours is about £500 .. I feel they charge a lot especially when they know you have to book a registrar. 

(I'm simply just wondering, not wanting to seem rude by thinking it's expensive!) 

Has anyone got any experience on doing a wedding of this size?



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    If youre looking for somewhere for more of a typical wedding format but where its all in the one place, i actually think thats quite reasonable. 

    From a business perspective if its just the hire of somewhere for the ceremony then it doesnt effect them whether its 12 people or their maximum - they will still charge the same. If youre also looking at in being all in one place then theyre likely to actually charge a bit more as most places will have a minimum spend on catering, or minimum numbers to attend instead. 

    It sounds like your best bet would be a small ceremony at the registrars office - which means you avoid paying the fee to have the registrar attend a licensed venue - and they are used to smaller ceremonies, and then go on elsewhere for the reception, but as above bare in mind if you're looking for a more "typical" wedding reception, its the cost to hire the hall as a standard, so it wont matter what numbers there are. Maybe its worth seeing if you could hire a function room in a pub or a restaurant? 
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    Hi!!!, well we have a small wedding too, less than 40, abroad, more precisely in Spain It was so difficult, in many places they declined the services as we were less than 100......, in others they said initially yes but were difficult. It depends on what you want, we didn't want to give up on something intimate and private. On the other hand we didn't want to be eating with random people in the dining room as one place offered.....But thanks to a friend I got a place that has what we want, accommodation, church closely and venue in the same site. It offers space for 50-100 for the venue and accommodation for 35. So its just perfect, they are aware of our low numbers and have no issues, we have hired the place for a whole weekend.

     There must be something like that in the UK, in some hotels in Spain they were very accommodating offering us a private dining room. But we wanted more space and time for ourselves and guests, we have not seen some in years and its going to be a very special weekend.
    My advice is to go to quirky and intimate weddings, there are loads of leaflets depending on where you live. If you only want a meal and privacy I would say that its a family dinner and not mention "the wedding".This is an automatic word to increase costs. We were looking on that option if we would have got married in Ireland, and the registrar increased the price. You can get married in a church or town hall and then go to the venue. If you want to have a bride dress you would have to say, but a friend of friend did that. They spent 300 E for a family meal which was in fact their wedding, but none would have said as there were no dresses....That was in portugal though.
    It will always depend on what you want. If you want something different and more time, look to hire a country house for your numbers and ask for catering. 
    I would keep trying, to organise a small wedding is certainly challenging but it is possible. 
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    Thank you both .. the place I'm looking at probably isn't as bad as I think I just keep having doubts on what to do! They luckily have different size rooms to suit our needs .. they have a little room to suit up to 20 guests which will be perfect but I've been told as for having a meal in it is perfect but wouldn't be able to have a little dance or anything .. We're booked in to go look around next week so I will just have to wait until then and stop worrying! 😂
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