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TTC 34 - 2019 / 2020 babies! 👶

DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,455 New bride
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Hello ladies 

I have created a new thread for us as the old one was getting a bit long.

I hope this one brings all of us luck xx


I will update this as the BFPs come flying in.









TTC - Trying to Conceive

BD - Baby dance (sex)

DTD - Do the deed (sex)

CD - Cycle Day (First day of your period is day 1)

AF - Aunty Flo (Your period, also know as the Witch!)

OV - Ovulation

OPK - Ovulation Predictor Kit

DPO - Days Past Ovulation

BFP - Big Fat Positive (A positive pregnancy test result)

BFN - Big Fat Negative

SS - Symptom Spotting

CM - Cervical Mucus

EWCM - Egg-White Cervical Mucus (Most fertile type)

POAS - Pee on a Stick (Pregnancy test)

FF - Fertility Friend (An online fertility monitor)

For all the ladies currently TTC, feel free to join us. We are a very friendly bunch and understand exactly how you feel! We are all here to support each other. 

Babydust to all xxxx



  • Thanks for the new thread Dandelion FC for lots of BFPs and soon!!!

    How lovely to log in and see your news @Hannah343 wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy  :)

    @Tallie237 sorry to read about AF but hope you are having a lovely time in Disneyland and you come home refreshed for the next cycle.

    @MrsPope2018 I know easier said than done but try not to think too much into booking an initial appt - it won't hurt to get some professional advice, you never know (if there is a reason you've not caught) it might just be a simple fix.  Also the number of times I've heard just getting the ball rolling releases enough stress to TTC, it actually happened to a good friend of mine!

    I'm CD17 and have been doing OPKs last few days and so far negative so looks like long cycles are continuing this month which for once is a good thing as hubby not back till Sat. So fingers crossed the negatives continue till Fri/Sat so we're still in for a chance this month!
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,388 New bride
    Thanks Dandelion! 
    So so much babydust and fingers crossed that this is our lucky thread 🤞🤞🤞
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,388 New bride
    Sorry MrsMin didn't see your post, thank you. I know your right and hopefully it will help put our minds at ease either way. Ooh I really hope your ovulation works out around your husbands return, did you say he works away a lot?? 
  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,455 New bride
    MrsPope If you are interested in charting you might want to look into the book Taking charge of your Fertility. It is a big book but lots of good information.
    Charting can also help a doctor to figure out if you have an imbalance in hormones. I hear it helps speed up the process. Not that I think that it will be necessary for you.
    The most important thing about charting is to do it at the same time in the morning after at least 4h of sleep. Which is a complete pain if you like to sleep in on weekends or get up in the middle of the night like me.

    Sorry MrsMin about the late ovulation. But at least it is a hood thing this cycle. Hopefully hubby will ge5 back in time.
  • MrsRagdollMrsRagdoll Posts: 287 New bride
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    Thanks for the new thread Dandelion, I hope the luck of the thread starter continues for you :)

    Here’s a cheeky photo of the kitties 🐱 this is very outing as it’s on my fb so I’ll probably remove tomorrow! Xx
  • Oh my @MrsRagdoll they are beaut  <3

    Yes @MrsPope2018 he's on preseason tour at the moment but soon as he's back the season starts so he's gone for a week at a time for every away game there is so lets hope his dates don't clash with my dates!! The thing is its so hard to plan around fixtures with my irregular cycle so fingers crossed the OPKs this cycle give me a better idea when I ov.

    For those who use OPKs can I ask how often and when you DTD when you get a positive?!
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,388 New bride
    Thanks dandelion, I made an appointment today for next Thursday so obviously won't have much data to give them this month but I'm interested to see if/ when I ovulate and how long exactly my LP is. 

    Ragdoll they are adoreable! 💜

    MrsMin we try to DTD every other day in my fertile window and then 2 or 3 days in a row when I get a positive but it never works out that way 😂🙈
  • MrsPB2019MrsPB2019 Posts: 832 New bride
    Woah lots to catch up on.

    Congratulations Hannah!

    and very cute kitties Ragdoll.

    I think someone mentioned the other day about their husband taking supplements, can anyone recommend what the men should be taking?
  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,455 New bride
    Oh MrsRagdoll. They are the cutest things. Although those faces are already full of mischief. How do they get on with each other?

    MrsMin the sperm meets egg plan suggests you DTD every other day until you get a positive opk. Then two days in a row once ypu get your positive opk. Then take a break for a day. Then one more time. But as MrsPope says it doesnt always work out.

    MrsPope tracking your BBT should allow you to figure out when you ovulate. However some women have a sharp rise. And some have a slow rise. If you have a slow rise it might be a bit more difficult to determine when you O.

    MrsPBtobe I believe Zinc is the most important for sperm production. But my husband takes a multi vitamin for men with extra zinc.
  • Thanks @DandelionBlue thats really helpful!!
  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,899 New bride
    Just thread hopping (again haha!) to say OMG those kittens @MrsRagdoll - they are gorgeous!! xx
    Married since June 2015
    TTC since August 2015
    Miracle Baby due April 2020

    "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow"
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,388 New bride
    Thanks dandelion,  I don't know if i will do it for many cycles because of my shifts but it will be interesting to see. I don't have any night shifts this month so thought it would be the best time try. 
  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,345 New bride
    Hiya all I did join the thread a few weeks back but iv been more of a reader at the mo AF started today and on Monday I am taking my last 3 weeks of pills then I am off them, I went to Costa rica and they have zika virus so I had to wait six months so I'm on the last hurdle x
  • Hannah343Hannah343 Posts: 314 New bride
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  • Blush2018Blush2018 Posts: 554 New bride
    Hey all, I was also on the other thread but more of a reader at the moment as not ttc until around the end of may, so not too long to go now!! Eek
  • MrsN82MrsN82 Posts: 212 New bride
    Congratulations @Hannah343.

    Good luck for your new thread ladies, I have everything crossed for you all xx
  • MrsRagdollMrsRagdoll Posts: 287 New bride
    Just took a FRER at 14dpo and very obviously a bfn so just waiting for AF to arrive any minute now! Getting my usual pre AF cramps now so will be today or tomorrrow 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 951 New bride
    Sorry MrsRagdoll. I hope you are wrong and will get a BFP in a few days, but it's so frustrating when you get the usual crampage and just have to wait for AF to start. I was desperately hoping that relaxing with the kittens had done the trick for you! Would have been a great excuse for us all to get some kittens.
  • Sorry about your BFN MrsRagdoll FC its just too early for a positive.

    I'm also out this cycle simply because I got a definite positive on this mornings OPK so pretty sure we would've missed my fertile window by Saturday.  Looking on the bright side, at least I know now that I definitely do ovulate! But can't help but be gutted we won't get our 2019 baby!
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,015 New bride
    Hi all!

    I don't know if there's anyone on this forum still that I know, I was on here a lot (a LOT) when I was getting married in 2017 lol.

    Anyway hubby and I are now TTC! I'm also being made redundant this year. Hahhaha... so we're crazy right?

    You'll have to bear with me while I work out all the lingo etc as this is all very new to me!
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,388 New bride
    I'm sorry Ragdoll, keeping everything crossed that your not out and AF doesn't show.

    Oh how frustrating MrsMin 😔 I know what you mean about it being the last shot of the year, because my cycles are short I have one more chance for a 2019 baby but I really cant see it happening. 

    Welcome sammykate, good luck with everything! Are you planning on using ovulation tests etc. Or just going with the flow for the time being? 

    CD5 here, AF is pretty much all done and dusted. I'm hoping my thermometer will arrive today so I can start temping in the morning. We are now just waiting for our doctors appointment next Thursday which I'm pretty anxious about but hopefully it gets the ball rolling with some initial tests etc. 
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,015 New bride
    Thanks MrsPope- as I say I'm kind of clueless right now on all this TTC stuff. I've been using an app to monitor ovulation etc, but as I only came off the pill last month I'm a bit all over the place cycle wise. For now we'll just go with the flow I think.
    My sister got pregnant within a month of trying so here's hoping it runs in families...
  • MrsPB2019MrsPB2019 Posts: 832 New bride
    Welcome SammyKate. I remember your wedding thread! Fingers crossed you share your sisters luck.
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,388 New bride
    Sammykate that sounds like a good plan, we went all guns blazing straight away with OPKs and logging everything in apps, and timed sex etc from the 1st month and now we are a year down the line I really wish we had been a bit more relaxed to start with. Our entire 1st year of marriage has been consumed with TTC! 
    Hopefully you get your BFP quickly like your sister 😊🤞
  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,455 New bride
    Sorry MrsRagdoll about the BFN. They break your heat. But hopefully it doesnt end in BFN. I was also thinking of getting some kittens if you got your BFP this cycle.

    Oh MrsMin how frustrating. But it is reassuring to know that you ovulate. Although there is a very small possibility to get a positive opk and not O. Or O later. The only way to know to 100% know is by temping.

    Welcome to all the new / newish people. And we cant wait for you to join us fully Blush and MrsMannion.

    Sammykate I believe I came across your planning thread. Sorry about the redundancy. My office went through that last year. Hopefully you'll catch the egg in the first cycle like your sister.

    My mum told me my dad just needed to look at her and she was pregnant. Sadly that wasn't inherited to me 😞
  • MrsRagdollMrsRagdoll Posts: 287 New bride
    As expected AF just arrived! Kinda glad I tested earlier so I knew it was coming. 

    I remember reading your planning thread too sammykate, fingers crossed you’re just like your sister and catch nice and quick. 
    I will say though don’t get hung up on it. I completely assumed I would find getting pregnant a doddle, I’m one of 20 cousins and almost all of them have 3+ children and most didn’t struggle in the slightest! I’m only on monnth 4 now but it already feels like a long old slog and I can’t see the end coming anytime soon (negative nancy over here). 

    Me and MrRagdoll have decided to take this month off, we won’t specifically prevent but no OPKs, SMEP or timed sex for us! Actually looking forward to it :)
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,388 New bride
    Sorry Ragdoll, hope the relaxed month does the trick for you. 

    Just seen another fb pregnancy announcement this evening and I don't know why but this one really got to me. Its not even someone I'm particularly close to. 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 951 New bride
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    @MrsPBtobe Sorry I didn't see your question earlier! My husband is taking vitamins C and D, zinc and omega 3, and another one with a long name that I've forgotten :S. Sorry AF arrived, MrsRagdoll. Give those kittens an extra big hug, they're so adorable. Sorry about the PG announcement, MrsPope. It's normal to be jealous - I sometimes get envious when I see ladies with Baby on Board badges on the train, even though I have no idea how long it has taken them to conceive! When you're ttc you just notice the pregnant people so much more! I got my smiley face today, so OV is imminent. We've DTD more or less every other day for the last week or so, so I thought we may as well try the SMEP as it's the weekend and we'll be relaxed and have time. Happy Friday all!
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