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Relaxed Summer Wedding in the Chilterns,



  • @Seatreasure it was from Anthropologie, but in the sale so not sure if it will still be there. They had some other nice ones too. 
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    I keep changing my mind about decorations, but I think I'm settling on pampas grass (it's all over Pinterest so I was determined to ignore it but actually it's so so beautiful and as it's dried I can keep it afterwards and display it round the house).
    We're going to build an arch out of piping and have big fans of pampas grass and try and get a few other dried grasses in there, and have a couple of vases of them too. My latest sketch is this:

    I'm normally good at art, but I was scribbling speedily so don't judge it please 😂. It will be brass instead of copper for the frame. I'm really excited about this!
    These are my inspiration pics, but it won't be anything like this cool and extravagant!

    It will be improvised and ezperimented-with when wevew built the frame and illI try all sorts of different placements and combinations until I'm happy.
  • I've also requested some info about hiring a package of outdoor lighting (pontoon lights, fairy lights and a net of lights) and have found a hanging wall of outdoor lights too, and I have no idea what to expect price wise, if it's any good? Is £200 on lights ridiculous? (That's £135 for the package hire and £65 for the backdrop, which would go on the outside of the house behind the patio bar I will create).
    I was thinking lights plus vases of the pampas grass dotted around the garden would be beautiful and simple and then a few hanging paper decorations in the trees. I am going to try and make some things like these myself:

    A few varieties and I will spray glitter everywhere and that should look lovely in the trees, hopefully spinning in the breeze (in my head, it's a warm, sunny day with a gentle breeze and clear night. Unrealistic but peh!)
  • I made a load of the fan things for our engagement party, I bought wrapping paper and used that, my top tip is make sure your have quite thick paper, you get a better look / finish and they're less likely to got out of shape if you're making them bit by bit and storing them.
  • I made a load of the fan things for our engagement party, I bought wrapping paper and used that, my top tip is make sure your have quite thick paper, you get a better look / finish and they're less likely to got out of shape if you're making them bit by bit and storing them.
    Thanks for the tips :) I'm going to try a couple and see what I like, and then see how will be best to store/ when to make the bulk of them!
  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    I'm feeling useless at the moment because I've been completely flat out and with lots of concerts with different rep and going on tour on Sunday so it feels like I'm getting nothing weddingy done and it's all piling on top of me and eeeeek!! A bit stressed and tired really. 

    But we're talking about honeymoon at the moment which is really nice. We will be going summer 2020 (a year after the wedding) for financial reasons and work reasons, which is ages away but I think it will be even more amazing when it happens. The current plan is Mexico 😁. It's actually the first place I mentioned to Ralph and he said nah, but due to recent developments he suddenly thinks it's a good idea and I am NOT arguing..

    Ralph's Uncle Kevin and Aunty Michelle live in San Luis Obispo in California. Her parents have a holiday house they let out in San Miguel De Allende in Mexico! They have offered us the use of it for a week as our wedding present (I've never met her parents so it's super generous of them) and Kevin and Michelle have offered to help us with flights as our present from them! So the current idea is 2-3 weeks, one week or so in California visiting his family, but also driving out potentially to Yosemite for a night to camp (I REALLY WANT TO GO THERE), then a week or so in the house in Mexico (which by the way also is 2 hours drive from the Sierra Gorda mountains 😍😍 so definitely going to the nature reserve there at some point!) And then a few days on the coast somewhere lying on a beach for a bit of relaxing before we come home. There's a really cool airbnb on an island I found that's super expensive but really awesome and currently working on persuading Ralph that it's a good idea..

    This is the town the house is in:

    This is the biosphere reserve at Sierra Gorda:

    This is San Luis Obispo county apparently!

    And this is Yosemite:

    So that's the very loose plan! Obviously these pictures are the best the internet has to offer not where we will specifically be staying, but I'm SUPER excited! Fingers crossed this works out, it's just a loose plan but I don't think we can say no to a week in beautiful San Miguel De Allende!
  • MrsCarnegieMrsCarnegie Posts: 516 New bride
    Your plans look amazing 😍

    🤞 You can persuade H2B xx 
  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    edited March 2019
    Thanks! Yes I'm really hoping coz it looks amazing! It's basically a seashell, nice and quirky and relaxing looking:

  • MrsCarnegieMrsCarnegie Posts: 516 New bride
    Oh wow! I'm so jealous; everything looks gorgeous x x 
  • RoseyGoldRoseyGold Posts: 164 New bride
    That house looks amazing! Definitely persuade H2B!
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Wow 😱 looks amazing!
  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    Hopefully it all happens that way! 
    One of my bridesmaids, Bea, is currently in Martinique for a wedding and sent me a beautiful picture of everyone throwing the confetti yesterday and it's made me feel even more excited. Even though I don't know these people, something about her being there makes it seem really real compared to looking at professional photographs on wedding blogs of people I don't know and it really made me feel happy and excited!

    Also it's exactly 5 months today :):)
  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    I didn't bring my laptop on tour and now I'm really regretting it coz there's quite a bit of hanging around and I could do with doing some wedmin!
  • Wow that house is incredible! So lucky for them to be gifting you such a beautiful honeymoon, very generous! 
  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    That's the Airbnb, I haven't seen the house that we will definitely stay in but apparently it's really beautiful!
  • That all looks so gorgeous!! How lovely of them to help out with it, it looks so incredible! Its nice when you can do it that way and experience somewhere a bit like to locals do, i find you often get a lot more out of travelling when its like that. 
  • That seashell house is amazing! I've never seen anything like it. 
    That's so kind and generous of Ralph's various family to gift you the use of the house and the flights. You'll be able to honeymoon like many people only dream of, thanks to them :)  How lovely. Hopefully you're still on the forum then and able to share pictures. I've never been to Mexico, my OH was there with his ex and my ex went with a group from work once, so both men had already been before me  :D:expressionless:  My loss!
  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    I've been rubbish at updating this and commenting on other threads because I've been super super busy with work and some family stuff that isn't much fun (will explain briefly in this post). But I have been reading and loving everybody's threads and plans!

    I've been feeling pretty negative and miserable about wedding planning recently, mostly due to family stuff and worrying about money (we realised we need a generator, bigger luxury loos, etc).

    But we now have transport; my grandpa is going to drive me to the ceremony and both of us back in my grandparents' STUNNINGLY beautiful limited edition old classic Bentley (I don't have a picture at the moment but it's gorgeous and navy and only 20 of them were made, many decades ago). 
    We also have a gorgeous old Routemaster to transport our guests who aren't driving between the town hall and my grandparents' (about 30 min away). It will be one of these:

    If we want a banner we have to decide what is says, any suggestions? Probably just something simple like 'Ralph and Cecilia 03/08/2019' ? We would get to keep it afterwards.

    So transport is done! We booked a BEAUTIFUL Airbnb for our wedding night and the night after, here are some pics:

    Sorry for terrible sxreenshsts, can't get them any bigger! Hopefully I'll stay at my grandparents' the night before so I get enough sleep and then can set up a bit before bridesmaids arrive , and do a bit of cooking if necessary!

  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    We also have Ralph's ring! We just went to a high street jewellers for a simple gold band, but he likes it and it doesn't change the way he holds his sticks to play vibraphone so it's all good!
    A reminder of mine (with my blue topaz engagement ring):

    So now we are both set with that!

    Today we've had a lovely bank holiday with Ralph's parents (although I did get dragged to watch Aldershot play football, but at least they won! It was actually quite fun).

    (Need a haircut, it's just fluffy at the moment!)

    But we also got out a couple of gazebos they own but haven't used for a few years to see if they might be helpful to set up at the wedding over the food and things / generally to have some shade, and I think they're perfect which is great because otherwise we were going to have to hire them!

    I'll wind lots of fairy lights/ fake ivy/ paper streamers and fake flowers up inside them to make them look a bit nicer!

    It seems silly as it's just a couple of not particularly pretty gazebos, but I suddenly got this vision of everyone in the sun (hopefully) and milling around with lovely drinks, serving themselves delicious curry.. and it made me really excited again, despite the issues (next post will explain).
  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    So the family drama...
    I've explained before about my parents splitting up, my mum being unable to be in the same room as my dad and telling me she's dreading the wedding etc. She's actually recently been slightly more positive (in that she thinks she will cope better seeing him). Part of that is due just to time passing, but part of it is because my little sister has been having MAJOR mental health struggles and so they've had to be around when she's been in hospital. She's not in a good place, on lots of medication and banned for the moment from drinking alcohol or any drugs (unfortunately a very essential ban). 
    So it's been pretty awful and we're all very worried about her, but at least it meant my parents HAD to deal with each other.

    But this week, my and my two sisters will be delivering some news that will devastate my mum, as our dad has informed us that his girlfriend/partner is pregnant. I know she will be absolutely gutted and set back a huge way so we're extremely worried about her, and purely selfishly upset as it's yet again adding a layer of nightmare to the wedding (not that his girlfriend will be there).

    I'm really happy for them (although I'm not convinced it's the best thing for my dad right now), especially as I now know it hasn't been an easy process for them (I had no idea they were trying until he called me to tell me). I'm just extremely worried about my mum.

    So that's the drama eek! Trying not to focus on that too much.

    But I'm feeling much more positive today. It's amazing what a gazebo and some sunshine will do 😂.

    We have lots left to do, including inviting evening guests (and deciding who to bump up to the main guests after a couple of people RSVPd no), hiring the generator, making loads of decorations, and most importantly me fitting in my blooming dress. As of tomorrow I'm on an added sugar ban for the foreseeable future (potentially until the wedding apart from my hen weekend and my mum's 50th birthday) and also on a pizza/chips/crisps/takeaway ban. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 But extremely necessary and I'm actually really looking forward to going back to the gym (haven't had time/been away recently). So I am determined to get the weight off! I have over 3 months so it's doable if I'm very strict with myself.

    Because it's so beautiful:

  • Your dress really is breathtaking ❤️
    I'm sorry to hear about the family drama - sending you all lots of strength and good vibes! 

  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    Thanks! Does anyone have any decor advice for the gazebos?
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Cecilia13 said:
    Thanks! Does anyone have any decor advice for the gazebos?
    I don't think gazebos really need decor, as long as the tables underneath with food or whatever on look beautiful!
  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    I guess not. I just hate the grey bars in the green one, I like how it looks otherwise but I feel I need something on them. Maybe it's just any excuse for a craft project, I don't know 😂
  • You could wrap some garlands of fairy lights around them? I immediately thought of some kind of hanging flowers  like this
    Image result for hanging flowers wedding

    BUT thats not going to any favours for head room lol. 
  • MrsW2020MrsW2020 Posts: 279 New bride
    Could you get some lengths of chiffon from a fabric store and do some draping? Or perhaps just some pom poms to tie it in with your main marquee (I think you said you were having pom poms and lanterns, or have I imagined that?!)
  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    Thanks for the suggestions! I love them! The flowers and ribbons are gorgeous 😍.
    The only thing with the hanging  pompoms  and lanterns and flowers is head height, but I love the idea of chiffon and maybe I could make some flowers and pompoms that can just be attached directly rather than hanging, and some fairy lights. 

    This could look really lovely 😁
  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    I'm sure I mentioned before that mum is making the bouquet! The colours we decided on were whites and thistle blue and silvery greens, with splashes of orange and gold (partly coz I want to tie in the orange in Ralph's tie and partly coz of the flowers I like).
    She's making a lot of the flowers out of paper as the ones I wanted particularly are:
    - white peonies
    - gold poppies
    - gypsophila (baby's breath)
    - white and black anemones
    - any flower in thistle blue (thistles, made up flowers, etc)
    - any type of style of foliage in those beautiful silvery greens and greys

    Anyway she's started on the paper flowers and has sent me some pics of what she's done so far (peonies and poppies). Please excuse the terrible photos, she is not so good with the camera on her phone!

    I think they're beautiful. I'm really excited to see how it turns out! I'll see some components and I gave her what I wanted but she is going to make it sculptural and arty and fun and with bits of gold and fabric potentially, so I can't wait to see how it turns out. It will be super unique!
  • They're gorgeous!! I'm so intrigued to see how it comes out, it sounds like it will be stunning and unique! 
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    Me too, I won't see the final version til the actual day!

    I ordered some cheap H&M shoes to change into on the day because I know my shoes are amazing but will be killing me after an hour. I actually had a pair already but they were just trainers and I didn't feel they were nice enough so I wanted something prettier and more weddingy. I saw them on someone else's thread after I ordered them but I can't remember who? Anyway they were only £12.99 and they're comfy and pretty so I'm pleased.

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