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Casual wedding by the Loch - May 2019



  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    Love your Thread, Happy Birthday for the other day, Good on you for feeling so happy in your own skin, Love your dress and cake too.

  • Wow, the beginning of term has been more manic than I first imagined. I've had classes of 28 students squeezed into classrooms set up for 24, constant changes to registers as students move to and from various groups, plus I've just had 22 new students dumped on me with no warning (I just noticed a new register on my timetable) and their previous teacher has not marked any of their work so far, so more for me to do

    This means that the wedding planning has taken a slight back seat lately but I managed to get a bit more sorted before work kicked off.

    I have paid deposits for my hair, makeup and flowers. We have also paid off the venue, which is the lodge in Scotland.

    Last week I phoned up a lady regarding alterations. She was recommended to me by the shop I bought my dress from. After a couple of questions, she told me to phone at the beginning of February to get an exact date to go in. This is great as it means I can indulge over Christmas and still have time to get back to goal weight.

    Speaking of which, I weighed in this morning 0.6lbs away from goal weight  So, hoping this week I can shift the final bit of weight and then it's time to maintain and maybe build a little bit more muscle to 'tone'.


    We have started to look at bridesmaid dresses for my daughter. We visited the shop I bought my dress from and tried some different styles. She found 2 that she really liked, and after sharing pics with my mum and sister, we all like the same 2. Going to try a few more shops, including high street, to check as many styles as possible. Also going to look online to see what we can find.

  • Well, it's been a while since I've been on here.
    We hadn't really done anything for the wedding in a while but we were recently invited to H2B's cousin's wedding, which will be a few months after ours, and I think that spurred us on to do a little bit of planning. 

    We had already chosen to have hand-fasting at our ceremony and we have now decided that we would like our daughter to be the one to tie the knot, which she is absolutely happy about. We are also going to ask H2B's older daughter to do a reading. He has already chosen a reading which he finally told me about the other day... he wants the lyrics to Anthrax's Safe Home. This might sound a bit odd but the chorus is: 
    from out of nowhere you came strong as stone
    and now I'll never have to be alone
    what it is I know
    you have always been my safe home
    I walk, I run, I burn out into you
    you have always been my safe home
    my whole world has moved on

    I think it might be better if my sister reads that one and we find something else for his daughter as we all know the song and it's too tempting to try and sing it rather than read it (my sister has never even heard of Anthrax so she'll just read it).

    I went for a consultation about a wedding ring today. I found the place when I went to a wedding fayre. It wasn't even for me, my friend is getting married in 2021 and we had gone to look at stuff for her but while we were there we got chatting to a nice gentleman who took his time talking through everything. I emailed the place a week later and they remembered everything we had been chatting about which I thought was a good sign. So today I paid their workshop a visit and the lady there grew up only a few miles from where we are getting married. I think we ended up chatting about the place more than the ring. Anyway, I took it as a sign and I am getting a three colour ring made with them (one colour each to represent myself, H2B and our daughter). It should be ready in about 4 weeks, and it is the last of the big purchases (I hope).

    Next up, I have to phone the lady I booked for my alterations and get an exact date for my first fitting. I've lost all my Christmas weight so I'm excited and ready to go.

  • So I have been quietly getting on with wedding stuff, including my chilled out hen weekend by the seaside. We now have a piper thanks to my dad, and I need to phone him this weekend to go through music. The ceremony has been sorted with readings and vows all chosen.
    One month from tomorrow we get married and we're marking tje occasion by going to watch the new Avengers movie (cannot wait) 
    In unrelated news, I found out today that I got a promotion at work, a big one, so that will put my mind at ease about paying out for the wedding and gives me something to look forward to after we get back from Scotland. Problem is I cannot tell anyone at work until Monday so it has been difficult keeping it quiet and not being able to celebrate in work. 
  • Congratulations on your promotion! I've just read your whole thread and your wedding sounds so so lovely :smile: what did you do for your hen?
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Congrats! Well done 😁
  • GinAndBlingGinAndBling Posts: 1,311 New bride
    Our planning thread: We're completely winging it.
    Our report: A fun, classic May day in navy and blush
    My weightloss thread: Diet denial! 
  • Congratulations on your promotion! I've just read your whole thread and your wedding sounds so so lovely :smile: what did you do for your hen?
    Thank you. 
    I booked a house in Walton on the Naze, in Essex. It's only an hour's drive from where I live but I wanted somewhere to have a group of girlies under one roof. We had dinner out on the first night, followed by drinking and karaoke back at the house until 1am (it was a detached house so we didn't disturb the neighbours too much).
    The next day we went into Clacton and ate chips on the seafront, played in the arcades, had ice cream on the pier, had a couple of drinks in the pub, then back to the house for takeaway and games until gone midnight.
    I wanted something relaxed where people could drink as much, or as little, as they liked. 
    I booked the house but my mum and sister decorated the place, made gift bags for all of us, sorted the games and even provided us with a gorgeous engagement cake 
    And everything had cherry blossoms as they are a big part of our wedding (obsessed since visiting Japan 9 years ago for the flower festival). 
  • KerryNash2BKerryNash2B Posts: 88 New bride

    Fitting complete. My dress is now hanging in my sister's spare room. Just have to remember to collect it before we travel up to Scotland.

    My bouquets (mine and bridesmaid) are also ready. They are gorgeous but I can't save the photos I was sent onto my phone, so pics to follow once they're delivered. 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    @KerryNash2B you look absolutely beautiful!
  • KerryNash2BKerryNash2B Posts: 88 New bride

    Finally picked up my wedding ring today. Had three colours to represent myself, my husband (to be) and our daughter.
    The ring place is in a small shopping village which is part of a garden centre so while we were there, me and my daughter treated ourselves to a lovely brunch, then found a little hut which sold a huge range of different fudge. We played it safe and had some smartie and oreo fudge. Definitely going back and trying some of the others, like the Dr Pepper fudge. Probably after the wedfing though. 
  • GinAndBlingGinAndBling Posts: 1,311 New bride
    You look amazing!
    Our planning thread: We're completely winging it.
    Our report: A fun, classic May day in navy and blush
    My weightloss thread: Diet denial! 
  • KerryNash2BKerryNash2B Posts: 88 New bride
    Oh my god... I get married one week today. Made final decisions about the cake last night so think I have all the major stuff planned. 
    This weekend I spent time running errands and dropping boxes off to various people who are helping me transport my dress, flowers, decorations, etc. Everyone is ill 🤧
    My mum has an awful cough, my niece and nephew are full of snot, my dad and his missus have had colds...  Trying desperately not to get ill so plenty of water, veg and vitamins are on the menu. 
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