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Autumn Barn Wedding - October 2019



  • Your hair looks lovely but I do think a few extensions would really finish it off nicely.  :)

  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    Thank you @CoffeeDogAddict ! It's more the pic below... this is all my hair pulled forward, as I'd normally have it and how it suits me... I look a bit weird with nothing at the front! But then that leaves absolutely no hair at the back, which looks equally weird! 
    I haven't heard of tape in ones, I'll have to have a look into them! I started to look at clip in ones and got confused with the amount of different colours and lengths they have, think I'm going to have to email the hairdresser as I have no clue what I'd need.

    Do excuse the drawing and baby bump going on, goodness knows what face I was pulling, was not attractive! haha. 
  • MrsHowgateMrsHowgate Posts: 1,433 New bride
    I wore extensions (clip in) on my day to add volume and it was the best thing I ever did. I experimented with them beforehand. I asked my hair stylist which ones she recommended and went with them.
  • Ahh ok i see what you mean! I think if you can find affordable tape ins (i have no idea on price!) then they're more comfortable, but i did get some clip ins from and they were affordable but did well for just the days use. I cant lie, my friend who was the bride did all the research and she just told me to send these people a photo of my hair and they matched the colour, and they did a perfect job of it! you couldn't tell at all. 
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    Thank you @MrsHowgate - it's nice to know someone who has worn them and they worked for as none of my friends have. Plus from your report, your hair looked stunning! 

    @CoffeeDogAddict ooo, I'll have a look at the link. That is my kind of help, send them a photo and let them pick! All the browns look the same to me! Thank you :)
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    After our meeting at the venue, we realised that we'd need more tables that we thought we would which threw our table decor plans out slightly as we'd only got 5 sets when actually now we'd need 8! Trying to get three more of what we have wouldn't work because the lanterns are no longer sold, so we had to find something different but similar. 
    We went to see what Ikea had to offer because we live really close to one and if you go of an evening when it's quiet, it's almost enjoyable! We came up with the below - 

    We got the big vase for about £4 each and the stones we've managed to share between the additional three vases so only cost about £3. My Mum has been scouring the charity shops for tea cups and we've bought some mint variations to put in each one. The flowers will be gypsophila and roses - which we've decided to buy ourselves from Triangle Nurseries instead of paying the £15 per table for the florist to do them. We set up both next to each other (even though they will be on different tables) and I'm quite happy with them! 

  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    I've been slowly doing wedding bits and bobs and I've finished all of the confetti! It did take me about two weeks though! In the end I went with AdamApple and actually got the biodegradable paper ones, to save money to be quite honest. The paper confetti worked out pretty much half of what the flower confetti would have done. I then got some clear bags from eBay and the stickers from Etsy and even with those it still worked out a lot cheaper than just flower confetti and I don't think they look half bad! 

  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 803 New bride
    I’ve just read all your thread-I LOVE the hair styles you’ve gone for, it looks stunning! In regards to extensions clip ins are good but if you’re a fiddler (i am!) haha they can be a bit of a temptation.  You won’t be able to see them though and your hairdresser should match them to your hair. I agree with @CoffeeDogAddict that tape ins are a lot more comfortable for a long period of time.  I had beautyworks extensions and you can reuse the hair so if you don’t change colour you can have them out after the wedding and then back in for another occasion! They last up to 10-12 weeks. 

    Ohhhh I love your table decorations, we’ll be doing something similar with ours- I love the tea cups! Really cute 😍
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    Thank you @Blondiebride2019 ! Definitely need to look into these tape in ones then... I just don't want to spend a fortune although I didn't realise they lasted that long, definitely makes the money more worth it! 
    Thank you, I just thought simple would be best... plus the tea cups are charity shop finds, so it makes me feel better knowing that the moneys gone to a good cause! :)
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    Invitations are out! 
    And we’ve had a few replies back... annoyingly most of our close family don’t think they need to reply! I have pointed out that unless they want me to pick their dinner for them, they need to. We’ve set the deadline for the 30th May so we’ve got time to get them back, let’s hope! 
  • Love the centrepieces and it doesn't matter at all that they're not exactly the same - fits more with the vibe I think.

    I know what you mean about close family thinking they don't need to reply! I don't mind if they cba for using the actual RSVP card but at least text me what you want to eat so I can update my spreadsheet or you're all having the same thing whether you like it or not :lol:
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    @MrsRendall2B exactly!! couldn't have said it better myself  :D
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 947 New bride
    I know the feeling too, MrsA-N! People would say to us "Yeah we're coming" as soon as we handed over the envelope at a party where I'm guzzling wine and I'm thinking "You think I'll remember you said that tomorrow?!" The worst is when you know they have dietary requirements, but they don't mention them so you have to chase them again! Actually, no, that's second worst. Worst is when you ask them to let you know if dietary requirements and they come back with something along the lines of "I only eat chicken", or "I don't like mushrooms." I think people need to learn that "dietary requirement" means "could die after eating this" not "we're willing to cater to all your fussy whims!"

    Whoops, that turned into a rant, sorry!
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    @OmRum haha yes! We haven’t even had that, I’ve given the invitations had a thanks and then nothing! Admittedly it’s only been a few weeks since I sent them but if it was me, I’d reply straight away... my fear is people will forget. 

    I havent had the dietary requirements dilemma yet, but I’m sure I’ll have something! 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 947 New bride
    MrsA-N sadly most people will put it aside thinking they'll do it later and then will forget! I've done that before with wedding invitations (oops). About a week before my deadline I happened to find a funny picture online about people who don't RSVP being expected to bring their own chair and sandwich, which I shared on social media and suddenly got a little flurry of responses! Still had to chase a few people though. It's definitely worth sending a little reminder when you get close to your deadline.
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    @OmRum I went to see my Grandad yesterday, another non-replyer despite being one of our witnesses and asked him if he'd decided on his food choices, only for him to tell me he hadn't given it a second thought *rolls eyes*! 
    Love your sneaky FB post, a little hinting goes a long way! I will definitely be sending reminders the amount we haven't had back and the deadline we put was the end of this month!
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    Flower update
    In trying to save money, because a baby, wedding and relocating in the same few months are rather expensive, I've been trying to come up with ways to cut costs. One way was to try and do some of the flowers ourselves and this included the bridesmaids bouquets. They were always going to be really simple with just gyp with three pink roses in the centre but at £40 each, it seemed a lot when we could attempt at doing it ourselves. 
    Mum and I raided M&S the other day and then tried it to see what we could achieve before confirming anything with the florist. This is what we came up with... don't get me wrong, it's not the neatest you've ever seen, it needs to be tighter and the gyp cut a little more evenly but it was our first attempt that I put together in about 8 mins whilst the broccoli was cooking for dinner, but if we take more time and do it carefully, I think that we could make some very nice bouquets. We've set aside the Saturday before the wedding to arrange the flowers for the tables and the window boxes, so we'll just add these to the list. £160 saved!!

  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,479 New bride
    That looks great! What a fab idea and it'll be nice to do them together beforehand :) I'm still toying with doing the same, but i'm waiting on one last quote before i make my decision!
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    Thank you @CoffeeDogAddict ! I'd definitely look into doing it if you can, even getting the flowers from M&S which is admittedly more expensive than somewhere like Tesco, we reckon it came out at about £5 per bouquet... which feels a lot better than £40! Plus, like you say, it'll be a nice thing to do together :)
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    edited May 2019
    Try Triangle Nursery, they now even do wedding boxes of different sizes with everything you need for your wedding. We are using them, much cheaper and better quality flowers than you can buy in M&S or supermarkets.
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 225 New bride
    This bouquet looks fab - what a good idea! I can’t believe the cost of flowers! Will you have a florist do your own bouquet, or do that yourself as well? 
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    @MrsCToBee ooo thank you, I'll look at that now... the wedding box idea sounds very convenient! and if they are better quality and cheaper, it makes sense. 

    @MrsH2020 Thank you! Agreed!! I will ask the florist to do my bouquet along with all the buttonholes as I'm not artistic enough to be able to do a good enough job myself, but we'll be doing the bridesmaids bouquets, and all of the flowers for the table decorations as they are very simple. 
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    edited May 2019
    Cake changes
    Originally, my Mum had offered to make us the cake... we were just going to have a simple three tiered with some sugar craft flowers, but as it's got closer, Mum's become worried about her want to actually enjoy the wedding and be with us on the morning, help with the baby and not have to be concerned about getting a cake to the venue and set up - all completely understandable! She was very worried about telling me (I promise, I'm not an ogre, I'm actually really relaxed about this kinda stuff!), but my main concern is her enjoying our day too, so whatever she wants to do is okay with me. 
    Having said that, this meant that we didn't have a cake. I scoured our venues recommended suppliers and people we'd seen at wedding fairs - the amount of cake makers whose websites are very difficult to navigate is surprising! And then came across All Shapes & Slices Cake Co, she is incredibly talented and unlike a lot of suppliers I've come across replied to my emails really quickly, answered all of my questions and was in general the perfect supplier. 
    I sent her a picture of a cake we love, it's by Ivy + Stone cake design, who I follow on Instagram and are amazing but unfortunately based in Australia - 

    She came back really quickly with an, I love this, lets do it! Which surprised me but was so nice to speak to an enthusiastic supplier! 
    We're going to change it up a little as this is made with real flowers and we will have sugar craft ones in our wedding colours/flowers. We're also going to have some autumnal leaves popped in there too to match our theme. This morning, our samples arrived in the post,  D picked the flavours, as it was something else I wasn't that fussed about and he chose Salted Caramel, Raspberry and White Chocolate and Vanilla. They were all very light and really nice, so we're all sorted! 

  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,479 New bride
    That cake is gorgeous!! Nice to hear you found someone who was excited for the challenge! If you're comfortable sharing id be keen to hear what they quote for it. I'm yet to do cake sorting and i'm dreading it  :#
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    Engagement shoot
    This was something that when booking the photographer, D was really keen on and actually, I'm SO glad we did it. As mentioned earlier in this thread, we decided on Ross Hurley as our photographer early on and knowing he normally did engagement shoots a month or so before the wedding, I contacted him earlier in the year and asked if he'd make an exception and do ours earlier as I didn't really fancy doing one just after giving birth. I suggested early May as then I wouldn't be too big, but hopefully would actually be showing enough that I looked pregnant (I know, the silly things we worry about!). 

    We emailed a few days before the designated day and decided to go to Knole Park in Sevenoaks as it was pretty rural and growing up holidaying in the Lake District, thats the kind of scenery I love! Plus, I hoped it was big enough that not too many people would be there! As we turned into the park slightly early it was absolutely chucking it down, but we managed to spend an hour and a half with him, walking around and only got very lightly rained on, until right at the end when we'd taken the last picture and the heavens opened and in the space of about 5 minutes it genuinely looked like I'd just stepped out the shower! 

    Anyway, it was well well worth it. I was really worried, but he made us feel relaxed and was generally a really nice person and we had a lovely morning. We've had the first snippet through that he uploaded to his FB page and I love it! The others should come through in a few weeks and I'm really looking forward to seeing them - something I never thought I'd say!

  • GinAndBlingGinAndBling Posts: 1,311 New bride
    Gorgeous cake! 
    Our planning thread: We're completely winging it.
    Our report: A fun, classic May day in navy and blush
    My weightloss thread: Diet denial! 
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    edited May 2019
    @CoffeeDogAddict I know, its silly but seems so rare! She's Kent based so I don't know if that makes a difference but it'll be three tiered and made for 80 people and is £480 with the three different flavours and the sugar craft flowers. It would have been cheaper if we'd have got the florist to provide real flowers. We're very lucky that Mum and Dad have offered to pay for it for us, but compared with a lot of cakes that I came across from other makers, this didn't seem too bad! 
    Her website is - if you did want to look, and she has a lot of prices on there, which again, I really liked! 

    @GinAndBling Thank you!! 
  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,479 New bride
    Thats fab thank you ill take a look! Its really handy to have real reference points, its so hard to know whats normal for a quote!
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    @CoffeeDogAddict Agreed... it doesn't help that everything wedding related is aways so expensive anyway! 
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    H2B had his stag do this weekend... 14 of them spent a long weekend in Brighton with a lot of drinking and activities. There was a mix up with the life drawing and so they didn’t end up doing it - something us other halves weren’t all that sad about! 
    But it seemed to go without too much of a hitch and he is currently moaning his hangover away in bed, whilst I’m out working this afternoon for the peace and quiet! 
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