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Song to walk down the aisle

k.pedrickk.pedrick Posts: 17 New bride
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Has anyone chosen their song to walk down the aisle to?

we are having a pianist and i really want a popular song but played on piano to make it less poppy.

i've been thinking about 'i'll never love again' form a star is born. i found a piano version on youtube and really love it but unsure if the song itself is more of a sad song than a happy love song.

any opinions welcome. (not getting married until sept 2020 so loads of time and this song and film might not be 'in' by then)


  • I'm doing something similar, I'm having a cellist for the ceremony. i am walking in to 'christina perry- a thousand years' (that would sound beautiful in piano!) and we're walking out to 'clean bandit- symphony'. we are having her play a couple of classical pieces during the signing of the register. hope that helps! :smile:
  • Ive known for 15 years which song I wanted as I walk down the aisle- A Chi Mi Dice by Blue. This has divided opinion- my mum is huffing about it as she says no-one will understand it as the words are in Italian but ever since I heard it for the first time all the way back in 2004 I’ve known and that’s what I’m having.
    i would say that if you really want something do it and never mind what anyone else thinks- if it makes you happy, do it! 
    The three songs we’re having aren’t necessarily happy sounding but they mean a lot to us- we’re having ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ by James Arthur as we sign the register and then walking out to ‘All I Want is You’by U2. We picked one song each from our favourite respective artists (mine is Blue and my partner’s is U2) and one from an artist we both love (James Arthur) Our ceremony is about joining the two of us together- hence were trying to pick something we both love. 
  • Natutz14Natutz14 Posts: 110 New bride
    We had "Everything I Do" by Bryan Adams. On piano would sound amazing... we had a violinist. 

    Maybe try YouTubing some piano love songs to get inspiration? 

  • We're having 'Real Love' Tom Odell :)

    The piano is such a gorgeous instrument that I don't think any song could sound bad!  

  • Thanks everyone, will defs look up the piano versions of these songs. Side note, other half loves blue! so you might have nailed it haha

    the only song weve been set on is ben howard only love for signing the register. pretty open minded so far about the rest. our pianist even does an eminem medley which im tempted to include lol
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