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HELP! Wedding in october and i need to book venue and plan the day!

A21A21 Posts: 4 New bride
Hello guys, 
Saying me and my fiance are very laid back is a major understatement. We have been discussing getting married for 3 years now and finally we have decided we are going to get married this October...which is 2 and half months away!!!! 

We have booked the registry office at 1 p.m. it is going to be just family so I wanted to book our favourite restaurant for wedding dinner. However the restaurant does not open till 5. I have requested if they could possibly open it earlier but they have firmly said no.

I have been looking to book another restaurant for private dining however I am finding it very difficult to find  any nice ones. So my real problem is what shall we do do between 1 p.m getting married in the registry office and 5 p.m when the restaurant is open. 

Between those times i was planning to go to botanical garden to take pic with fam however hanging out in botanical garden for approx 2.5 hours is not ideal!

Any suggestions?? 


  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 685 New bride
    How many people are we talking here? Are there kids involved? How long will your ceremony last? 
  • A21A21 Posts: 4 New bride
    20 adults and 10 kids under 10. Ceremony should last 30 mins. 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Couldn't you ring the registry office and change the time to maybe 3/3.30? Then you have 30 mins for ceremony, an hour for photos and to make your way to the restaurant. If you are a bit early you could stop at a pub for an aperitif.
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