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Photographer will not send images :(((((

Hi all,

I am really at a loss at what to do, our wedding was on the 6th of April 19 and we still have not received the images from our wedding. We were sent a small highlights reel of the day but not our full gallery. Our photographer said the images were ready the 15th of July but we did not receive them and explained this. She did not reply for days on end and we continued to express that we did not receive them. She finally expressed that her servers were down and that is why they haven't come through. I didn't understand why we received no communication to let us know. She didn't offer any other means to get the images to us. We offered Wetransfer, Dropbox or other emails to try, when there was again no response we offered to send a USB to her out of our own pocket and pay for recorded delivery. In between this she has accused us of "harassment" because we sent a few emails and texts when to ask for our images. Using her own personal issues as an excuse and playing victim. We have our own issues but this is a business contract and we have fully paid her and signed a contract she is now in breach of. No apology for the stress caused to us by her lack of communication and unwillingness to help. She then didn't confirm she had received the USB and when asked sad she couldn't find it and maybe someone in her household had misplaced it. We then sent another USB again out of our own pocket, after ignoring us for a few more days said she had received it. We asked for it to be with us by the 31st to no avail. After no communication again, she eventually said she had sent it recorded delivery and as we had previously expressed to send the tracking umber so we could ensure its delivery. No communication or response, she said she posted it a while ago from a UK address would not take this long. I am at my wits end. I do not understand how it has taken almost a month for "ready images" to be sent to us. We even offered to collect the images, a 300 mile trip for us. I am so hurt that we would be treated this way, I truly feel that are images are ruined in some way at this point because there is no reason for this. She continues to in my opinion lie and try to play the victim by saying we are bothering her, as if we shouldn't want the images we paid for on the most special day of our life. It is causing me such anxiety, it has ruined the experience of receiving the images and looking back on our day. I am even crying as I write this, it is so upsetting when you put your faith, trust and money into someone you thought was a professional. Our next step is to start civil proceedings and she is in breach of contract and has been double the amount of time stated in the contract. Has anyone been through this? I don't want to start legal proceedings we do not have the money for this and just want our wedding pictures. I appreciate anyone that has taken the time to read this, I'm just so upset about the whole situation. 


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