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A Very Hot August Bank Holiday Town Centre Barn Wedding! The Report.

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Waiting for pics to come through so first things first, suppliers!

Venue - The Barn, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Photographer - Devotion Photography
DJ - Luke Swift
Flowers - Bought wholesale from Triangle Nursery, arranged by bride
Hair - Stephanie Harber of Stephanique
Make up - Sharon Harris of Adornare
Dress - Laverna by Maggie Sottero bought from Go Bridal, Tunbridge Wells 
Alterations - Sharon of Sewing Dreams
Bridesmaid dresses - Roman Originals multiway dresses
Flower girl dresses - Monsoon, bought on eBay
Groom's suit & shoes - Jacamo
Ties & pocket squares - DQT
Cake - Marks & Spencer
Doughnuts - Krispy Kreme
Stationery - Vistaprint / Canva / Photobox



  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Oh and confetti was from AdamApple!
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Wednesday 21st August

    First day off work - just ran lots of errands.
    Had the car cleaned, tidied the house and garden, went to the post office and the tip, did a food shop - all the boring stuff!

    Thursday 22d August
    C's first day off work.
    Flowers were delivered from Triangle Nursery in the morning, and it took me a good couple of hours to cut, trim leaves and thorns, and leave the flowers in water to condition overnight. It was already quite hot and the flowers were more open than I would have liked at this stage, so I put them all in dark cool cupboards to try to prevent them opening further. 

    I then popped to my mum's house to cut a few extra flowers & foliage I wanted from her garden, including some blue hydrangeas and succulents.

    Then we went out for dinner as the kitchen was a bombsite still 😂 The pre wedding diet was still not going well.....

  • Looking forward to reading more of this and hearing all about your day :)

    (Also very impressed at your organisation for starting a report already!)
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Looking forward to reading more of this and hearing all about your day :)

    (Also very impressed at your organisation for starting a report already!)
    Looking forward to reading more of this and hearing all about your day :)

    (Also very impressed at your organisation for starting a report already!)
    Thanks! We aren't away until next week, I've just been having a chill out day with my son before I go back to work tomorrow so thought I'd make a start 😀
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    Can't wait to hear about the rest of your day!
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    Friday 23rd August

    Was up early as it was flower arranging day! C took our little boy off to his mum's for the day as it would have been impossible to get it all done with a 3 year old wanting constant attention. My mum came, allegedly to help, it actually took longer to try to show her what to do etc. than to just do it myself but she wanted to feel included bless her.

    Had to wait for my Oasis wreath rings to be delivered as Triangle were running a day late with them so we started with my mum making a hanging spray for the front gate of the venue, and I cracked on with the top table arrangement. It was still really hot and bright so I had all the blinds and curtains shut trying to keep it darker and cool! My downstairs loo and bathroom don't have windows so I had earmarked them to store the completed flowers in in the dark. 
    Here is the top table arrangement hanging out in my bath looking a bit skew whiff.....

    Once these were done, the oasis wreath rings had arrived, so next we made 8 of these - these were for the wedding breakfast tables and had a hurricane lamp in the middle with a pillar candle in. My mum had got bored by this point and decided to leave me to it. My mum's wreaths were a bit ropey so I secretly re-jigged them a bit after she left, and as I also had loads of lisianthus left I added extra flowers to them all to make them look a bit fuller - don't have any pics of them after though, so these are unfinished:

    By this point I was really struggling with the heat getting to the flowers!
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    Next I made 16 buttonholes inc. C's and our son's:

    Then made 2 bridesmaid's bouquets:

    Followed by my bouquet:

    And finally, sitting on the kitchen floor at 10pm at night, I made 4 thank you bouquets and filled the smaller bottles and jars for the ceremony room and cake table, as well as decorating 3 lanterns & making a small arrangement for the cake  before putting them all in my downstairs loo and collapsing into bed! I put the thank you bouquets into aquapacks the day before the wedding.

  • Wow, I'm so impressed at how much you did and how beautiful the flowers looked!
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Wow, I'm so impressed at how much you did and how beautiful the flowers looked!
    Thank you! Flowers were my thing that I really cared about so I hope they looked OK in the end 🤞💐😀

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    Saturday 24th August

    I had booked to have my brows waxed at 9am at the Benefit counter in Boots where I always go, but it was frustrating and took ages as they only had 1 staff member on instead of the usual 3 so the waxing lady kept stopping every 5 minutes to serve people. While I was there C called me to tell me that one of the 3 best men was unlikely to be able to attend as his wife had gone into labour a whole month early, and they live 70 miles away so he couldn't just nip down!

    I sent them a good luck message and went to meet my mum at the nail bar where we were booked for 10am. I had acrylic extensions with a peachy gel colour and subtle  gold ombre on my fingernails, and just coral paint on my toenails. I can't do anything with long nails so they weren't an option. This all took a lot longer than I imagined and it was pushing midday by the time I got away.

    Here they are a week later....

    They are much sparklier in real life than they look in pics!
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    Sorry, I know this is all a bit repetitive from my planning thread so far 😀
  • Can’t wait to read more! Congratulations married lady! 
  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride
    Congrats!  Can't wait to hear more !
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    Sat 24th Aug continued

    I then popped to M&S on the way back home and collected the cake, and stocked up on croissants, breads and juices for the wedding morning. Dashed home to take over with our son and then C dashed off out to get his haircut, while I started unloading all the boxes from our wedding storage cupboard and started adding finishing touches to things, like putting all the confetti in the cones and covering in clingfilm, putting all the candles in the holders etc. 
    By this point C's family had all arrived at the hotel so he picked up his brother to help us move everything to the venue.

    We filled up C's car and they went off to the venue with the first load while I carried on sorting stuff, then once they returned we filled up both cars and I dropped my son off at my mum's for a bit as she kindly agreed to give him dinner while we did the last run. 
    On the way home I popped to my dad's to drop my son's overnight bag and car seat off and had a 5 minute sit down and a glass of water (it was about 30°c) before dashing home again to do my son's bed and bath routine, try to tidy my house for the next day and lay my stuff out ready, and order the Wagamama takeaway my bridesmaids were coming to have with me and my mum that night.

    By the time they arrived at 7 I was stressed to the max. My son wouldn't go to sleep and the house still felt chaotic. I managed to finally get my son off and sling some stuff in a cupboard, and then we had our food and a couple of much needed glasses of wine! They left around 10.45 and I spent 40 minutes organising all my stuff for the morning before falling into bed around midnight.

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    Sunday 25th August - The Wedding Day!!

    Getting ready - this will be long!

    To say I had been sleeping badly in the run up to the wedding would be an understatement so I wasn't surprised to wake up at 5.20am on my wedding day.

    My phone was flashing and I looked at it to find a message from my MUA saying her baby was in hospital and she wouldn't be able to attend, but giving the number of another MUA she had messaged who may be able to help. I'd got the message about 10 minutes after I'd fallen asleep, but I'm glad I didn't see it the night before or I wouldn't have slept a wink!

    I was a bit stunned at first then I started panicking trying to think what to do - I'm OK at doing make up and have decent quality products, but the weather was forecast to be 31°c and we were getting married in a conservatory, plus I had no lashes and have never applied them before in my life. It was still only about 5.40am on a Sunday morning, so I couldn't even call anyone!

    I texted the MUA she suggested (who never got back to me) and then sent a message to a friend of mine who is a MUA and was coming to the wedding but would be travelling down from Essex that morning, asking her to pack her kit so that, worst case scenario, she could just do my face last minute and everyone else would have had to sort themselves out! 

    I then posted a panicked message on a wedding Facebook group I'm in, and coincidentally another bride on there was also an MUA and had seen a post from my MUA on a local MUA page appealing for a last minute stand in for her. She knew of someone, sent me her number, I called her at 7.10am and lovely Sharon from Adornare Hair & Make Up dropped everything and drove over half an hour to be at my house by 8.30am. She was literally my hero and saved the day. What's more, even though she charges more than the lady I had originally booked, she wouldn't accept a penny more than what I had been expecting to pay Emma! Just an all round lovely lady and fantastic MUA.

    She doesn't use the same products so after a quick discussion and showing her some pics of our trials with Emma, she decided to use airbrush foundation and I loved my make up! This is after make up, but before hair:

    As a postscript, my original make up artist's baby was fine in the end thankfully, and she fully refunded me - as a parent myself I completely understood why she couldn't come and she was so upset to have to let me down.
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    During all this my 2 bridesmaids and MIL had arrived, followed by by mum and the hairdresser. MIL had her hair and make up done then took our son with her back to C as he was going to get ready with the boys, MIL, so that I could chill a bit and he could play with his cousin.

    I'm afraid things got worse, and I'm just going to give you an honest account of the day rather than try to dress it up.

    Mum arrived with the news that my grandad, who is my only surviving grandparent, had woken up ill and was unable to attend, along with his wife. At this point I was so stressed I had to go upstairs and have a little cry. I was very close to my grandparents growing up and this gutted me.

    I came downstairs to my mum telling me my half sister's hairdresser had cancelled but it was OK, she had told her to come to my house and my hairdresser was going to fit her in. This was most decidedly NOT OK, as I have a very fraught relationship with her at thr best of times, she is self obsessed and thinks the world revolves around her, she has to be the centre of attention at all times, and she has a toddler she has absolutely no control over who is like a wrecking ball. I absolutely did not want her at my house the morning of my wedding, and I had sent my son to get ready with C so I could enjoy just a couple of child free hours. I was furious with my mum, and the hairdresser felt awkward as she hadn't realised the situation.  Predictably she turned up, demanded to use all my toiletries, moaned loudly about how stressful it was that her hairdresser cancelled, more stressful than my MUA situation apparently, and how she couldn't get ready on her own with a toddler (I've done it loads of times). Meanwhile her son was running riot and then managed to pull a big thread on my mum's dress which was very noticeable. The MUA and hairdresser  were absolutely speechless that she would be so rude to me in my own home, having gatecrashed my wedding morning! At this point it was gone 12 and I couldn't stand her any more so I headed upstairs with my bridesmaids to put my dress on and try to get a grip on my last remaining thread of sanity. Luckily she left before I came down again.
  • @MrsCToBee Bless your lovely step in MUA she sounds amazing! Sorry to hear about your half-sister, so frustrating that even on your wedding day she couldn't think about anyone else first!! Hope the rest of the day was loads better, can't wait to read more  :)
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    @MrsCToBee Bless your lovely step in MUA she sounds amazing! Sorry to hear about your half-sister, so frustrating that even on your wedding day she couldn't think about anyone else first!! Hope the rest of the day was loads better, can't wait to read more  :)
    It did mainly  improve from then on thankfully! Thank you x
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    Forgot to say that earlier in the day there had been a knock on the door and it was one of C's best men delivering a lovely card and a beautiful Swarovski necklace to me which was a much needed lovely surprise! I had called C in the morning, against protocol I know, but I was at the end of my rope and he's the best person at calming me down. They had had a busy morning collecting the doughnuts, going to the library to print the best men's hastily rewritten speech (it needed changing due to the missing best man), and when C opened the card and silly gift I had got him he panicked and rushed to get me one - I laughed so much when I opened it as C is a very type person and Swarovski is next door to Krispy Kreme where he had to collect the doughnuts from 😂 They then all went to Wetherspoons for a late morning fry up!

    I had my hair done by the lovely Stephanie Harber after my make up was done and she did a gorgeous job, I loved it and it stayed put all day!

    My lovely bridesmaids had got dressed then got me a drink and calmed me down while I put my contact lens in, so after a quick last minute wee I got into my dress, they laced the corset, and I then put my shoes, jewellery and perfume on. Unfortunately, being plus size I've got a big neck and it was a short necklace, so I wrapped it around my wrist and wore it as a bracelet instead. My mum was upset that she missed this part as she was looking after my nephew while my half sister had her hair done but I wasn't willing to start running late on her account.

    I was then running a bit early so I chilled, had a glass of fizz, my dad arrived and got changed (it was so hot he left it until the last minute), paid lovely Sharon the MUA, grabbed  our bouquets (which I had finished off with ribbons etc. first thing) & Stephanie the hairdresser kindly took some pics of us outside as the cars turned up.

    The pics have loaded in a random order!

    Rare picture of me with both my parents - they split up when I was three.

  • You look fantastic! Its a shame about the half sister drama but i suppose theres always 1! 
    Cant get over how gorgeous the bouquets are! 
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    My mum and the bridesmaids headed off in their taxi, and my dad and I got in the car, which was lovely - just a shame the aircon was broken on the hottest day of the year! My dad used to work for the Police and it was quickly established that our driver used to be a policeman so they spent the whole journey talking about a recent local murder, well known local criminals and paedophiles, and coppers they both knew - lovely 🙄🙄They told me they were trying to distract me so I didn't get nervous, but I wasn't nervous at all - after 9 years, a child and a mortgage I had a pretty good idea what I was getting into! It's only a couple of miles from my house to the venue so the journey went pretty fast.

    When I got there my bridesmaid was furiously waving the driver on and it turns out C was outside and she was trying to make him and the best men go in - he didn't see me though! Loads of other guests were also milling about outside, and didn't seem to take the hint that the fact I'd arrived meant they should be in their seats, so the venue manager went to have a word and herd them in! The photographer then took some pics of me and my dad, and the bridesmaids outside, before I went in the back way and upstairs to confirm my details with the registrar, and say hello to my son and my little flower girls who were waiting for me.

    These pics are a mixture of previews from our photographer and a few pics my bridesmaids took - I'll have to pause after this post until my professional pics come through, hopefully in the next week or so. Again, they have uploaded in a random order!

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    You look fantastic! Its a shame about the half sister drama but i suppose theres always 1! 
    Cant get over how gorgeous the bouquets are! 
    Thank you! Yes I was very proud of my flowers :smile:
  • You look beautiful and the flowers are stunning you did such an amazing job.
    I’m sorry the morning was so stressful your half sister sounds a nightmare! Can’t wait to read more 
  • You look gorgeous. Your flowers look fab, so talented. 
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  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Thank you ladies, that's really kind xx
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 303 New bride
    I'm really enjoying reading this so far.

    Your last minute MUA did a great job and that was really decent of her to not charge you extra. 

    Your half-sister sounds like a nightmare. At least she was only there for a few hours.

    Flowers look fab and it looks like your son had an absolute blast! 
  • You look gorgeous!! And you did so amazingly with the flowers!

    That morning sounds stressful but it also sounds like you coped amazingly! 

    Can't wait to see the rest :)
  • Your flowers look incredible! The colours you picked are so beautiful. You look amazing too. I love the dress and accessories you chose.
  • You look beautiful and the flowers are so good, you're very talented! Can't wait to read more. 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Thanks ladies! I will carry on with this, as soon as we get all our pics through from the photographer 😀
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