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Bright & Whimsical Northumberland wedding August 19 report


Man to think I've been on this forum nearly 2 years and now I've been married for 3 weeks!

I don't know where to start - there were things that weren't to plan that I'm still pissed off about but in general it was a lovely day!

So we drove up on the Wednesday (2 days before the wedding) to our rental house (we live in Leeds and my mum lives in mk so long drive for her!) and the house itself was bloody gorgeous! In the country side with gorgeous gardens, it was huge inside, a beautiful farm house. Christ the kitchen 😍

So yeah we managed to pack everything in my mum's car and our rental car just about, so unpacked most of it that we needed at the house and left the decorations in the car. We didn't do a lot on Wednesday to be honest, just took in the huge tesco delivery and had a nice early night. Matty stayed over in the house with us, we had a nice bath together in the GINORMOUS bath in my en suite.

So then Thursday, we drove over to the venue and dropped off all the decorations and wow there was a lot! I met with the manager and went through my INCREDIBLY detailed binder with diagrams, lists, mock ups, all sorts.
Matty then went off to his hotel while my mum, my son and I went back to the house.

So then I got on with the cakes, cutting and filling them. Mattys parents came over in the afternoon to say hello and then they took the cakes to the venue since they were staying at the on site B&B.

My bridesmaids all began arriving around this point - my sister and one of  her partners and my best friend who lives down south as well and hitched a ride. Then she went to pick up one of my other bridesmaids from the train station. Then people started arriving for the evening food get together (my grandma and her partner, a couple family friends, matty and his best man). The point of it was supposed to be so both families could meet properly before the wedding but no one from his side came except him and his bm so that sucked. Then eventually my always late maid of honour and her partner arrived!

We had got far too much food but it was really nice and I had a couple glasses of bubbles 😊

I excused myself around 9 ish and had a bath with 2 of my bridesmaids and relaxed, was in bed by half past and slept like a log!



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    That's just one of the entrances and is about a quarter of the length of the building.

    For anyone getting married in Northumberland I can't recommend this place highly enough. Definitely had the wow factor, slept 10, my room was so big everyone got ready in there with plenty of room to spare. It was really reasonable for how amazing it was too!

    It's called Shellbraes Farm House 
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    Ah balls I probably should have started earlier, I had my hair and nails done a week before the wedding and my nails 2 days before.

  • Righty woo then the big day!

    Let's start with the morning shall we? My mum came to wake me up at 7.30 with a glass of orange juice and a card (I spilled the juice almost immediately) which I cried reading! I got my pjs on and headed downstairs, my mum and 2 of my bridesmaids were up and all hugged me and stuff, one made me a cup of tea, the other kept an OJ+ prosecco in my hand at all times. I had some Greek yoghurt with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and honey but I couldn't even finish that. Not because I was nervous or anything, I'm just not used to eating breakfast.

    So I headed upstairs and started on my hair, curling it. My bridesmaids started filtering in with mirrors and makeup bags etc.

    One of my bridesmaids is absolutely gorgeous like seriously, but she's always totally natural. She has no hair or makeup skills bless her so I did her hair, then a makeup artist came to do her makeup and the lady was so nice and helped me put one of my eyelashes on that was being difficult!

    For once in my entire life, my hair and makeup went exactly as planned! My skin was flawless and my eyes looked huge it was great!

    I got my undies on, was helped into my dress, and had lots of pictures done.

    (Side note: I keep gushing about our photographer. Claire from unscripted photography was the single best decision we made and I couldn't be happier. She was so friendly and everyone was so at ease around her, she was a right laugh. Felt like one of our guests, we had more than one person ask how we knew her because they thought she was a family friend who happened to be a photographer! And the photos are gorgeous of course)
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  • Wedding cars was never something we cared about so my maids all went in a pre booked mini bus, and my mum and I went in a family friends car. I get so car sick and never sit in the back seat. God knows why I decided to on my wedding day. I spent the entire drive over feeling like I was gonna redesign my dress last minute. Horrible feeling. Took about 5 minutes after I got out of the car to feel better again and then I was fine the rest of the day.

    Our photographer was surprised by how chilled the vibe was in the house, a few people noted I was one of the most relaxed brides they'd seen. I have BPD so don't process or regulate emotions a normally so I didn't feel nervous at any point but I also didn't really feel that thrill of excitement? I was looking forward to it but I was just pretty happy to do what I had to do and what have you. I'm a super OTT person so just felt like a slightly more extravagant day for me.

    So anyway we get there, I'm smuggled in the back like the president or something :P my dad came to meet us with my son and niblings. The music started, my bridesmaids went out with the flower babies and then just as my parents and I stepped out - I got a little thrill of excitement!

    I didn't see anything except the aisle tbh until after the ceremony. Literally didn't notice anything around me. Matty was so emotional bless him and so nervous he was shaking. Our son of course wanted to be held the whole time lmao but I liked it that way. My mum and both mattys sisters gave lovely readings and mattys vows were so beautiful. There was a funny moment when I couldn't get mattys ring on because it was such a warm day and he was so nervous but luckily his sweat helped get it on haha!

    I was so happy in that moment, I've never felt happiness like it. Even after having my son there was a lot of complications and pain and hormones, so I was elated but it was confusing. At the wedding it was just so consuming joy.

    We walked back down the aisle to showers of confetti to our prosecco station and started in on the congratulations from our guests and DELICIOUS canapés!
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  • Ps yes I have edited the photos to look skinny,I know it's not subtle but I still prefer them to the reality of how fat I am 🙃
  • My mum kept worrying about people going hungry and trying to get be to move the meal forward but she was the only one hungry because she hadn't eaten for 2 days! Everyone had such a blast during the drinks reception on the bouncy castle, using the polaroids for the photo scavenger hunt (which went down so well I was so pleased!!!) and of course drinking. They all loved the carby canapés and all got involved in the prosecco pimping and glitter station!

    We went to do our couples portraits during this time too and bridesmaid/groomsmen photos, but we didn't really have posed shots otherwise. Anyway strap yourselves in for quite a few pictures!

  • So then we had the meal. Oh my God the food. It was a banquet. There was so much! Platters piled high on every table with more food than anyone could eat. Here's what I can remember off the top of my head:
    Roast beef, grilled chicken, grilled halloumi, salmon and salsa verde, dinner rolls, ciabatta, hummus, baba ganoush, various other dips, Yorkshire puddings and gravy, a regular salad, a beetroot and goats cheese salad grain a salad, a grilled peach, avocado and parmesan salad, garlic and rosemary potatoes, a cheeseboard of local cheeses, fruits... I'm pretty sure there was more but I can't think!
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  • I was really disappointed by the decor. Now seems to be the right place to mention it. The lanterns were supposed to have flowers spilling out, not 4 single buds? And we'd provided so many decorations for the venue and there were entire boxes unopened. The tables looked really bare without all the pillar candles and tea light holders. There was supposed to be a big paper pom pom display as a photo backdrop, instead we got 3 single pom poms spaced out looking very sad... 😬
    Anyone who read my planning thread knows that I'm a totally more is more kinda person and while everyone said it was beautiful, to me it just fell a bit flat.

    ALSO. There was a HUGE marquee blocking the entire courtyard that I wasn't even told about let alone asked about. It was such an eye sore and we couldn't get some of the pictures I wanted... Then again the pictures depended on my gorgeous decorations so 🤷‍♀️
  • The speeches were amazing!
    My dad is not a talker, he takes 10 minutes to tell a 2 minute story usually do I was very surprised! He had like 3 pages prepared, and was very confident and was a lot more emotional than I'd ever dreamed!
    One of my bridesmaids wrote the most beautiful poem for us that made everyone in a 5 mile radius cry.
    My speech went to over very well, people laughed when they were supposed to etc. And the best man speech was great too!

    Afterwards, we cut the cake and served dessert and... PINATA!!

    For our first Christmas together, matty got me a pinata instead of a stocking but no stick or anything so there I was, Christmas morning, 7 months pregnant, beating the crap out of this pinata. I wanted to return the favour so surprised him and he did not need telling twice to punch that MF haha it was great fun! 

    Not much to tell after that, disco and home!
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  • Ooh I never said what was dessert or the cakes!

    The cakes were all gluten free made by me. One was chocolate and salted Caramel, one was lemon drizzle with lemon curd, the other was apple cake with blackberry compote.

    The dessert buffet was also entirely GF - you should've seen one of our coeliacs faces light up!

    We had:
    New York baked cheesecake 
    Giant chocolate Brownie 
    Apple crumble 
    Eton mess 

    All served with choices of ice cream, Berry coulis or custard 😍

    The evening food was cheesy chips but I think only about 10 people could eat them!
  • All so so pretty!
    While I think it all looks gorgeous. I completely get how you feel about it not being enough! I forever feel like that, which is why I always want to just do everything myself!
    The photo of you both with the sunglasses is amazing! If you go into a future band together, there is the album cover right there!
  • Oh my god its all so stunning! I really enjoyed following your planning thread, and it just all came together so incredibly well! 
    I'm sorry to hear the decor wasn't quite up to your expectations, and i know it probably doesn't help but it really does look stunning. 
    I think my favourite has to be how absolutely and completely overjoyed everyone looks in the photos though, you can feel the love spilling out of them!!

    Congratulations on all of it, you really smashed it out the park!/
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    Congratulations, it looks like you had an amazing time. Your decorations look really good, even if they weren't quite what you were expecting. 

    I didn't manage to read your planning thread but I've just finished reading your report and your wedding looks like so much fun! I absolutely love the picture of you and your husband on the bouncy castle and the one of the smashed up pinata.
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    It looks so beautiful and so do you! Congrats!
    I do understand how you feel though, I also gave a detailed list to my venue and some stuff wasn't done how I expected - when you've had a vision in your mind for so long, it's hard to reconcile when the reality isn't quite the same as you imagined x
  • Congratulations! You look beautiful and your wedding looks incredible, so much fun. The love just shines out of the photos. 
  • It does all really look gorgeous and you looked stunning! Congratulations!!
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