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White bridesmaid dresses.

Really struggling to find nice white bridesmaid dresses, and that’s the colour I have my heart set on!

Im planning on buying them from a high street store as I don’t have the budget to get them from a bridal boutique. I’ve looked online and there is a very limited selection of white bridesmaid dresses as you would expect, I’ve looked at some high street bridal dresses and they are too, well, ‘bridal’ if you know what I mean? Plus they’re generally much more expensive than bridesmaid dresses.

Obviously I want my bridesmaids to look amazing but I still want to stand out as the bride, so I want the dresses to be quite different to mine (I’m wearing an off the shoulder fishtail dress).  

Im getting married abroad so something really elegant and a bit Grecian goddess like would look perfect!

Also struggling to find flower girl dresses. I want the biggest fluffiest tulle skirt I can find with a spaghetti strapped top, and it s proving difficult to find. The only place I’ve seen similar is on a few pretty dodgy looking websites that I wouldn’t risk buying from. I’ve looked at high street shops, monsoon, next etc and there’s nothing really grabbing me.

Anyone have any idea where I can find dresses like what I’ve described? Would have to be under £100 per dress

Thanks x


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Try EverPretty, you can buy through Amazon and all their dresses are available in their whole range of colours. Because it's Amazon, returns are easy.
  • Maybe you could get a multi-way bridesmaid dress in white (or slightly off white if they don’t do brilliant white) then tie it to fit your Grecian idea? I’m sure at least some of the companies do them for around 100 or under.
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