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Alterations rough prices and recommendations please

dinky2020dinky2020 Posts: 23 New bride
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I have two dresses (two ceremonies over two days), one from David's Bridal and one Mori Lee. I have collected them both (the second was a sample) and they need a bit of altering, and was planning to use a friend of a friend who does bridal alterations for some of the big stores. But I emailed her for a quote and it would come to as much as the dresses cost!

I was wondering if anyone could give me a rough idea of what they paid recently for the following sorts of alterations, or even better a recommendation for someone good and reasonably priced in London?

Here are the estimates I was given:

dress 1
hemming £340 front only
lining front of sheer lace bodice £280

dress 2
hemming £340 front only
adding detachable off the shoulder lace straps £200
I will probably also need some sort of bustle for this and it's quite floaty tulle

Currently both fit quite well on the top half but I will hopefully lose a little bit of weight!

Thanks in advance 


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    That's crazy money.
    I live in the London commuter belt and paid £250 for:
    Shortening lace applique hem of dress (had to be all unpicked by hand then sewn back on again after hemming).
    Taken in considerably at bust, heavily beaded material.
    Made lace straps from offcuts and sewed on
    Made new corset panel
    Added bustle
    Shortened boning in corset
    3 fittings
    There's no such thing as a bridal seamstress, clothes are clothes, seamstresses are seamstresses - find a good independent one who works from home. The local 'bridal seamstress' shop the bridal shops here recommend would have charged over double what I paid, but then someone needs to pay for their shiny shop and "complimentary" prosecco!
  • Thank you - I thought it was ridiculous too. Also not sure why the title of the thread came up as "Me" - changed it now!
  • I agree with mrsCToBee that’s crazy money.
    I paid £255 for: Straps to be added, bustle added, shortening the length and it was taking in most places - bust, bum, waist and mine too was heavily laced and beaded over the course of 3 fittings.  
    She was a ‘bridal seamstress’ if you will and was recommended by the shop I bought my dress from. She’s based in Eastbourne so not too far from London. 
  • Autumnbride19Autumnbride19 Posts: 70 New bride
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    That's crazy! I've had an insane amount done to my dress as I essentially changed the top and it came to £370

    - Bustle
    - Massive amount of taking in around the bodice (I had to buy to fit my hips but means that it was massive on top)
    - Added a removable hoop
    - Belt to be sewn on
    - I changed my dress from sitting on the shoulders to being a bardot. With the back of my dress and the amount of lace this was a mammoth undertaking.

    I didn't need hemming but lady said if I had would have been £70-90.

    I would look elsewhere for sure. I'm not sure how far Eltham is for you but 'The Sewing Room's' there are great! I'm based in North London and it's a bit of a trek but worth it (was where my dress shop recommended) and is only 20 minutes from London Bridge.
  • Thanks all. And thanks @Autumnbride19 for the recommendation. I'm in the City so wouldn't be too hard to get there but I don't really fancy lugging the dresses around on the train! 

    The dresses are currently with family, and other easy areas to get them dropped to (by car!) are Harrow/Watford area and Coventry, where I go frequently, if anyone has any recommendations in either of those areas!
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