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‘Rustic chic’ in the South Downs - October 2020/2021



  • I'm asking my girls to do their own, tbh i never really considered paying for it because its SO expensive, and they will have all morning so it isn't like they have to try and rush a good job. I think for luxuries like that, it isn't unreasonable at all to ask them to either DIY or fund it themselves if they really want it. 
  • I think it's fine to ask them to pay or to do it themselves. I was BM for one of my best friends last year and we did our own make-up, she just paid for our dress.
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    Ah thanks ladies, that's good to hear! It will also help massively with the timings - the ceremony is quite early at 1pm and we need to travel to the venue (only 10mins drive but still). I've just managed to secure the booking, which I'm pleased about as that's another thing to tick off the list.
    Next on the list is the florist - I've found two I like and just trying to arrange to go down to Sussex in the next few weeks to meet them with my mum (who is far more interested in the flowers than J unsurprisingly).
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 303 New bride
    Ooh, your Europe trip sounds like a lovely wee break. The half marathon sounds like my idea of a nightmare though! 

    I am paying for make-up for my bridesmaids but I'm paying £190 for the 3 of us, including a trial for me... so less than you're paying just for you! I don't think there's anything wrong with asking them to do their own or to pay for their own MUA if they desperately want someone else to do it for them.
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    Well the MUA is now booked, and we have our first meeting with a florist in a couple of weeks which I'm actually really looking forward to.
    In the meantime I'm getting overexcited on Etsy - I told myself that I wouldn't start buying any wedding 'stuff' until after Christmas as we live in a one-bedroom flat in London and have nowhere to put any of it, but I am about to buy this map of the Alps to be our table plan. One of the first things we decided about the wedding was that we will be naming our tables after ski resorts we've been to, as we are ski fanatics and got engaged in Morzine. So this should be perfect, as almost all the resorts we need are on there (bar one obscure Austrian village :D ) and we'll put it up on our wall after the wedding. I think we're going to need it in the A1 size through, which seems massive but otherwise we might not get eight/nine lists around the edge of map with the names big enough to read....

  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    edited November 2019
    Aha we have so many things in common! What a lovely idea to use a Devon version - I'll be so interested to see it and see how many of your favourite places I know. While I was growing up I lived in Dartmouth, Totnes, Brixham and Bishopsteignton... I love living in London/Surrey but I do miss lovely Devon!
    My next idea re the skiing table theme is to try to source postcard sized prints of retro style ski posters for all our resorts, and either frame them or use a holder to display on each table. I've been scouring Etsy and I think I'm going to have to get them personalised because while Morzine, Tignes, Val D'isere etc are easy to find, the likes of Ellmau and Stubai in Austria are not and we can't leave them out!
  • I love your ski themed table plans! 

    I got engaged in Zermatt, and we spend our winters skiing down mountains and summers cycling up them so similarly are naming out tables after different mountains where we’ve either been skiing or cycling!

    If you haven’t already brought it, then another ski map to check out is this one which includes all ski resorts in Europe so may well include the Austrian ones you’re looking for (I’ve similarly been to some pretty obscure ones there!). Although these maps may be a bit too geeky for wedding decor purposes- we have the big Europe one up at home 😊

  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    Ahhh I’ve seen these maps - they’re great, but we’re planning to frame it for our wall at home after the wedding and preferred the look of the blue one for this. 
    Love hearing about other people who got engaged on the slopes. Zermatt is high on my ski bucket list! 
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    So we are now on to the next tough vendor decision - choosing the florist. My mum and I went down to Sussex last week to meet two and we now have their quotes back and they are pretty comparable. Both were lovely and seemed to totally understand my vision, and what we wanted to create, and there's not a lot to split them to be honest, other than one florist is a recommended supplier for my venue and the other isn't (but has done weddings there plenty of times). Any advice for how to choose a florist - any 'deciding factors' that you've found useful? I don't really want to start looking at others because there are SO many that look great and if I'm not careful I'll end up down the same wormhole as with my dress and the band, getting obsessed and stressed because I've overloaded myself with choice....
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    I have also made a start on DIY-ing table decs using the mountain of empty chipotle/harissa paste jars that we’re saving in a corner of our kitchen (we love to cook and get through many of these). It’s the simplest diy task ever, but I am such an un-crafty person that I’m actually quite proud 😅 
    10 of these bad boys down - approx 30 to go! 

  • The candles look lovely! I'm afraid I can't give any recommendations re. the florist - we (and by we, I mean me) will be doing all our flowers ourselves. Sorry!
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    Ahh you're braver than me! I've seen lots of people who are doing flowers themselves, and I love the idea but I can barely keep a bunch of flowers alive in my flat for more than a day so not one for me!
  • Haha I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can pull it off! The cost of florists makes me want to CRY so I feel like I'm just going to have to make it work DIY haha
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    We’ve FINALLY made a decision on the florist! I’m actually laughing out loud at myself and how long it took me to officially pick the one I knew deep down I would choose right from the start.. Anyway, we have gone with Rococo and I’m very excited. They were slightly more expensive than the other we met with but me and my mum agreed that we felt more comfortable with a florist that knew the venue super well and was based very close, rather than one an hour away who hadn’t worked at our venue in a year or two. So that’s probably our final ‘biggie’ to have ticked off the list! 
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    As soon as I typed that I realised that isn’t really true at all - we still have lots of big things to sort, like invitations, cake, suits, bridesmaids dresses etc, but having the venue, catering, dress, band, photographer and florist sorted 10 months out seems like a pretty decent achievement! 
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    It looks as though we are close to getting our 'daytime' musicians booked! When we started planning, J and I both decided that after the venue and food, the music was our next big priority. J used to be in quite a successful band and we are both very into music, and we wanted as much of it live as possible. We booked our band, Brando, back in the summer, which I'm very excited about, but I have always wanted strings for the ceremony. I'll be walking down the aisle to Can't Help Falling In Love, which has been my favorite love song since I was about 12, and makes me cry when I hear it played on strings. It sort of sums up me and J too - we weren't really the sort of pair who you'd expect to be together on paper, or at least we weren't when we met 11 yrs ago, but I just couldn't help falling for him, even though he was nothing like the guy I imagined myself being with back then. Anyway, although string duos turned out to be more pricey than we though, we have found one who will give us quite a hefty discount for it being midweek :-)
    We have also been thinking about music for our drinks reception. This is going to be on the long side at almost 2hrs, and we wanted to make sure our guests were suitably entertained. J wasn't keen on having the strings play again at this point, and last year he stumbled across a singer-songwriter playing in a pub in London, and actually called me at 2am on his way home to wax lyrical about this guy and how he wanted to ask him to play at the wedding.
    I was dubious, but we went to one of his gigs in November, and he's brilliant! Very Ed Sheeran-like in that he loops his music and sort of live-records it, which is amazing to watch and listen to. We chatted to him afterwardsn and he said he would love to do our wedding, for not that much money. So it looks as though we're going to book him and we are both super excited, especially J.
    Question though, how do people feel about a musician playing a mixture of his own songs as well as covers during a drinks reception?? I feel that as it's more background music, rather than designed to get people dancing, no one will mind if they don't know every song, and his own stuff is pretty catchy...
    I feel as though it's SO indulgent to have three different live acts, but as we have managed to get great deals on all of them, I think we can justify it... just!
  • All the live music sounds so great!! It creates such a lovely atmosphere, and i completely agree that if hes signing a few of his own bits people will still enjoy listening as they're milling around! I think its a lovely break, and actually as people wont know them they'll be keeping an ear out more to see what they do and don't know. 
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 303 New bride
    That all sounds lovely. I completely agree that the guy performing his own songs won't be an issue if it's just background music for the drinks reception. It is a bit indulgent having 3 separate acts but it's your wedding day and it's an aspect that's meaningful to you as a couple so go for it! Can't help falling in love is a beautiful song. 
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    Thanks ladies, that's good to hear. We've now got this guy and the strings booked - yay!
    On the flip side we have decided we are going to have to let go of the other majorly 'indugent' aspect of the wedding, which was hiring a Aston Martin. J works in the motor industry and is a MASSIVE classic car fan. I love vintage cars too, and we also both love James Bond, and always said we would have a silver Aston Martin DB6 for our wedding day. We did a load of research and although of course a DB6 is extortionate, we have found a few nice DB7s that are self-drive in the area. The snag... the cost is still roughly 1k for 48 hours. The ridiculous thing is we don't even 'need' a car as our day will all be in one place - it would be for J to drive down and arrive in, and then we would go for a drive together after the ceremony and make a grand entrance in it to the drinks reception. We kept putting off committing to it because we felt so uncomfortable about the cost, but unable to let go of the dream! However, we have to be realistic and sensible about some things I suppose, so we have bitten the bullet and written it out of the budget. J is now focusing on getting his own neglected sports car up and running so we can do the same thing with that. It won't be as photogenic or have quite the same impact as an Aston, but I guess in a way it'll be more personal as J has had this car for years and everyone knows we (I) have a bit of a love-hate relationship with it ;-)
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    Happy new year ladies! (almost) Anyone else excited and freaking out in equal parts about the prospect of getting married 'this' year? I can't wait to marry J, but still feel as though I'm not enough of a grown-up to be actually getting married... I'm nearly 30 - I definitely am, but part of me still feels about 19!
    Anyway, we have now started planning our Scotland minimoon, which is turning into a week-long trip so not that mini anymore... we are planning to go skiing in Canada in March 2021 as our 'proper' honeymoon, but super excited to get away for a week just after the wedding too. I went to Edinburgh once as a teenager but other than that neither of us have been to Scotland. Any Scottish brides on here? Or anyone with good knowledge of the Isle of Skye and the Highlands? Our initial plan is to fly Gatwick-Glasgow two days after the wedding, stay one night in Glasgow then collect a hire car and drive up via Glencoe to the Isle of Skye (long way in a day I realise). We really want to find 'the spot' from Skyfall as we are big James Bond fans! Then, 4 nights/3 full days on Skye - we want to basically hole up in a remote, luxury cottage with a log burner and big windows and just drink wine/watch sunsets/hike :)
    We will have two/three days left after this, and J is really set on driving at least part of the PENIS287 route that Clarkson and co did on the Grand Tour, which would take us up the coast from Skye to Ullapool and Scourie, then back across to the east coast and down to Inverness, where we will fly home from.
    We'd really be packing it in and doing lots of driving, but we do love a road trip! Would love any advice anyone has on the best, most beautiful area to stay on Skye, and anywhere else that we shouldn't miss. We would love to get all the way up to the north coast and drive all the way to Thurso and down, but I just don't think we will have enough days sadly!
  • GallaGalla Posts: 112 New bride
    I’m a Scottish bride and don’t know Skye personally myself, but I know what bit you mean. My brother proposed to my sister in law there at the fairypools, it really is beautiful 
  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,476 New bride
    That sounds like a stunning trip! Lovely to be able to make the most of visiting as much as you can!
    Know what you mean about the "this year" panic! Its scary how fast everytthing seems to go the closer you get.
  • Pisces91Pisces91 Posts: 216 New bride
    Just caught up on your thread - your dress is absolutely gorgeous! I'm quite jealous. x
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    Aww thank you @Pisces91!
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    We’ve booked our Scotland minimoon! Or the Isle of Skye part of it at least :) we will be staying in this amazing little remote cabin on the west of Skye for four nights - so excited! 

  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,476 New bride
    That looks gorgeous!! What a lovely find! 
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 223 New bride
    Thanks! I actually came across it on the Airbnb Instagram (which I'm constantly saving posts from ha) and realised it was one of the places I had seen while searching but not properly looked at.
    We re-watched the Grand Tour episode where they do the road trip we're planning the other night, and it's made me so excited. On the show they start off doing the north coast 500 route and then decided just to cut across the middle of the highlands and renamed their route "Piloting Extremely Nicely In Scotland 287". Just need to book a hotel/Airbnb for that part of the trip now, which will be a couple of nights.
    Also, back on the wedding front, we need to get on the case with invitations as I think we are going to send them out at the start of March. One of my work friends is going to do them for us, which is great,  but I'm looking for a nice graphic she can use on them as the flowery one we had on our save the dates was nice but a bit too pink for my liking really. My mum is an artist so I'm debating asking her if she can draw/paint something for us to use as I'm finding it hard to find burgundy-based designs online which don't include pink for some reason.
    I also can't decide on the wording for them - this is one area in which I am fairly traditional, and I'd like to include our parents names on them as they are contributing to the budget. However, they are not 'hosting' the wedding so I don't want the invite to be 'from' them in the traditional sense. I also don't want it to seem too formal as it's a barn venue after all and not the most formal of days. Going round in circles here!
  • Hullass1972Hullass1972 Posts: 606 New bride
    I think the wording "Along with their parents, XXX & XXX invite...." etc etc is probably the most used for that situation. Includes your parents, but also states that it's you doing the inviting.
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 303 New bride
    That looks beautiful! Remember to pack your waterproofs! :) 
  • ClareBClareB Posts: 88 New bride
    Cabin looks amazing!

    We used 'together with their families, x & x invite you..' on our invites.

    For the floral image - have you tried editing an existing image? We found a graphic we liked for our invites / save the dates on etsy and asked the woman who produced it to edit the colours to match our theme. Pretty basic image editing software should also be able to do it - we've used Gravit but you could even use Paint!
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