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Wedding favours?

Been deliberating over wedding favours and I'd be grateful for some feedback from strangers (bridesmaid team might be being polite and also, they don't know all the details!)

We're doing a festival style weekend wedding with on-site accommodation. In each tent, we're giving guests a little goodie bag - bottle of cava to share with everyone in said tent, eye mask, glow sticks, paracetamol, chewing gum and possibly ear plugs.

There are lots of guests who aren't camping, and we're thinking of having fabric wristbands on tables for each guest. The wristband will have a festival design and say our names and #wedival2020 on it, which we've been loosely/ironically throwing around as a hashtag for the wedding. 

We've got lots of personal touches throughout the wedding as that's very much what we want it to feel like. The whole wedding is very DIY.

The wristbands will come to about £126. If you were a guest, would you think it's a nice touch, or not worth it?

Also, if you have any ideas for other affordable, nice additions to the goodie bag, that would be grand, cheers!


  • I think the wristbands sound a really cool idea.  So if I went to a wedding I would think it’s a nice touch.  For the goodie bag how about some hand wipes or sanitiser.  I know it’s a bit practical but you can get some quirky ones such as unicorn branding etc.  If camping would be very useful.  I know plastic bottles aren’t good but maybe some kind of water container with cups might also be good in the goody bags to go with the paracetamol 
  • Thanks for the reply :) Hand wipes is a good one too! Thank you 
  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,380 New bride
    The wristbands sound cool! Its a nice little memento for people to keep afterwards too, without it being something that clogs up a drawer at home. 
  • hello169hello169 Posts: 6 New bride
    I love this idea! I think it sounds really fun and it lets your non-camping guests feel included in the personalised gifting. It's also a fun way to acknowledge your theme. Might I also suggest perhaps custom stick on tattoos, glow sticks, and maybe some black lighting at some point during your party? Have you heard of la hora loca? Perhaps you can build off of that idea to really get the party going.
    All the best for a successful event!

    xx Christina
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