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Anyone get married in chiffon??

Hi everyone,

Did anyone get married in a dress made of chiffon-ey type material? I have had my eye on a lovely Benjamin Roberts dress which has a chiffon overlay and a delicate chiffon train.

Problem is I went to try on some more dresses and the women in the shop (both witches!) completely slated my choice, going on and on and on about how unflattering it is, how I cant even put on a cm of weight and how it will get ripped to shreds on the day.

So, did anyone wear this type of dress? Did you fit in it?! Did it get ruined?! Shall I tell the nasty women in the shop to b****r off!!


  • hi tapanga. i'm not yet married but have ordered a chiffon dress. my guess is that the chiffon dress is maybe not quite as expensive as the other dresses...i found my dress very flattering. tell em to b****r off and stick to your guns!
  • Hiya, I wore a chiffon dress (am about to put a link up to photos if you want to have a look). It didn't get ripped and there was no problem fitting in it - I don't see why putting on weight would be any more of a problem than in a dress of any other material. If anything its floatiness hides all manner of sins (although I suppose it clings at the hips).

    Wear exactly what you want. Do you have a link to the dress?
  • JACLYNukJACLYNuk Posts: 84
    Hi mine was chiffon type material. It was a satin dress with a complete shiffon coat type thing over the top trim all over with lace it was very very delicate on the train cause it detached from the main dress. But it sat perfectly i couldnt have been happier or more chuffed with my choice.

    I dont know about you as well im a size 14 and the chiffon seemed to suit me better.

    If you wish to look at my dress it was an essence design D560, and it wasnt cheap it was the dearest i looked at it was £1000 plus alterations. xx
  • frandodsonfrandodson Posts: 487
    I also had an Essense dress with a chiffon overlay. I'm a size 14 and it was the most flattering dress i put on. It didnt get damaged, think i found just 1 pull on it at the bottom which i expected but thats it.

    Go for whatever you want and feel best in
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