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chocolate fountains - west midlands


Does anyone have a good contact for a choc fountain hire...? We're getting married in Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham


Vicky xx



    They are all advertising in my West Midlands Wedding planning book.

    Whereabouts in Sutton coldfield are you marrying. I looked at Ramada on Penns lane which is beautiful, just a little out of my budget.
  • Hi both,

    I am a west midlands bride too. Getting married at Hogarths in Dorrige. Have a look at if you want. I know sutton coldfield really well, what are your dates?

    Sally x
  • Hi,

    My friend had a choc fountain at her wedding a few weeks ago so when she's back from her Honeymoon I'll ask her who supplied it. Her wedding reception was in West Bromwich.

    I'm a West Mids bride as well. Getting married in Birmingham (Bournville) next Sep.
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    hogarths looks really lovely sally. i used to live in sutton coldfield but im getting married in the cotswolds so some of the birmingham suppliers would be good for me. does anyone have a good photogrpaher sorted? my venue is
  • Future Mrs L,

    I work in Bournville, where is your venue? I know of people who have got married at Rowheath Pavillion is it there?

  • Hey Sally,

    No, although we did look at Rowheath as a possible venue. Getting married at St Francis church on Linden Road, then having our reception at Hornton Grange, on Edgbaston Park Road.

    Good to find other B'ham based brides on the website. Your venue looks fab btw.
  • Yes, i was wondering where all us brummy brides were!! LOL
  • Thanks for the contacts Dual - I'll try them out! I sampled a 'fundoo' choccie fountain the other day at a wedding fair - yum yum very tasty Belgian choc!!

    I went to a wedding in the Cotswolds the other day, it was gorgeous!

    We are getting married in LIchfield then having a reception at New Hall in Sutton Coldfield - the website is, which is a lovely venue so now we are saving desperately to try and pay for it!

    Sparkler, We looked at several photographers - Sally Wood Photography in Sutton is very good, and some friends of mine used her (but quite pricey). We are using 'Treasured Forever' in Walsall they aren't affiliated to any associations like MPA but they seem pretty decent, well-priced and we liked the variety of styles they offered and albums when we went to visit them and see their work. Plus you get two photographers (hubby and wife) rather than the one which means more proofs and less standing around! website is

    Vicky x

  • i wanted a chocolate fountain then decided against it, as i have a four year old daughter....and my friends have children whom will be coming and OMG it would be madness chocolate everywhere fingerprints on my
  • yea there are brummie brides on here x
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