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Can anyone tell me the price of this Suzanne Neville dress?

Hi ladies! I love this dress by Suzanne Neville so much. It's so glam and elegant at the same time. Does anyone know how much it is?

It's called Seville.


  • clarksukclarksuk Posts: 1,635


    I am having a Suzanne Neville dress aswell.

    I think from memory Seville is about £3,500.

  • bevan1982bevan1982 Posts: 813
    Thanks! I love Suzanne Neville dresses. Which one are you having? I tried on Manhattan too which was a bit cheaper- looked nothing at first but the lady in the shop added a diamonte broach and it was amazing how much it transformed the dress!
  • clarksukclarksuk Posts: 1,635
    I am having Manhattan. When I first seen it i thought I wouldnt like it but when its on, it just suits me. I'm having some additional detail on the dress aswell. The same as the brooch on Rio.

    Thought i would go for something quite full but it just goes to show you, how you go for the opposite. x
  • bevan1982bevan1982 Posts: 813
    I know! I thought I'd go for something full, but am changing my mind as I feel frumpy in them! I've got Manhattan in my favourites tucked away in a folder- it's very elegant!
  • clarksukclarksuk Posts: 1,635

    when are you gettig married? I'm next May 24thx
  • vix22vix22 Posts: 28
    i'm having the manhatten dress, i wouldn't have choosen it straight away but when i tried it on i felt amazing in it, i can't wait to wear it on the day.

    I'm not having any extras on it as i think it'd spoil the look, i'm just going to have sparkle in the way of my veil and jewellery. Although i understand what your saying, i didn't want any thing too fussy.
  • I'm having Manhattan too! I didn't notice it in the shop and the assistant suggested I try it on and when I did wow, I loved it! Nothing felt the same! I'm not having any extras either, just currently deliberating over what jewellery to wear with it (and I get married in just over 8 weeks!)

    Vix22 - when are you getting married?

    Hannah x
  • vix22vix22 Posts: 28
    hey hannah,

    im getting married in december, so i've got a bit longer than you to wait, before i can wear it! I'm having a long veil with diamonte bits in it and i think i may just have a chunky (ish) sparkley bracelet, i don't want to draw too much away from my dress!

    hope you find the perfect jewellery to go with such a perfect dress.

    It seems really weird other people have choosen the same dress, as its not really shown properly on her web site, its a relief knowing that other people find it just as nice, and also very nervous about spending that much money!! H2b would have a fit if he know how much, although i'm sure he'd change his mind once he sees it. x
  • Hi Vix,

    A winter December wedding will be lovely! Your veil sounds gorgeous. Mine is long, it hasn't got any sparke but has got a lovely edging around it. I'm with you on the jewellery, I want to keep it understated so as not to take anything away from the dress. Keep changing my mind about whether to wear a necklace or not!

    It is a lot of money but it will be worth it as we will feel amazing and I'm sure our H2B's will love it!

    I really struggled to find good photos of the dress but I have a couple of good ones that I took of the dress when it was in the window of the shop I bought it from. If you'd like them, let me know and I can email them to you. x

  • bevan1982bevan1982 Posts: 813
    Hi ladies! Haven't logged on for a few days and have only just read your replies. You are really lucky having Manhattan as your wedding dress- it is stunning! Sammy Joe- I get married May 23rd but 2009 not next year. I can't wait- trying to hold out on buying my dress too soon, but it's proving difficult as I'm quite an organised person (suppose I have to be being a teacher LOL!!!) I already have the church, venue, photographer, videographer, chair covers and cars booked! Trying to calm it with the spending for now!
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