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Help with Assignment No.3 please!!!


I've posted this in the general chat threads, but thought I might be able to get more help here?!?!

I'm currently studying for my diploma in wedding planning, but am also planning my own wedding.

I have posted before, asking for help on a previous assignment, but I have another quick question.

I need to right about the benefits of marrying in a registry office and then having a reception in a venue somewhere, but also to write about the benefits of having the civil ceremony and reception in one venue.

As I'm planning on getting married in a church, there's only so much I can write about, which is why I need the exoerience or advice from brides or B's2B. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance

Julie xxx


  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    I had a civil ceremony and reception all in the same place so could give you some info no worries.

    What sort of thing do you need to know?

    Liz X
  • Jules1981Jules1981 Posts: 163
    Oh, thank you!

    I was just wondering what may have made your day better than having a ceremony in a different place.

    I'm not sure if i've worded myself correctly there, but my 'scenario' is that I have to give a couple advice on their options for their day and I would like to list the pro's and con's for holding the ceremony and reception in the same place, then holding them in seperate places.

    Thanks again for any advice you may have x
  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    Oh I see, let me have a ponder.

    I think the big plus point for having everything in one place was that we got to get married in a beautiful place. We're not religious so didn't want to get married in church but equally I did not want to get married in the conference room of our local council offices (which is what the registry office nearest us is like). So we hunted for the nicest licensed venue we could which meant we got to have a fabulous ceremony in a place with all the grace and beauty of a church but without the religious espect that we didn't want.

    There are some good "pros" for a civil ceremony generarlly as well, for us it was the lack of religious content, the freedom it gives (we wrote our own vows etc) and the ease with which the ceremony can be personalised with readings, music etc. From some of the posts I've read on this site before I understand that some ministers can be on the "sticky" side with regards to what you can have so that was a real bonus for us.

    Um, you asked specifically for benefits of having it all in the same place which is a bit harder!

    On a superficial level you can save yourself a bit of money e.g. no cars, no church flowers, no church fees (although the fees for the registrar to travel to your venue are quite a lot and so this particular one probably balances out).

    On a less superficial note it makes for some very relaxed guests, no one has to worry about finding the reception venue.

    It was nice to have everything handled in the one place. Our venue had a wedding co-ordinator lady who made sure everything worked together and co-ordinated photographer, videographer, registrars as and when they showed up.

    It was also really nice to get ready in the bridal suite at the venue, then make my grand entrance down the staircase with no hassle about travelling, cars, inclement weather etc.

    Hmm, that's all I can think of at the moment.

    Does it help?

    Liz X
  • Jules1981Jules1981 Posts: 163
    Thank you so much, I have certainly taken what you have said and added a few to my assignment which has helped a lot as this query was the last thing I needed to do. I have now emailed my assignment to my tutor, so I just have to wait now!!

    Thanks again x
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