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12th April

Hi im new here and am getting married on the 12th April 2008 in Middlesbrough. I cant wait and thought i would be able to use this site to get advice and hopefully relax a little.

I have booked my date with the church and have got my dress, having a bit of a problem deciding on a reception venue, we do have the option to use the church hall however it would mean having to apply for an alcohol liscence and look for someone who has a portable bar. Has anyone done this before or heard of it before? if so could i have some adveice please??? thankyou hope to hear from peopkle soon


  • Hi lilme. Welcome to the site! I am getting married on the same day as you in Leicester. We are having our reception in the church hall next door - we loved the idea of keeping everyone in one place and noone having to drive anywhere. Luckily, our hall has a bar but I am sure that you can hire a portable bar, and i read earlier today that they usually sort out the license too. Good luck with your plans and here's to hoping for good weather April next year!
  • lilmeuklilmeuk Posts: 161
    thanks for the reply jessie99 its nice to know someoneelse is having there reception in the church hall, alot of my friends arenmt keen on the idea. and yes heres hoping to good weather
  • i know what you mean - I've had a big problem with my dad about it. i think he is disappointed as he feels like it is his responsibility to put on a "good show" but i am so much keener on a moer informal party - and spending a bit more on food and drink that we could have otherwise. I'm sure we'll prove them all wrong and have lovely days! x
  • hi everyone, just thought i'd butt in and say im getting married on the 12th april too! im having my reception in a hotel so i cant help xx
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    thats ok annalou22 its nice 2 know there r others tho who r getting married on the same day as me. i hope u have a mice day aswell i will be thinking of you both x x
  • Katza84Katza84 Posts: 787
    just wanted to add myself to the april 12th list too...woohoo for april 12th!
  • memaukmemauk Posts: 656
    i'm a 12th april to and can't wait
  • lilmeuklilmeuk Posts: 161
    ooh more people i love it
  • 12th april seems so far away! i wana get married now!!! xx
  • lilmeuklilmeuk Posts: 161
    nooo i havent got half the stuff i need and if i get maried now i would panic lol. where r u getting married?? what have u got sorted??
  • Can you believe, it's only 7 months til the big day!!

    We are getting married at a House For An Art Lover, in Glasgow. The ceremony and the reception are both there, so we don't need to worry about a separate venue. I went to try my dress on again at the weekend, which brought it all so much closer.

    Hope you are all enjoying the planning. We need to sort out favours and invitations, as well as day time music. Other than that, feeling fairly organised, though there are probably 101 things I should have done already! (o;

  • lilmeuklilmeuk Posts: 161
    7 months is to soon lol no i cant wait. Hiaving a bit of trouble with the shop i am getting my dress from but apart from that i am ok.
  • hi lilme

    I'm in middlesbrough, got married in July - just thought i'd say hi, good luck for your wedding
  • lilmeuklilmeuk Posts: 161
    thanks mrs (stresshead) where bouts in middlesbrough u from?? where was the wedding? got any pics?
  • Just thought i would add myself to the 12th april list-yay!
  • natjonnatjon Posts: 357
    Hello to all fellow 12th April 2008 Brides , only 216 days to go !!
  • hi all, just a quick question, when are you going to send out your invites? im abit worried about sending them out over xmas incase they get lost xx
  • natjonnatjon Posts: 357
    H2B wants to send them out before xmas , I want to send them out in the new year still debating this one !!
  • lilmeuklilmeuk Posts: 161
    inm sendinh mine out at the end oif january xx Porkybug and missmonnier welcome ooh iots just great lol
  • memaukmemauk Posts: 656
    we are sending ours out in november, mil is doing table plan and she lives 180 miles away so we need plenty of time to get rsvp give her names of who's said yes, so she can do it so we can collect it at easter (3 weeks before the big day) and then get it to venue 3 days before the day as they want everything there 3 days before.
  • hi mema i was thinking about sending ours in nov and have a rsvp date of mid dec xx
  • hi lilme

    Sorry just got back on PC, we got married in St cuthberts church at marton (where pic was) & had our reception at the Wainstones Hotel, in Great broughton, july this year, it was a superb day I just wish we could do it all again xx

    Hope all your plans are going well xx
  • lilmeuklilmeuk Posts: 161
    i used to go to st cuthberts when i was in the guides there, its such a beutiful church. plans were going well until the place i am gettimg my dress from started to mess me abt
  • oh dear - where are you getting it from ? I got mine from laura day on linthorpe road they were fabulous. where are you getting married then ? Its all exiting stuff xx
  • lilmeuklilmeuk Posts: 161
    im getting mine from pricipia in the dundas arcade but they have had the bailiffs in beause the owner hasnt paid rent or summat so bailiffs were ther the other day and took suit. Im getting married at st oswalds in grove hill
  • Oh yes i know it - i looked at a dress there, hope they get it sorted, the shop has been there for years so i am sure it will all be fine. Nice church to get married in, will soon come round - bet you are so exited, wish i could do it all again

    Good luck xx
  • lilmeuklilmeuk Posts: 161
    i cant wait my belly gets butterflies everytime i go into the church now. just the planning can get really stressfull, especially becos my mum wont have anything to do with it and my dad is in brighton so i have 2 keep asking h2b's family for advice and ask them to come with me when i am looking at things
  • It will soon come round. try not to stress too much tho - when the day comes you will wonder why you did, everything just seems to fall into place, i didnt worry once on the day just enjoyed the whole experience & tried to make it last as it goes so quick.

    Hope you get everything sorted with family.
  • Hello to all the people getting married on 12th April - me too! I have a church, reception venue and dress - am I behind? Have spent ages thinking about colours for the bridesmaids....
  • natjonnatjon Posts: 357
    Welcome Sarah246 , You have about the same as me however I 've got BM dresses but having second thoughts about them ? . I was having problems thinking of colour theme then thought Spring wedding so gone for green x
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