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Who can get married in a cathedral


This sounds like a dumb question but does anyone know who can get married in a cathedral?!:\?


  • i think it varies. the sheffield site seems to suggest that they have the same rules as any other CofE church (ie if you live there you can probably get married there) but I think there are some which have exceptions. e.g. christ church cathedral in oxford has special rules for just about everything because it's in the college, and st pauls cathedral has rules about who can get married there and i think one of the couple or their parents has to be an OBE or similar... i would get in touch with the cathedral you're interested in image
  • depends on the cathedral - some only allow members of the cathedral i.e staff/family members of staff/regular congregation/former choristers but contact the cathedral and ask

  • Gem

    Which area are you from?

    Manchester Cathedral, which is fab has no restrictions as far as I know.

    Have photographed one wedding there and the couple were from out of town.
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