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Buying Wedding Rings In Ayia Napa


Looking for some help! Getting married in Ayia Napa next july and trying to make some decisions about buying our wedding rings when we arrive in resort. I've been lucky enough to enjoy some fantastic holidays in Ayia Napa before and have looked at some of the jewellery available to buy. We were thinking about buying our rings there as we thought it would be a nice touch buying our rings in the country we were marrying in and a special keepsake but I was worring about trying to match the colour to my engagement ring also didn't know which shop would be the best to go to. We are there for over a week before we get married so I guess that would be enough time to choose and get any adjustments done!! Any advice or ideas would be great.


Sharon x


  • wedcowedco Posts: 268
    Hi Sharon,

    I can highly recommend Melekis in Deryneia, they have some beautiful rings and I'm sure you wont have any problems matching the colour up with your engagement ring.

    Kerry x
  • Hi Sharon

    I asked the exact same question as you a couple of months ago. We are getting married May 08 in Ayia Napa and we are going to buy our wedding rings there.

    Kerry74 do Melekis have a website and could we order them before we go so they are ready to pick up when we get there? We are only there four days before we get married and that includes the weekend.
  • nikki_kuknikki_kuk Posts: 351

    I'm also thinking of getting our weddings rings in Cyprus, think it would just be a nice finishing touch, have a look at his site, they have some gorgeous rings!!
  • Thanks Nikki

    That's great, I will e-mail them about wedding bands.
  • Thanks a million girls for your help!!! I think we all have the same opinion.....wait to be get there as nice touch for our weddings in cyprus!!
  • I two would recomend melekkis and I think you will find if you contact them they will pick you up from your hotel and take you to their shop
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