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cutting back even more on an already cut back budget!!!!!!!!


Well I had a bit of a panic last night..... unfortunately h2b had one too many and was in no fit state to discuss anything!!!! Bit of a sore head today...bless him!

We've budgeted our wedding at 10k with a 4k honeymoon. Catering for evening and night (including the hotel fees) will be around 5 to 6k depending on numbers. My parents are covering this; however, that still leaves us with little over a year to find 8 to 9k to pay for everything else and the honeymoon.

I've made my own stationery and favours. My Mam's making the cake, family friends are doing the video and photographs. My cousin is covering the cost of flowers. We're not having wedding cars and really we're not going ott with the wedding clothes. I'm ordering bridesmaid dresses from America, gents' suits online for £55 and I've got a max budget of £600 for my dress. We're not having expensive jewellery or shoes or accessories. We are currently in the process of booking the band, which at £1,400 will be the most expensive single thing (we really want this though and the one place I could make a cut back is the one place I really don't want to!!!!!!!)

I just don't know where else I can cut back. Can someone help with ideas please??!!

Trouble is I'm doing a PGCE at the moment and although I get paid a bursary, I've completely overestimated how much of that bursary we can actually save. We're moving house in November so that's going to eat into part of the original budget and everyday living is just so much more expensive than I had planned it to be!!!

I would appreciate any ideas! Thanks in advance!



  • Hi Cathy,

    Probably not what you want to hear but why have such an expensive honeymoon?? I'm sure it's fabulous and exotic and the holiday of your dreams but it's an awful lot of money too...

    I would be tempted to go for something closer to home but just as romantic - Paris, Venice, somewhere that means a lot to you both - and then save the 'biggie' till your 1st anniversary. I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot more if you know you can afford it!!!

    Sonya. x.
  • DeborahtDeboraht Posts: 2,882
    I know how you feel, we are planning to have a budget of 10k, and it does seem a little scary thinking about it. We dont get married til May 08 so got a bit of time. We have my aunt making the cake, h2b cousin works for suit hire company so getiing mens suits 75% off, no cars like you, flower girl dresses from matalan £16, but we really want a live band too! And they charge. The other things I have thought about to say money are seeing if the local college has hair/beauty students avaliable to do that side of things, I just want tulips for my flowers so hope they wont be too expensive. On the un-wedding side of things how about savings such as buying fruit/veg from a local market instead of supermarket- I have started to do this and am amazed how much I save! Is there anything you both have a talent for that you could use to earn a bit on the side? Im a qualified nanny and although I dont nanny anymore I do a bit of evening babysitting to help save, h2b is a graphic designer and does a few bits for friends etc for a little fee. Hope this helps and I also like the idea of a smaller hoeymoon with a biggie for your 1year ann! xxx
  • _Wooly__Wooly_ Posts: 179
    Hi there,

    Know how you feel. We are only having a small wedding & I don'treally know how to make the money go further. I think there is such a lot of pressure on us in magazines & the media to have "the perfect day". I have to agree that spending less on the honeymoon may be the way forward.
  • JMuk1JMuk1 Posts: 319
    I'm in the same situation as you, 10k for day and 4k for honeymoon. We have cut back on the honeymoon from 5k to 4k (we were going to do a two centre honeymoon, now just staying in one place). However, I know that 4k is still a lot for a honeymoon, but I will be really disappointed if I have to cut back any further on this, so I can understand if you don't want to reduce your honeymoon budget.

    I just want my honeymoon to be amazing, and don't want to go somewhere that I could afford to go to any normal year.

    It's so hard to make the decisions that seem rational when you have emotional ties to them - a bit like you with your band as well.

    Hope it all works out for you. Is there any scope for reducing the numbers, or choosing a different food/drinks package, cos it sounds like your catering is taking up most of your budget?
  • Hi Ladies

    Thanks for your replies! It's just so disheartening when you think you're really making cutbacks by doing things yourself but then in the grand scheme of things it doesn't make that much difference!

    We're doing all we can to save money in the time being (we hardly ever go out, we buy our shopping mostly in Lidl and we rarely go out on shopping sprees or anything!) but I just don't think our budget is realistic anymore.

    I think we're going to have to re-think the guest list (we've already finalised the menu details and really like that we've got a personalised menu so not changing that!!) and also we're talking about reducing the cost of our honeymoon. We wanted 2 weeks in Egypt but I refuse to do that without ultimate luxury (as we've been dying to go to Egypt for ages and ages) so think we're going to go with your advice and spend 5 days in Iceland or Lapland then go to Egypt in 2008. We've already made plans for a trip to China in 2009 so will also have to save for that!!!!!!

    Cheers again and I'm sure we'll manage somehow with some minor adjustments!!

    Cat xx
  • Hi

    Two ideas - your dress could be as cheap as £200 if you want a simple ish column style dress, mine was £200 from Raylia, who do bridesmaid dresses in ivory, and they have loads of styles to choose from.

    Also holiday ours was £1400 to the carribbean all inclusive and it was amazing (i came to check on people who had got married in september and am getting carried away!)

    Both would save you some money - hope you have a fab day .

    Love J
  • Hi Just thought i would let you know, Eqypt doesnt have to cost that much and you can have the luxury we went to egypt christmas and new year 2004 in a 4 star plus hotel on an all inclusive package (food and drink was fantastic)_this cost 1200 for the CHRISTMAS period!!!!! Whilst there we visited the pyrmids and took a trip down the nile etc all booked locally when we got there for a fraction of the cost when booking it here

    cheers gemma

  • nix831nix831 Posts: 179
    you could make your own accessories, really easy to do if you want hair combs small flowers on wire can be wrapped round the comb, we did it for my sisters wedding and we are going to do it for mine getting them from hobbycraft. also you could ask for travel vouchers towards your honeymoon instead of a gift list. there are organisations you can do this through. travel councellors do it. and provide stationary you can send out with your invites. think it costs £10.00 which then gets refunded back. good luck
  • Hi

    Thanks again! Wow there are some really good ideas there. I'm hoping the dress will only cost around £300 but they always say double your budget just in case! I'm considering ordering my dress from the US too but will make my mind up on that nearer the time!! Definitely thinking about making my own hair accessories too Lu-Lu.... though as my cousin is paying for the flowers I might cheekily throw hair combs in there!!!!!

    Lanaismom - who did you go to egypt with? was it £1200 for two of you or each? The packages I've been looking at are around £1500 each (+ we budgeted £1000 spending money) but that only includes breakfast, some lunches (all meals on the cruise) and half of the excursions.

    We looked at winter hols in Sweden last night and we're now considering 4 days in the snow! At £700 each it is expensive but we'd be making a massive saving compared to Egypt. If anyone knows any decent holiday packages/companies that deal with Lapland then please let me know so I can compare prices!!

    Cheers again! xx
  • have you considered delaying your honeymoon a few months so you keep the wedding thrill longer or try going to bridal shops to see what they are doing in the sales that is what im doing now my budget is 4k and im having a church do with 200 guests shop around is my advice

  • Did it include a Nile Cruise though?
  • Warning - if you got to Egypt do not do an all inc. We did and it was terrible. It was the samr for all of Sharm and the couple there on their 3 week honeymoon coudlnt wait to get home.
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