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  • lisacuklisacuk Posts: 536
    Hi all

    We are tied between

    Louis Armstrong-all the time in the world

    Bryan Adams-heaven

    Guns and Roses-sweet child of mine

    I know diverse choice but we like all kinds of music!!!!!!!! Neil my H2B has wicked sense of humour as his second time suggested Britney Spears-oops I did itagain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so not funny!

  • alanaukalanauk Posts: 47
    john lennons grow old with me is amazing for a wedding song. listen to the wording, its perfect. unfortunately we cant use this as my dad got married this year and had this. everyone was in tears. have a listen to it and let me know what u think xx
  • Hiya guys!

    im sooo glad we've got this page!

    Ok me and H2B have different choices, I REALLY REALLY want (I've had) the time of my life- From dirty dancing, everytime i listen to it i get all emotional (not too much though) plus it will get every one up dancing! ( and i would love to learn the dance moves.

    But he wants somewhere over the rainbow by israel some body? it's the song that's one the end of 50 first datres, really chilled out jack johnson type song, i think it's beautiful but it,s not my dirty dancing!

    Any advise girls?

  • mindyukmindyuk Posts: 3
    We were thinking of having Will Young ????ll Time Love'but lots have friends have said it's a sad song-is that the case??
  • Alicia Keys - if aint got you..not many have this one.
  • belindaxxxbelindaxxx Posts: 2,277
    Well be having eva cassidy songbird.

    I wil probably cry my eyes out but really means something to us

  • we're having You Never Can Tell - Chuck Berry ... starting off .. "it was a teenage wedding and the old folks wished them well"

    my mum's convinced noone will dance so I'm testing them with this hehehe
  • babybukbabybuk Posts: 248
    We have a few sons the we like

    Ronan Keating - When you say nothing at all. When wed been together for a year or so h2b kept saying he could fine the words to say just how much he loved me then we found this song and it summed up what he wanted to say (you dont always need words)

    Faith Hill - There youll be. He told me he loved me for the 1st time when that was playing after wed been to pics to watch Pearl Harbour

    I love Heaven by Bryan Adams aswell!

    Oh so many choices
  • ronan keatings when you say nothing at all:\)
  • Me and h2b are having Ordinary People by John Legend, it has sad bits, but it has always been a song that we both loved and i think that is what u have got to go for, maybe not concentrating on what the song means itself, but what it means for you bothimage
  • Belinda,

    I was at at wedding last week and the couple had Eva Cassidy's songbird as the first dance and it was sooo amazing -there was hardly a dry eye in the place. I think it is a beautiful song - you have picked really well.

    I am getting married in two weeks and we are having 'Rome wasn't built in a day' by Morcheeba - not a traditional first dance but we love it!
  • hi,

    our first song is 'you're my best friend' by queen

    Listen tot he words and it is lovely and really says how we feel about each other!

    it says i love you, and about how when the world is bad your'e my shelter and as long as i have you everything is fine etc.

  • babybukbabybuk Posts: 248
    Hi Nuttyhen,

    I know it sounds strange but if you listen to the words

    'Its amazing how you can speak right to my heart, without saying a word you can light up the dark......'

    Then the chorus

    The smile on your face lets me know that you need me, theres a truth in your eyes saying youll never leave me, the touch of your hand says youll catch me whenever i fall.....'

    Not as bad as the title makes it sound!!!
  • Hi!!

    We are also havinga Ronan song but have decided on ''The Way You Make Me Feel''

    Didnt think H2b would go for it and we have been having trouble choosing. He surprised me by saying it was one of his fave songs.
  • belindaxxxbelindaxxx Posts: 2,277
    Aw thanx Katie.

    Youve really reassured me about it as was thinking it maybe a little too sad but were just going to go for it.

    I think its great your having something not so traditional-why not?

  • babybukbabybuk Posts: 248
    I love the song Shelle Belle! I love Ronan's voice when he sings!
  • Hi All

    We are having Endless Love, Mariah and luther version.



  • We had suhc a hard time choosing a song that we wanted, we've changed it a million times now but have finally settled on one.

    We had the same problem because "our song" is actually a hard house tune called Badass, and we really couldn't wiggle our way about the dancefloor!!

    We originally said we'd have Dream A Little Dream, and then went for Especially For You because it was the song everyone of my generation saw the kids snogging each other to at school discos and we didn't want somethign overly slushy, BUT.....

    We've finally decided on Close To You by The Crapenters, it's been one of my fav songs for as long as I can remember and my H2B loves it too, and the intro is kind of dreamy


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  • molonsmolons Posts: 315
    Well, I have been back to this post again and 'Stuck on you' triggered me off with Lionel Ritchie, it was our first concert we went to see at the NEC (bit cheesy but hey) so I was thinking Ballerina Girl is a beautiful song or 'Stuck on you' - hope you don;t mind stuck on you but that is a good choice - I'm going off Damien Rice song as a first dance slowly......................
  • We are having 'Are You Ready For Love' by the Detroit Spinners. Going to have some dance lessons too.
  • hi

    new to this forum!

    we are lucky as we have a few special songs....Waterfall by Stone Roses; There she goes by the La's so they will deffo be played by our wedding band but our first song is going to be At Last by Etta is just a beautiful song.....
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992 New bride
    We are thinking of having Alanis Morrisette, Head over feet just because one of the lines is ' your the best listener that i've ever met, you're my best friend, best friends with benifits' plus all the other words are great too. Also thinking of Dido 'thank you' as me and my h2b love the words in the song. We may even break tradition and have both!

    Catherine x

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  • nataliedcrnataliedcr Posts: 1,759
    we are struggling with a first dance song as hubby 2b luvs heavy metal! we're thinking of maybe al greens 'lets stay together' or rems 'at my most beautiful'. i dunno how u'd dance to them though.i like the idea of having 'songbird' by eva cassidy - i love her voice. i love damien rice too but dunno if any of his songs are suitable. arrhhh!!!!
  • i was thinking about having LUCKY MAN by the verve while we are signing the register- i need to have a good listen to the lyrics!:\)
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