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My wedding

Some of my photos for people to peruse - found doing this therapeutic - feeling full of cold!!!

it was a lovely day - will keep adding to these as i get time!!!!

The wedding was at 3pm. it was a civil ceremony in the oriel House St. asaph. Even being ten years older than hubby I was very nervous and he was the calm, in control one!!! It was a blur from 2pm onwards as the photographer arrived and wanted some poses. Dad walked me downstairs to the terrace room where the ceremony took place. Walking in was magical - but i didnt manage to conceal my nerves at all.

The vows were lovely and hubby whispered that he thought i looked amazing which was very sweet - held hands throughout and everyone was laughing at my 16month son shouting hiya through the ceremony. Walked out to Queen's "your my best friend" and enjoyed a pimms cocktail b4 starting with the photos again.

The weather was glorious and everyone was chilling outside while the pianist played.

Sat down for a meal around 5ish - this was a highpoint i was starving by then - chicken and mango salad with lavander mayonnaise, beef wellington in madeira sauce followed by peach melba roulade and blueberry compote!! Heavenly!!! I drank too much wine and champagne and sat back to enjoy the speeches. My dad who hates public speaking was hilarious - saying "what's his name again?" about hubby which had everyone in stitches.

Hubby said very nice things about me and everyone enjoyed their scratchcard favours - well it was national lottery day!!! I won £2 on mine!!

Afetr the speeches i had around 10 minutes b4 the guests for the evening started to arrive! We discoed the night away.

Highlights - the kids were superbly well behaved and my 8 year old danced all night. Everyone raving about the service and food at the hotel. Stealing 10 minutes with hubby away from everyone. First dance - to lonestar "amazed" and Van morrison "have i told u lately". Can i say the whole day?????????????????????????????????????????

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  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    awww! you look really made up the both of you.....

    cant wait to see the rest dawnymoo!

    your dress is lovely,and your bridesmaids look really classy..

    Jo x
  • thanks jo - believe it or not got their dresses and matching stole for £14.95 each!!!!!! at a local factory outlet - fell in love with the dress -and luckily they loved them - there is another adult bridesmaid but i've no idea where she was on that piccie!!! :\)
  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    Congratulations you look lovely xxx
  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    dawnymoo,which outlet did you get them from? 14.95!!! wot a b****y good bargain!!!!

    Jo x
  • The tweedmill factory outlet in north wales!!! they looked fab and not surprisingly none wanted to return them or even asked if i wanted them back to resell!!! ha!! They were originally marked up at 71!x
  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    damn im from yorshire lol!!!

    but now considering to go to a local outlet and see if i can find anything!

    i just cant believe your bargain...

    how cool is that

    Jo x
  • You do look lovely, I'm pleased you got the good weather!!

  • I was really lucky that they had their sizes on the day i went looking with mum!! had a disaster trying to find something suitable for all 3 complexions and bodyshapes,etc. Twas fate i tell ya!!!!
  • Ta gypsy - it was a glorious day - we were really lucky - kept telling myself beforehand that it didnt matter if it rained and all the photos were inside!! As it was some guests went inside with their pimms as they were too hot!! you can't win!!! ha!!
  • jami_phyjami_phy Posts: 419
    Looks like you had a glorious day - you look beautiful in your dress!! Congrats!
  • Thanks jami - i've been ill with pnd since my son's birth 16months ago and i've put on 2 stone - was very nervous about how i'd look on the day - we decided it was betr that i take the meds and get betr than worry about my weight!! not gr8 when ur planning a wedding. I was really pleased with my dress which i got from america. will submit more details about the day in due course. xx
  • Congratulations you look very happy!
  • donnasukdonnasuk Posts: 658

    looks and sounds like a wonderful day

    you look radiant

    and what a beautiful setting amongst the trees


  • Thanks donna - the gardens there are beautiful. There is a little bridge which we posed on for some time.can't wait to see the rest of the piccies now!!! the official photographer and disposable piccies 2moro !!!!!

    Everything and you look so wonderful!!

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