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Feeling flat?

Got married sept 23rd - fantastic day - absolutely perfect - not honeymooning til oct half term (both teachers!!!) - the pressies are opened and i feel a little flat - like a burst bubble - cant wait 2 see the official photos etc - cant shake a cold and wondered if it was just me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • As I haven't got married yet I can't give you my acutal take on this but almost all my friends have admitted to feeling the exact same thing.

    I even asked h2b - what will I have to think about when the wedding is over?!!! What did I think about before?!!!!!!

    I definitely know you are not the only one!
  • Thanks twister - found it therapeutic posting piccies on my other thread - my wedding - got the disposable cameras piccies back last nite - what a disappointment !!!! seriously all of guests with silly poses or in darkness- what a waste of money!!!! there's even sob!! an unflattering shot of me!!sob sob!! will get over it i'm sure!! xx
  • poor you dawnymoo!

    i can't possibly understand how crap it must feel when its all over! at least you have still get the honeymoon to look forward too! my best bud got married last year and she felt so blue after it was all over so she went out and bought a puppy!! she decided that she didn't want children just yet so opted for a dog instead!!

    keep your chin up chick and have a fab honey moon!

    jules xx
  • Thanks jules - haven't been able to shake this cold and it's gone 2 my chest now!!! Think the honeymoon will help - 3 weeks to go!!!!!
  • just let us know how the honey moon goes! where you off to? my fiance is also a teacher, hence we r getting married aug 08, so we can have 3 weeks off!!

  • We're off to tunisia. can't wait. Where are you off to or haven't you decided yet?
  • we have decided to spend two weeks in new zealand and a week in fiji on the way home- am really excited! i know it is going to cost a fortune, but thats why we are waiting till 08, so that we have time to save!
  • That sounds fantastic jules!! is all your planning going ok? i was quite chilled with all the planning, but hubby is a very calming influence!
  • not getting too bridezillaish too early!! trying to keep feet on ground, but its so difficult- 673 days to go!! that's why i love coming on these chat rooms so that you can do all your wedding chat with others who are in the same situation so that you don't annoy those close to you to much!! we've booked the church and reception and r just looking into photographers and cars. then i'll start looking for my frock in july i think!! tell me about your wedding- was it as perfect as you had always imagined? my fiance sounds very similar to your hubby, keeps his feet on ground and is very practical!!

  • It was wonderful - have details and piccies on my wedding thread. Hubby was a star. He went to the hotel the night b4 to set up and the hotel had never had a bride allow their hubby to do that b4!! He's been amazing through my pnd over the past year - soooo supportive. I feel very lucky to have him - although i dont expand his ego by telling him tooo often!!! He's a great father and is sickeningly practical - making my emotional outbursts look really silly!!!! These chat rooms are great for venting your feelings and asking all those incidental questions!! The wedding went without a hitch and everyone is still talking about it!!
  • whats a wedding thread, am i really that sad that i don't have a clue?!! i know what you mean about having girly hissy fits about stupid things really, that really don't seem silly at the time!! thank god blokes aren't as emotional as us!!


  • The discussion topic "my wedding" under newlyweds. You're not sad at all - my quick typing - probably didn't explain properly. We r emotional wrecks rn't we!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ahhh bless!

    just had a look at the piccies, you look so happy! no wander you are feeling a bit down now, i think i'm going to be like that too!

    jule xx
  • The cold i've got has gone onto my chest - think that's making it worse!!!!! Beginning to get excited about honeymoon now!!!!
  • good for you hun, you'll have an absolutely fab time away from the grindstone of day to day life! just hope the cold gets better on time, you wouldn't want that to get in the way of things!!!!!

    how many days till you go? i'm feeling a bit down today as i start nights tonight, so am like a social outcast for 5 days- all i do is sleep and work- great!! hubby to be works mon-fri 8-4, so we won't spend anytime togethertill next weekend-life sucks!!

  • Just had one lot of antibiotics and cant get another!!! absence can make the heart grow fonder!!! We work in the same school so it's bliss!!!!!
  • ahhh bless!! i don't know if i could bear to see quite that much of him!!!!! i just get so crabby when i have to work nights coz everyone else is out enjoying themselves whilst i am slaving away!! oh well, suppose next weekend isn't really that far away!!

    we both have half term week off tho, so we'll be able to spend some quality time together then i hope- be like a proper couple!

    only 672 days till we get hitched!!!!
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