Exercise advice - tummy problems!

I'm trying to loose weight for my July 2008 wedding. I started at the beginning of Sep and I have so far lost 1.5 stones.... just another 2 stone to go! I'm eating sensibly and exercising 5/6 nights a week, 3 nights of jogging (now continuously!) for 30 minutes and 3 nights of an hours exercise video (usually Davina or Lorraine Kelly's). I'm starting to see a difference in my arms and legs but by stomach is a real problem. I carry most of my weight here and it doesn't seem to be shifting. I do lots of sit ups etc in the exercise videos but my efforts will not show unless I can shed some of the excess weight around my tummy. Has anyone got any advice on how to target weight loss around my tummy or will it eventually come off in its own time with the exercise I'm already doing?




  • try doing some sit ups it will tone your stomach up see if you can find any think on the net she what u can find i do sits has much has i can till i cant do no more. my mum said the dvd is a video go in the oxfan or any shops like that and see if they have videos to help you i have five rosemarie collins and iv been doing that for one weeks and iv lots 10lb good luck write to let me know how you get on


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    I have a gym ball which is excellent for stomach exercises. I do sit ups and push ups where I lie on my back with my feet on the ball and stretch to a diagonal positon stretching my abs if that makes sense. If you are into DVDs vicky entwistles boxing DVD is great for tummys and also very good for toning arms - which I am sure you will also want to do before your wedding.
  • hey lou marle - well done on the weight loss so far.

    i have the same problem!!

    but i havefound the best thing ever -a hula hoop!!!

    go to www.salveo.co.uk and search fitness hulahoop or dance hoop,

    it costs £24.85 for the hoop and a dvd plus free postage.

    it is great fun - you need a weighted hoop as it is soo much easier - a childs one will just not work.

    i have lost approx 1.5 inches from my waist in 4-5weeks, i now swear by it.

    you can google fitness hoop and you might find it cheaper else where - this is the cheapest i found tho

    p.s - you will need a large space to do it in as it is quite a large round xxximage
  • I feel your pain - my tummy is my big problem area! unfortunately, according to my trainer, it's the hardest place to lose weight/tone up, but persevere and you will see results. you need to keep up the cardio to burn the fat that sits in front of the muscles....sounds liek you're doing just that so keep it all up, you're doing so well!!! x
  • Guys - first of all congrats on what you have achieved so far!

    All exercise will be having a positive effect on your tummy. The trouble is that is the area where most of your fat is stored and it's probably the last place you will see it go from.

    Let me explain - You see you cannot shift fat from your tummy by doing sit ups. It does work by helping to tone the muscles in the abdominals but it's not shifting fat. In fact you cannot "spot reduce" fat from any part of the body. Fat is burned across your whole frame when you exercise so keep going.

    Aerobic/Cardio is good at shifting some fat while you are doing it but what about the other 23 hours in the day?

    Some of the smartest fat burners are the bodybuilders! They understand that if they can encourage their bodies to increase the amount of lean muscle tissue then they will burn more claories even while they are asleep. This is because your Basic Metabolic Rate is directly linked to how much muscle you have.

    Now don't panic that you are going to turn all "Eastern European Shot Putter" as big muscles only get that size in the prescence of testonsterone (hence why men get bigger muslces than girlies!)

    Therefore their is much to learn from the exercises that bodybuilders do i.e. use resistance either in the form of bodyweight (push ups, squats etc) or using weights.

    Weight training is much overlooked by men and women yet it can give both tremendous benefits.

    Give it a try!
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