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hate to be a party pooper... but

I hate to be a party pooper .... but..... I have read so many threads regarding slimming pills, weight watchers, slimming world, protein diet shakes, lighter life etc etc etc.. the list is endless and so often its the same old thing. Everyone talking about how they done it in the past lost 2 stone and then put it all back on again. There appears to be one common denominator here and that everyone seems to be the weight back on... Is that not telling everyone something.

Personally I don't have a ton of weight to lose, 7 - 10 lbs would suit me fine.. but I have in the past had 3 stone to lose after having children. I had done this via sensible eating and exercise. I have remained the same weight for over the past ten years and after having 3 children. I am shocked by how many people are resorting to drastic measures of slimming pills etc. I know its hard to lose weight and to stay motivated but does anyone else feel like me.

Come on girls, we all know there is no quick fix solution its about sensible eating, fruit, veg, protein and fibre and exercise........


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    Hi Louise,

    As much as i agree with everything you have written in your post its not really going to be the place to air these views.

    The diet industry is the biggest industry in the world because humans can't control their portions. I worked in the fitness industry for 13 years and this has got progressively worse.

    The truth is - you are quite right you have to burn more calories a day than you are consuming! full stop. thats the only science bit.

    Some things like lighter life etc give that controlled portion as some people just cant manage it by themselves - the same for slimmingworld and WW - this is where people get their education about what to eat so we really shouldn't knock it.

    The pills, inch loss wraps etc are all quick fixes and not very good at that - but desperate measures call for desperate times.

    Body builders take all sorts of concotions before a show to get rid of the last few pounds.

    Believe me i find it frustrating to see women throwing so much money down the toilet but not everyone is blessed with willpower..

    we have to share the knowledge so people understand. And then its still hard to implement - otherwise why would i be using this forum xxx

  • i do agree with you louise and if it was that simple there wouldnt be anyone over weight. i unfortunately found out my ex was havinga fling with my best friend after 20 years of marriage. i divorced him but it took 2 very difficult years to get. i don't drink, smoke or gamble and food was my comfort. i have been on slimming pills and am now at ww as i just cannot do it alone i wish i could it would be cheaper. yes it is all about sensible eating and exercise but just like stopping smoking, drinking for some of us it just isnt that simple.

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