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In denial..and scared!

Hi! Its been a while since i posted on married in may and we have been TTC since (although very half heartedly as didn't want to put pressure on ourselves and just thought we'd see what happened) Anyway I have just discovered I'm pregnant and CANNOT believe it! I really can't think its real..and now its happened we are both very scared and all the excitment and joy we felt before with the thought of it has dissappeared and I feel sort of trapped and scared..

Did anyone else feel like this? i feel so selfish saying such things when i there are so many people desperate for a baby, but i guess it just doesn't feel real to me and i can't help worry i'll misscarry anway so don't want to let myself get too excited. Hubby has gone into his cave and isn't really talking..i thought he'd be more excited but it certainly isn't like in the movies!x


  • I have 2 kids already.

    Everything you feel at the moment is totally normal.

    The uncertainty - the changes to your life - the cost everything will be just fine I am sure.

    Hubby may be just going through the same turmoil as you - or he may be just saying nothing as he knows you are mega worried.

    My other half just left me to my own devices and when I accused of him of being unsupportive he said he didnt ant to add to my worries.

    Best of luck and when baby starts moving it becomes really real!!
  • thank you so much for your support..i'm sure its just my hormones playing tricks on me! I told my dad tonight and he is sooo excited I felt really guilty i didn't share his feeling - I feel almost like i'm protecting myself in case the worst should happen..I'm sure my husband is just feeling the same and we both deal with and worry about things in the same way in general (hence the fact we got married and have been together for 9 years!) and like you say its early days and i'm sure as things feel more real the excitment will kick in.
  • I know just how you must feel loueethefly. We got married in September and agreed to wait 3 years or so before trying for a baby as my new hubby needs to finish his degree. However I'm 35 and we just spent a weekend with friends of ours who have an adorable 2 year old and hubby is smitten and now would like to start much sooner i.e. now and I am scared to death. I know I'm 35 and should be getting on with it but nothing terrifies me more. It's not the effect on my life as I don't really do the late night clubbing thing anymore - it's more like fear of pregnancy, getting all huge and feeling out of control and then the pain and fear of labour and then after that the isolation and lonlieness that a lot of new mothers describe. Also, I feel a little like my life will be less important once I have children. I've just read this back and realise I sound horrible - I'm not - I love babies and children and I'm sure I would love any child I have to bits but I always thought that when I had a baby, I would be totally ready for it and dead excited and in a lovely big house with a gorgeous nursery and garden. We live in a two bedroomed terrace that is already fit to bursting. Anyway, I'll stop now. I just thought I would let you know that you're not the only one who is feeling a little scared and confused. Good luck with everything - try not to stress and I'm sure you'll make a fantastic mum xx
  • hi JBAngel..i'm so glad to hear i'm not alone. I've been feeling like the most horrible person on the planet for the way i feel..and i totally understand about feeling like you life will be less important after, and i'm just worried about losing my identity abit and just being a 'mum'. I also feel like beacuse we're married and we brought this about ourselves its a massive tabboo to admit how scared we are as have never heard anyone else say they're anything other than over the moon (quite rightly!) Thanks for making me feel a bit more reassured!x
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