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My 9 day challenge!

Yesterday my work trousers which are normally loose felt tight. So I weighed myself and to my horror I have put on 5 pounds. It is suprising how much of a difference it has made to my size as it has all gone on my middle!

I have a works night out on 21 December. So I have 9 days to try and lose that 5 pounds.

I don't know if is possible but here is my plan (which is somewhat drastic) over the next 9 days which I started today on waking. It is going to be my little experiment to see how much weight I can actually lose in this short time.

So from this morning it is slimfast for brekkie and lunch, clementines as snacks, a low fat/calorie dinner plus my davina work out dvd as often as possible in the next 9 days. Oh and am also taking adios as found a box in my bag from ages ago.

Now I haven't exercised in ages and so may ache too much after one workout to do tomorrow but will try and do as much as possible in the next 9 days.

Anyway I'll stop boring you know! But this is my experiment and challenge to see if I can lose it in 9 days. Any tips gratefully received and I'll let you know next Friday the results!


  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    Hi Lush,

    good luck with your venture

    add 2 - 3 litres of water a day too as this will banish any water retention

  • vicster1ukvicster1uk Posts: 1,085
    hi there, i am in a similar situation. i want to lose 4lbs by the 23rd. surely its not impossible! i have a new pair of jeans that are quite tight that i would like to wear to an xmas lunch, just got a good tip. quite dairy. soya milk and no cheese. crap but i am going to give it a bash!
  • lush224lush224 Posts: 562 New bride
    Thanks runningbird I'll try and drink lots of water, I have to admit I am really bad for not drinking enough fluids full stop so I think lots of water will really help.

    Vics1-I have heard from people about cutting out dairy. I am on slimfast so a bit hard to cut out milk unless I use soya milk in slimfast? I have cut out cheese though.

    I have now completed 2 days of my new regime. Yesterday I had 2 slimfasts, some clementines and then fish and loads of steamed veg for tea. Today I have had 2 slimfasts again, clementines and had meat and veg for tea. So far I have not struggled too much, had a few hunger pangs but find a hot drink sorts it out to some extent.

    I haven't managed any workouts yet, I have been really busy though...

    I think I might be losing some water retention as I have been going to the loo a lot more today!!

    Good luck. I can't wait until next Friday to weigh myself, I really hope I'll have lost the 4 pounds and I really hope I can make it without giving in to any temptations!
  • lush224lush224 Posts: 562 New bride
    I have successfully completed 4 days and am now on day 5. I am pleased as I have not cheated once. I have managed to do one davina work out so far.

    I couldn't resist getting on the scales this morning and was pleased to find I have lost 3 pounds already. So in the next 5 days if I can lose another 2 pounds I'll be back to how I was!

    Am a little worried as have been reading through different forums and everyone seems to slate slimfast. But then this was only ever for a 9 day quick fix to shift the weight gain!

    People say I am silly for doing this before Christmas but what I have told them is that I have already gained 5 pounds, then at christmas I'll end up gaining even more weight, maybe 4 pounds. So after christmas I'll have 9 pounds to lose. I'd rather shift some excess now and have less work after christmas plus feel a bit better in my outfit at the christmas party!
  • lush224lush224 Posts: 562 New bride
    Ok so thought I'd post the results of my little challenge!

    Basically I started off at 10 stone 3 having put on 5 pounds. My aim was to get back to 9 stone 12 by the end of the 9 days. I stuck to the slimfast religiously but had some problems with it towards the end (see my other post) and on the 9th day just ate healthily. I managed to do 2 one hour davina workouts in that time.

    Result on weighing yesterday morning, I was 9 stone 13. So I had managed to lose 4 pounds in the 9 days. Not the 5 pounds I'd hoped for but still an achievement to lose the 4 pounds.

    It was good having the goal of the Christmas meal last night as it kept me motivated. I think my stomach must've shrunk as I ate my starter but only managed a third of my main meal! So that can't be a bad thing.

    I have another Christmas works meal tonight too. (oops!)

    All that hard work will probably go down the drain over chrimbo but the way I see it is if I had not dieted I would have put even more weight on over Christmas. This way I might put the 4 pounds back on but it'll still be less to lose after Christmas!

    Have a great Christmas and New year everyone x
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