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sparkly shoes

Hi - I'm looking for some flat pump type shoes for my bridemaids, but can't find anything on the highstreet. I've seen lots of people wearing them, and I think they might me asian made? Does anyone know what these shoes are called so I can search the web?

They are quite sparkly..


  • Hi, ive just done a search on ebay putting 'asian shoes' in the search and it brought up quite a few pairs, i also tried 'beaded shoes' and that brought a few pairs up too. A lot of the big shopping centres have stands in them where you can buy these shoes for about £10. Hope this helps! :\)
  • YummyukYummyuk Posts: 2
    I don't trust ebay as I've been ripped off before and our shopping centre doesn't sell them. I've had a search on the internet but all the sites seem to cost £30+ for the sparkly silver shoes I'm looking for image

    Thanks for the suggestion.
  • wife2bwife2b Posts: 121
    river island do a silver sparkly pump if thats any help - not sure if they are on the website but I seen them in the shop at lunchtime.
  • MarieukMarieuk Posts: 30
    Also, Shelly and maybe Barrats or Clarks on Oxford Street sell sparkly shoes (not sure if silver but def do pink so i imagine so!).

    Also saw in a wedding mag (dunno which 1) that debenhams do them for £17- again pink, but have yet to find a shop that stocks them....

    All are pumps covered in sparkles

    Good luck xx
  • wife2bwife2b Posts: 121
    I got shoes for my bridesmaid from Barratts. They are just white broderie anglaise pumps that I am going to have dyed to match the dress and they were only £17.00. River Island also do a similar pair for £19.99. Shes really excited cos none of her friends will have the same shoes !!
  • vocalclairevocalclaire Posts: 99
    Faith do a sparkly silvery white pump which are lovely. I got a pair of pearlised white sequinned pumps for the evening of my wedding should my 4 inch heels be killing me by then from asda for £12!

  • For the sparkliest diamante shoes from flats to stilettos, that range from about £30 - £120 look at the Unze website, put Unze or Shalimar shoes on google and prepare to be amazed. My problem is that I just can't decide which pair to choose!;\)
  • b h s do some lovely sparkly flat shoes and they have a sale on. quick though coz its nearing the end of thier wedding season and its only while stock last

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  • VaneonVaneon Posts: 28
    I saw the nicest pair of sparkly pump shoes at Tesco's. Not sure of the price but they are the best around.

    Good luck !
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