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Valentina got hitched!

Dear all,

Yes, I am back in town and finally married! We had the most romantic time ever - most of you will know about the nightmares we had leading up to our big day and it didn't end there, I can tell you! We didn't have a photographer as he went bust 2 days before our wedding and we couldn't get a replacement in time, but you know what, none of these nightmares now seem the slightest bit relevant.

My husband and I sneaked out in our lunchbreaks to get married in our uniforms on the 22nd November, it was so romantic and felt so naughty sneaking out! It was also one of the most emotional moments of my life (after meeting my husband, of course!). The whole thing took just 20 minutes and we couldn't ven celbrate with a drink because I was back operating in the afternoon - not a good mix!

He kissed me in the hospital main entrance before I went back to my shift and the whole world around us just melted! A very special moment! Back on th eward the patients and nurses had put balloons up and had laid on some cakes and alcohol-free cocktails - so so sweet! They all signed a card and my husband had left a present for me - a gorgeous new watch.

I went to work and had to try very hard to concentrate and smiled all through the surgery. I told my patient about it and he laughed and joked that I hadn't left my new wedding ring in his belly!!!

At home later that night we went out to a tapas bar and got very drunk on champagne and went home. Luckily we had a lie in and a day off to get everything ready for our 'wedding' on the Saturday. I went and got my hair and nails done, a quick spray tan and a facial - bliss! My husband went and collected his suit and had lunch with me in the hairdressers!

And then before we knew t, it was Friday night, so we both stayed in separate hotels and I didn't see him until 3pm on the Saturday afternoon!!!............................

To be continued.



  • RedRose79RedRose79 Posts: 1,938
    Ah no - can't take the suspense!!!!

    Congratulations - sounds wonderful so far . . .
  • Oh Valentina, i followed your troubles before your wedding and so glad you had a fab time...... come on post the rest!! x
  • Hurray! I also followed your story about all the problems before your wedding & I've been waiting to see your story. I'm so glad you had such a romantic wedding - I can't wait to hear more! x
  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    Valentina, congratulations for both of you! I am so glad of what I have read so far and to learn that you had your special moment and the best Thursday lunch break ever!

    I cannot wait to read baout your lovely day and see some pics.

    Have a wonderful married life!

  • Oh wow, how exciting! I want to hear more...
  • JillyukJillyuk Posts: 1,013
    Ah, at last you're back, I had my fingers crossed for you, see here for everyone's good wishes after yr troubles...

    So glad it went well.
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    Aaah Valentina - im so glad you came back to tell your wedding story. I too followed all your troubles before hand - im so pleased that you made it as husband and wife in the end

    Please tell more xxx
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Valentina, Valentina, if anyone deserved to have a wonderful day, its you!!! I remember reading all the trials of the run up to the big day, you shared so much with us, I am SOOOOO happy that it all turned out wonderful and you made it as a couple together, this is what it is all about, tell us more when you get a chance and congrats!!!

  • Valentina I am so glad to hear from you! It sounds so romantic! Can't wait to hear the rest!!!
  • So glad it had a happy ending and let it be a lesson to all of us who get stressed about things!! Even with such awful things happening you can still make the best of it. Well done and congratulations!!!!

    Can't wait for the rest x
  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    Hello and congratulations! I'm glad to hear that despite all the negatives leading up to the day that it all went well. I'm looking forward to hearing more. The lunch time nuptials sound lovely.
  • Aaagh, so sweet of you all, thank you! My husband and I are fabulously happy, in fact don't believe it when people say marriage doesn't change does! We both make even more effort and it feels like we have just met all over again, but with a shared outlook on life - LOVE IT!!!

    So, I guess you all want to hear about the wedding day............

    I was awakened at 5.30am with one of my bridesmaids coming in my room for a 'chat'!!! The lie-in went out of the window!!

    Needless to say we woke up everyone else in the house (we hired a big manor house for us all to stay in!) I got out of bed and saw my dress draped off one of the wardrobe handles, it made my heart flutter!!!!!!

    After having a breakfast of Krug and chocolate doughnuts (!) my 'entourage' (sis, sis-in law x 2, mum, mum-in-law, matron of honour, bridesmaids)and I walked through the venue to go through everything, make sure the flowers were going up OK, the tables & decorations were to plan etc etc. The boys went out in my father in laws light aircraft for a flight around the coast, but had to come back early as the weather dropped and we had sleet - perfect for my Winter wedding!! It didn't last long (about an hour) but it made it all cold and frosty which I loved.

    Before we knew it it was lunchtime, so Mum made us some sandwiches and then the hairdresser / make up artist arrived and my suite became like Picadilly Circus - at one point there were 14 people there all fussing over me - bridal party, videographer, staff, bridesmaids etc. It felt a bit claustrophobic and I wasn't used to all this attention!

    I looked at my watch and realised it was 3.30 - only half an hour to go. Wow - I had held it together so I thought! As soonas my flowers arrived I just burst into tears. It hit me. This was my big day. We had come so far and was just dying to make my declaration of loe in front of all my close family and friends. My husband to be (at that point!) sent me a present - a new Rolex, it was beautiful and engraved in latin on the back - meaning now and always, so thoughful. I felt really bad as I had only written him a long letter the night before, along with my FYEO photos and some antique cufflinks!

    I could hear guests arriving outside in the courtyard and started to get butterflies! Then, all of a sudden I realised that we hadn't had any photos taken yet, so I asked my sis to find out where he was. To my horror, he hadn't turned up. My heart sank. Just a could of days before, our original photographer had cancelled as he went bankrupt, then our replacement didn't show. I felt sick with the worry and the fact that two photographers had run off withour hard-earned money (the second payment came as a blow two days before our wedding, believe me!)

    Well, that was it - tears, tears and more tears. And then an overwhelming calm! I guess I just got it out of my system and before I knew it was walking down to aisle for our blessing. (Remember we had got married on the Thursday lunchtime in a registry office to make it legal.) This was all aout eh blessing and party!

    And then that was it, I had forgotten all about stupid photographers, money probs and the terrible time we had organising this wedding. My mind and heart were focissed on one thing - making my husband and family proud of me!

    I did OK until three quarters of the way through when the tears came down! Thank God for waterproof mascara and a hidden tissue screwed up in my bouquet!

    We laughed, we cried and we held hands throughout the whole ceremony. It was dark apart from a few candles, just so romantic and meaningful. It was the most special 20 minutes of my life! I have captured it all in my mind, so you know what not having a photographer doesn't make any difference now, I have all I need in my mind.

    So, we went outside and were ferried to our reception venue by helicopter which was fantastic!

    The weight then came off our shoulders and we started to relax a bit and enjoy the party!! It was so amazing having the people closest to us all around us. I can honestly say we didn't stop smiling all day - so much, my face ached the following day!

    Our videographer is going to create some stills from the video, so hopefully we will get some pictures at some point!

    The wedding breakfast and reception flew by, everyone having so much fun and being so happy, it was the most amazing feeling for all of us there. The speeches were really funny and had us all in stitches!

    Before we knew it, it was 11 oclock and the fireworks we had planned were about to start, so we arranged for a glasss of Krug to be given to each person whilst they watched the display outsdie, it warmed us all up!

    We al went bak inside for more dancing and drink and nibbles at midnight. We finally stopped teh parting at 3am and the taxis came to collect our guests. We gave each of them a gift box to remember the day - a cashmere wrap for the ladies and a pair of cashmere socks for the boys, an individual mini wedding cake and a thank you card!

    Then it was the morning!!!! (I purposefully missed out the next bit - you don't want to hear about our wedding night!! It was great though!!)

    The whole day was so fabulous I could do it all over again!

    We are still buzzing and I am still getting used to my new surname!

    We both love being married and despite all fo hte mishaps and troubles we had, it was still the best day of our lives!

    Thoroughly recommended!

    Good luck to all of you getting married soon!

    Love Valentina x x x x x:\)

  • ecr1975ecr1975 Posts: 288
    what a lovely report.

    i can't believe that about the photographer!! i'm so glad it didn't ruin your day.

    congratulations to both of you

    em x
  • MollukMolluk Posts: 243
    So glad to hear from you Valentina and to know that you're happily married after all your traumas. Thanks for the update, we've all been worried about you.
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    I am so pleased that after all of the crap you had to put up with in the run up that you sound so happy and clearly had a wonderful, wonderful...2 weddings! lol xxxxx
  • locobelocobe Posts: 253
    Congratulations to both of you - It sounds as though you had a perfectly wonderful day.

    I am so happy for you both, I read all the previous threads and you really deserved the happiest day.

  • I'm so pleased by the outcome of your tale. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I bet your guests took lots of snaps. My favourite photo of the 2 of us, the one I've put in our wedding present silver frame is one a friend took not the phtotographer. Ask them to put them on CD for you. I've been overwhelmed by the number I've received, and the variety!!!
  • Sounds wonderful! Can't wait to see the pics. And I am jealous of all the Krug! image

  • LazybrideLazybride Posts: 353
    Valentina, thanks for letting us know how it all panned out, it sounds fabulous, so pleased for you! I was the one that said getting married in your lunch break was like something from a rom-com!!! Sounds much better than a rom-com though!! Congratulations xxx
  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    Oh your wedding sounds so beautiful, and I have been able to visualise your dayh from your description. I wishing you both all the happiness in the world.
  • Valentina.

    So glad it all worked out for you.Any photos yet? xxx
  • KeepingMumKeepingMum Posts: 566
    I found your story when I was looking for "wedding insurance" and was left speechless by E&Ls response to you. Hope they have lost millions from lost business from what they did to you.

    Had to see how the story ended - and cant believe your replacement photographer didnt turn up either! Having said that it looks like you had a great time. The lunchtime wedding ceremony sounds SOOOO romantic and memorable and different. Something to tell the grandkids - and all of it will hopefully become a story to tell rather than a nightmare that you have obviously been going through for months.

    Congratulations on making it through with ushc humour and a positive attitude and all the very best to you both for the future. May all your troubles pale in comparison to planning your wedding!!!

    KM x
  • So lovely to read your wonderful story. Also followed you reports and am just so happy you have such good memories. And you said it so well about being married. I am also definitely more in love with my husband now than ever. Long may the feelings last.
  • ApeseyApesey Posts: 1,395
    so glad it all worked out for you so well and you had a fantastic day.

  • parrsarahparrsarah Posts: 118
    Yay!!! I think you should name and shame photographers so they don't try it again with another couple...
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