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Church Music - what procession music are you having...

Hi there

We're getting married in Semtember - only 4 months away - very excited and having loads of fun organising but I'm stuck on what the music should be for the bridal procession. Does anyone know any music - I'm thinking of something classical but not the traditional bridal marchs.

Would really appreciate anyone's help here!

Thanks x


  • sarahbeeeuksarahbeeeuk Posts: 126
    Hey Mangle- I'm having the same problem at the moment too (with all the church music- walking in, signing register, leaving church)- and I'm also getting married in September! I quite like 'The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba' for walking in..which is also strangely apt because my fiance always said the photo taken of my just after I got engaged "made me look like the Queen of Sheba!" I don't know whether to have the usual "Here comes the Bride"- although we met with the organist on Sunday, and he told us that this except of music infact comes from an opera where the marriage is annulled 20 minutes later- not a good omen! Ha ha.. There are a few good webites if you Google "church wedding music"- then you can listen to downloads each song, which is handy. Let me know how you get on- and vice versa. When's your date? I'm the 8th! xxxx
  • kate353kate353 Posts: 5

    Hi Sarahbeee

    We're the week after Friday September 15 - really hoping the weather stays good for it!

    My Mum had Queen of Sheba when they got married - and they're still married after 34 years!

    The ceremony music is such a tricky one as it's music that you wouldn't normally listen too but is so important! i don't want anything too fast and hectic - i would quite like something a bit slower but obviously beautiful - not much to ask!!

    have a good evening

  • sarahbeeeuksarahbeeeuk Posts: 126
    Ooh you're a Friday like me- how exciting! Juts found this site

    which is handy. But I know there are sites where you can actually listen to the songs too.

    I'm glad your mum had Q of S- I'm pretty sure I'm going to plump for that too!

    Where are you getting married?

  • Whatever you choose try to find out (tactfully) whether the organist who will be playing on the day can actually play the piece you choose - We went to a wedding where the organist really struggled with The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba and people didn't know where to look - the bride was a bit disapointed as we both studied music at university!!

    You can also try other pieces by Handel (who composed the Queen of sheba) a favourite of mine is Air from Water Music Suite which Charles & Camilla had at their service, The intro to Zadok the Priest and many others......
  • Hello All

    I recently had a meeting with the organist @ my church and as neither myself or my partner had a clue what we wanted he played us lots of different songs and we got to choose from that. Maybe see if you can meet the organist @ your church and see if they'll do the same, it really helped me and my partner.
  • sarahbeeeuksarahbeeeuk Posts: 126
    Thanks Pink&black and Jen. Turns out our organist is a Musical Director & concert pianist, so thankfully we won't have to worry about too many dud notes I hope! My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law to be are all music teachers so I don't want any rude comments from them.......xxxx
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    Hi girls, there is a section on this website about choosing your wedding hymns and vows. It's in the planning section. I found it really useful as I had no idea where to start! There is a sample of hymns you can read through so you may recognise a few that you didn't know the name of - I know I did.
  • helenwileshelenwiles Posts: 215
    hi mangle

    met with our vicar on thursday getting married in 62 days

    i am having eidelweiss to walk into cos i dont like the traditional "here comes the bride".

    i found this website quite good lots of ideas

    good luck xx
  • ego22ego22 Posts: 171
    My H2B is a church director of music and organist, so we're quite familiar with wedding music. The site Sarahbee mentions has a lot of the popular ones but every organist's repertoire will be much bigger than that with loads of contemporary and more traditional possibilities. H2B always meets with wedding couples at least once (usually more than that) before the big day, in the church, so he can play them different pieces until they find something that's right for them. I'd recommend you ask to do the same with your organist unless you're completely sure you know what you want, and if you want something a bit different say so and your organist will be glad to suggest something - they get bored of the 'Bridal March'!

    A couple of great pieces for going out that aren't mentioned on weddingchaos are Sortie by Lefebre-Wely - very upbeat and a bit jazzy if that appeals, and the Crown Imperial march by Walton if you're going for the princess style. 8\)
  • I quite like the arrival of the queen of sheba but what about Pachelbel's Canon in D, Mendelssohn's Midsummer night's dream- wedding march, Widor's Toccata, Clarke's the prince of denmark's march. If you're not sure you can get some good wedding music CDs, Virgin records do one and so do classic FM.
  • sciallensciallen Posts: 246
    Hi all, we are having Pachelbel's Cannon in D, to walk in to, and we have chosen 2 songs, one for signing of the register and the other for leaving the church. I am now a little worried as I was kind of planning to have these all played on a cd in the church (including Pachelbel's Cannon for walking in to). Do you think the organist would be offended at not playing? We still want him (or her) to play before the actual ceremony starts (while people are waiting), and during the hymns, along with the choir, which we are also having. What does anyone think? I'm sure i've heard of people having cd's played for church wedding ceremonys?????? xx:\?
  • Queen of Sheba all the way! I am, however, worried that because it's fast paced I'll walk down the asile to quickly - any advice?
  • sjn82sjn82 Posts: 55
    I think we're all sorted with our music. We're having:

    The Prelude - Ave Maria by Gounod

    The Processional - Canon in D by Pachelbel

    The Signing of the Register -Romance from String Quartet - Mozart

    Found all the help we needed from
  • I've been to a number of weddings where they had cds palying thropugh a good sound system and it was fab. At my niece's wedding she had that and you would never have known it wasn't 'live'. Much better than taking a chance and getting someone not that great. Am still trying to decide what to have. Would love Queen of Sheba and also Prince of Denmark. But then I also love Gabriels' Oboe (another niece had that last week at her wedding). So many things to chose from!
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