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i have set the date!!!!

kelukkeluk Posts: 1,467
i went and booked the venue yesterday and im now geting married friday 19th october 2007!!! my god it seems more real as soon as you book it!!! weird.

i have a meeting with a photographer next week whom i already have made my mind up about,just a feeling.

still i feel a little stressed so much to do checklists within checklists!!!


  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    You'll feel manic for a month or two and then settle down. I know the important things like venues and photographers get booked up quick but I'm getting wed on a Friday too and have realsied that suppliers are more available as its not a usual day for weddings. Got a few good deals too because of it! Happy planning!
  • kelukkeluk Posts: 1,467
    i have got a photographer and im looking at wedding insurance and ordering my dress in Aug then florest not doing naything else after that till after Sep this year as have other things to do money wise,my big day on a friday so that should be easier!
  • lisa3781lisa3781 Posts: 100
    I have decided to get married August 2008, do people think this is too long a period to be engaged for - just figured it would give us ample planning and saving time!
  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    by the time we get married we'll have been engaged for two years. That gave us enough time to make sure we got the venue we wanted as it gets booked up so far ahead. You'll find you have a flurry of activity at the beginning, slow but sure progress or a bit of a lull in the middle and then frantic activity at the end. It can get frustrating at times when you just want it to arrive quickly but I think it's better to give yourself more time than have to rush things and possibly make conprimises.
  • JMuk1JMuk1 Posts: 319
    I will have been engaged for two years as well. We're just at the beginning now, as we only got engaged in Feb and are due to get wed in Feb 2008. We have booked venues and that was quite exciting, but I can feel the lull coming on now, as it seems far too early to arrange anything else. Its frustrating though, because I can't wait to start trying on dreses, making invites and spending money in general image I've said to myself that I will throw myself into planning after Chrsitmas, and that somehow makes everything seem that bit nearer.
  • DizzymeDizzyme Posts: 103
    I'm getting married 11th August 2007. I've booked the reception and sorting out the church now.

    I was really suprised with how hard it was to book venues our first choice was out due to it being fully booked unless we wanted a sunday and our second choice only had the date we've got so we've ended up moving to August from June which we originally wanted!

    My head is spinning and already it's turning into as bit of a nightmare trying to keep people happy! Looking at photographers and cars in my area now because of the problems we had with booking the venue but what else should i look for now? is there anything else that might get booked up quick?
  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    DIZZY ME - if you need a seperate caterer you will need to look for them soon and also maybe get a provisional booking with a florist! Just enjoy mainly though! ;\)
  • beci26beci26 Posts: 1
    we are getting married september 07, ive been planning but everyone keeps saying its too soon, we have our reception venue, and photographer but i darent start looking at dresses and things as everyone thinks i am daft!
  • alicecukalicecuk Posts: 21
    I'm only just engaged and we are planning on September next year but haven't booked anything yet - my mother and friends think I'm loopy planning this far ahead but it's reassuring to see people here in the same boat - thank you!
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