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Started my tattoo removal

ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
Well ladies, i joined a thread in Wedding fashion about getting rid of tattoo's and said i'd let everyone know how i got on today.

I only emailed the clinic up on Wednesday and by Thursday they had called me to arrange a consultation and possible test patch for tattoo laser removal.

I only have a small Japanese symbol but i hate the fact that it's on my shoulder- at 17 i was too embarrassed to undress any further for the big hairy tattooist!!!

So i went for my appointment today and they told me how the darker the tattoo is, the better it responds and mine is apparently quite dark and small so she was very positive.

I asked her if i stood any chance of getting rid of it before my wedding (in for and a half months). Obviously she couldnt guarentee anything but said they like to leave 6-8 weeks between treatments (for the skin to scab over and heal before they can laser it again).

Hopefully as mine is small i might get away with every 4 weeks- so i might fit in 4 treatments. Anyway i hope it will have faded enough to just need a little make-up to cover it.

Then she did the test patch which was painful- someone described it like an elastic band being flicked against you repeatedly at high speed which is fairly true.

On the upside it only lasted anbout 15 seconds and she has pretty much lasered the whole thing as its so small!

Im a bit scared cos they up the intensity everytime you go so it will be more painful next time!

They flogged me this kit of creams i have to put on to keep it moist- like tissue repair vaseline stuff, aloe vera gel and a thermal water spray and some high SPF cream (as you have to avoid the sun or else the tattoo might become white- called ghosting) .

I have booked 4 sessions as you get a bit of a discount so fingers crosssed i heal OK and can have them every 4 weeks.

To be honest i cant feel a thing now!

If anyone has any questions just let me know!



  • happybunnyukhappybunnyuk Posts: 1,869
    hey hun

    thanks for posting.

    i too have a tatt on my arm its small and of a devil (WTF!) again something i did at 18 and didnt think about my wedding day...


    for me i didnt even think about getting to lasered off untill i'd run out of time, as ive only 74 days to go so am using a derma kit cover up, which does the job ish!!

    do keep us posted how it all goes as its still something i would consider for the future, can i ask too if its really expensive?

    email me if you'd rather not say

  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    Well i'd always assumed it would cost thousands but the new methods are so easy and quick now that they dont need to charge too much.

    I had to pay £49 for the test patch to be done but you get the consultation for free.

    Then the kit of creams was £29 but you really don't have to buy them- or i would advise to possibly just buy the vaseline stuff.

    As my tattoo is small, its classed as a minor treatment so the treatments are £69 each- i almost resent paying it for considering i will only be there for a minute or two but at least its cheaper than it was!!

    I bought a set of 4 treatments so got them for £59 each, so all in all i've paid out £265 today. Makes me sick knowing it only cost £20 to get the damn thing in the first place!!!

    I think you can book 6 for an even bigger discount but i'm really hoping i wont need too many (they say 4-5 is about right for a small one i think). Also, i can only fit 4 in before the wedding anyway!

    I hope that helps!

    Oh, and here's the website...
  • happybunnyukhappybunnyuk Posts: 1,869
    excellent thankyou,

    let me know how you get on xx
  • I hope you manage to get it removed before your big day.

  • bride74bride74 Posts: 2,840
    Good luck , sound like it's going to succesful..Good price too. x
  • AndytailsAndytails Posts: 691
    ooo painful.... hope its not too bad as it gets stronger.... could never imagine getting rid of mine....

    hope all goes well though

  • thats a good price, i always imadged them to cost alot more. I have 2 tattoos but got them out of sight so wont be a probem on my wedding day thank god!!

    good luck with the treatment and i hope they are gone for your wedding

  • skh80skh80 Posts: 576
    Hey lisa-lou, thanks for the update! I also emailed my nearest sk:n clinic, and they called me back today but it went to voicemail, so I'll call them tomorrow to make an appointment for a consultation.

    I also have a small black chinese symbol on my back/shoulder blade, so from what you said I'm hoping mine too will respond well to the treatment & I won't need too many sessions.

    Luckily the wedding isn't for 18 months, but I've read on here that someone had to wait 6 weeks for their sun tan to fade before the first treatment, and I'm going away at the end of April, so I'm thinking maybe they won't let me have it done for 6 weeks after I get back, so, mid-June..?? We shall see!

    Hope it goes well... Keep us posted! image Xx
  • lynetteamoslynetteamos Posts: 1,123
    I don't mean to put any of you off, but I've had 11 laser treatments now over a period of 3 years... and the damn thing STILL ain't gone! There is some very deep seated ink still in it that's proving harder to shift than the clinic had expected. But I will still keep at it cos it's faded so much now that i only need a small amount of foundation to cover it... so it IS worth all the hassle! The only reason it's taken 3 years is because initially I was only allowed it every 3 months, and it was only fairly recently that they reduced the in-between time. And also taking into consideration times I've been tanned and had to wait for it to go...

    Which Skin clinic are you with lisa-lou? I'm down at Harley Street...
  • skh80skh80 Posts: 576
    saver6... what was yours like initially? (size, colour...) & what's the deal with having a sun tan....? Xx
  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    Thanks everyone.

    My tattoo is looking normal today- but feels slightly raised. I hope i start to see some reults soon- i'm so impatient!!!

    Apparently the longer you leave between treatments the better, but i'd rather have the extra pain and get rid of it quicker!!

    Anyway, my next appointment is on 2nd Feb (you can go back 2 weeks after the test patch cos the heat they've put in isnt too high), so i'll let you all know how i get on.

    Good luck to you too Sazzle.

  • lynetteamoslynetteamos Posts: 1,123
    Sazzle - mine is one my upper arm, about 3-4 inches across, all black, some little hideous thing i designed myself. black and blue are the easiest to get rid of. i think it's yellow and green that will never go, because they haven't found a laser that can do it yet.

    they will never laser you if you have a sun tan because what the laser does is it breaks up any colour that is in the skin, both ink and your own skin's melanin (which is the stuff in your skin that reacts to uv rays and gives you a tan). melanin is more present and active the tanner you get. therefore if you laser when it's most active (ie, have a tan), then you are basiclaly killing the pigmentation in your skin as well as the tattoo ink. this means as time goes on and once the tatt is gone, that part of your skin will never tan again, which as lisa-lou has mentioned is called ghosting - because you then just have a white tattoo! so having the laser done when the melanin is inactive, ie, you are as pale as you can be, is more likely to stop this effect.
  • lynetteamoslynetteamos Posts: 1,123
    oh, lisa-lou, forgot to mention that YOU are unlikely to see any difference as it fades so slowly (which is why it really is worth leaving an extra couple of weeks between treatments if you can), but other people will definietly let you know when results start happening, and that's incentive to keep up with that agonising pain!!
  • skh80skh80 Posts: 576
    Very knowledgeable, thanks saver6! image
  • skh80skh80 Posts: 576
    Very knowledgeable, thanks saver6! image
  • lynetteamoslynetteamos Posts: 1,123
    no problem! have been explaining to friends and family for years now!
  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    Thanks saver6!!

    I have been working out the dates and i can fit in my four treatments every 5 weeks but then have only 2 weeks after the last one until wedding day.

    I might leave the first 2/3 for 5 weeks and step it up to 4 weeks for my last one maybe?

    About how long does the healing usually take? The nurse said to me that some people's body's get used to it so even tho the intensity is more, you recover in the same amount of time- hope im one of those!

    I hate the way it depends on so many variables- truth is, i just hope it will fade completely!

    Oh, also- do you know how if it will be affected when i'm on honeymoon- do i just delay any further treatments until my tan has gone or should i not expose that area to the sun at all?

    Sorry, so many questions!!- is it really THAT agonising??!!!

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  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    Oh also, i'm at Harborne Road in Birmingham by the way!
  • lynetteamoslynetteamos Posts: 1,123
    my arm heals completely in about 4-5 days now, much less than what it used to, so maybe you're right, your body gets used to it!

    for honeymoon, or any holiday or sun exposure time really, the very best thing you can do is cover your tatt with a thick layer of at least a factor 30 and reapply often. or better yet, cover it completely if you can, whether with clothing, a towel, or even just a plaster if it's small enough. this way that particular area will not tan too much, the melanin won't be messed around, and then you can go much sooner for treatment when you get back! i tend to tan slowly but my skin keeps the colour for a couple of months, so that's why i'm so careful about it not exposing my tattooed area if i can cos i know it will be ages before i can go back.

    i hope i'm being helpful by the way, i don't want to sound like a know it all!!


  • issaukissauk Posts: 85
    hi,i had my 3rd treatment done yesterday and can already see a HUGE differance ,its starting to get a little more painful but i dont think it hurts.I live in dubai so when i go in the sun i cover it with a plaster .the first session it blisterd and took a week to heal but after the second it healed in a few it was my third treatment in as many months x
  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    Thanks Saver6- i think you can be classed as an expert after all your treatments!! I really appreciate the advice.

    issa- thanks for sharing your experience too! xx
  • skh80skh80 Posts: 576
    Hey lisa-lou, how did your test patch & first treatment go?

    I had my first session on Saturday... I bought some Emla cream from Boots (topical anesthetic) & was relieved to find it didn't hurt as much as I'd imagined! That said, she told me the laser was on level 6 (it goes up to 12) & she'll be turning it up next time image

    Took the dressing off after 24 hours & was a bit disturbed... don't really know how I expected it to look, but it's a really deep purple... I guess it's basically a nasty bruise...? Using Aloe Vera & CU3 cream & hopefully it'll look ok in a week or so!


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  • Hi Guys,

    I am heading for my third session of tatoo Erase next week, i have noticed an AMAZING difference, cant wait until it is totally gone...............

    When i was 16 (and drunk) i got a tatoo on my chest, just a small celtic design, should of listened to my mum !!!

    But hey when everyone tells you not to do something when yous 16 what do you do ??? lol

    I have now regretted it since i turned 20 :O(

    At least i can get rid of it now :O)

    Dont hate tatoos just dont like where it is !!

  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    Glad your is working too- how is the Erase process?

  • j73j73 Posts: 2,185
    I don't have a tattoo but at least you can get rid of those! I tunneled my ear so it has an 11mm hole which is much harder to get rid of!
  • skh80skh80 Posts: 576
    Just googled Tattoo Erase, as I'd never heard of it... I honestly thought Laser removal was the only way! Glad it's working for you tracy120977!

    Are you seeing any results yet lisa-lou?
  • Have a look at this guys =

    i have has laser....................Wouldn't recommend it to anyone !!

    This is the same process of getting a tattoo they use a gun but put some liquid that attaches itself to the ink and draws it to the surface (i was VERY sceptable at first) but i could see a MAJOR improvement just 2 weeks after my first treatment, and it only costs £60.00 per treatment !!

  • Wow tattooerase looks/sounds amazing. But they don't have any clinics in london?! Tracy do you know if there are any other websites/companies that I can look at for the erase method that are based in London?

  • skh80skh80 Posts: 576
    Did laser surgery not work for you tracy120977?

  • Lauz41Lauz41 Posts: 2,582
    Phew reading this and hearing what everyone is going through (good luck by the way) i am so glad that you cant see my tattoo! I got mine at 16 (a black chinese symbol) but i got it on my ankle as at the time i thought if i got one on my shoulder if i ever get married u would see it - everyone thought i was mad then but im glad now that i didnt! I have a dress with a big long train so theres no way anyone will see it! I hope you all get the results which you want in time for your big days......
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