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how old are you?

how old are you all?

I got married in september and we wanted to wait until we were married before we started to try,so new years eve we decided to get serious and as much as its fun.... I am so worried about my age,Im 32 next month and I was the last of my friends to get married and now the last to have a baby and they all talk about age and how glad they had thier babies earlier (about 5 years ago) .Im worried il be the oldest mum in the antenatal class.

I work in the a shop and all I see is young mums pushing thier prams.

hope you dont mind sharing


ange x


  • Hiya,

    Iam only 21 but have already had 3 m/c's. Even tho Iam young it feels as tho I'll never be a mum, it also makes me not jelous but it hurts to see all the new mums pushing prams ect - I only wish it could be me & hop e 1 day it will, as for you being old - dont be daft hehe my hubby is 30!

    Sorry havnt much advise,


    Laura x
  • Hi I am almost 24 and getting married in May. As my h2b is almost 30 all of his/our friends are 30+ and they are all just strating to have children, some waiting a few years so dont feel too old...its all about when your are ready for them. Are you trying now? xx
  • I just got married 4 weeks ago and I have also been waiting until I got married...I will be 32 this month.....I think that I maybe I will be older than most in the class but a friend on mine went and out of 15 couples they were the only ones that were married...

    Im not to worried about being 'slightly older' husband is 35 and we are just starting out on the baby side of things....

  • Hi there....I'm 30 and 31 in july.

    I too worry about my age...i get married this march so not much longer to wait. However its the other way round for me...most of my friends are still not married or have children.

    Laura...really sorry about you mc. I read a few of your posts...must be hard for you to go through it 3 times x.

    I'm in 2 minds about starting ttc before my wedding. one part of me wants to wait and the other wants to try now as it may take me longer to conceive.

    Speak soon xx
  • I just turned 30 in December and we started trying at Christmas after getting married in September.

    Only one of my close friends has a baby, though other friends have school-age children so I don't feel left out, or didn't until I heard one of my friends announce he and his wife are expecting. Now I think I will get that jealousy whenever anyone announces.

    I wish good luck to all x x
  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    I am 25 will be nearly 26 when TTC, I always wanted to be a young mum (about 20/21) so I feel old! Also, I am so scared that I wont be able to have any children as the doctors are strongly hinting about me having a hysterectomy because of gynae problems (at 25!!!) so I am ignoring them but it does feel like time is running out.

    All of my friends have been or are currently pregnant over the past year and I feel really jealous!!

    I think it is a matter of how ready you are and not age, I know 30 year olds who still act like teenagers!!

    32 is not old - good luck!

    Sorry for rambling

  • lulu82 unfortunatley I am one of the those 30 year olds that still acts like a big kid...husband brought me a chocolate fountain as my wedding gift...I was practically jumping on the bed with excitement !!!!

    hey my BM had an overy removed when she was 21 she knew she would sturggle..after IVF she now has 14 month old twins...

    your time will come !!!

  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    Thanks It's comforting to hear stories like that!

    There is nothing unfortunate about acting like a kid - h2b is 29 and more of a kid than my 13 year old brother but I wouldnt have him any other way, I know he will be a playmate for our baby ha ha!!

  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    Thanks It's comforting to hear stories like that!

    There is nothing unfortunate about acting like a kid - h2b is 29 and more of a kid than my 13 year old brother but I wouldnt have him any other way, I know he will be a playmate for our baby ha ha!!

  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    Thanks It's comforting to hear stories like that!

    There is nothing unfortunate about acting like a kid - h2b is 29 and more of a kid than my 13 year old brother but I wouldnt have him any other way, I know he will be a playmate for our baby ha ha!!

  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    Thanks It's comforting to hear stories like that!

    There is nothing unfortunate about acting like a kid - h2b is 29 and more of a kid than my 13 year old brother but I wouldnt have him any other way, I know he will be a playmate for our baby ha ha!!

  • I was 30 and hubby 34 when we got married 6 months ago. I am now 31 and TTC for the 1st time!!! We are taking sanatogen pronatal his'n'hers and mumomega to give us an extra health boost!

    I guess only time will tell whether we will be successful... At least we're trying though eh?

    Most of my mates are either single or they are married and putting off having babies. I'm counting on making some new likeminded friends at the classes. I'm sure there will be plenty of 30-somethings there.

    Good luck and baby dust to all x x x x
  • mrsgwengomrsgwengo Posts: 367
    A friend of mine is 35 & has just had a gorgeous little girl in september. (she got married the september before) did say she wished her & hubby had started a few yrs ago as she's found motherhood harder than she thought but is still loving every minute. think she wants another already!
  • medusaukmedusauk Posts: 170
    I'm 28 (will be 29 for my wedding in August) and my h2b is 36. When I was younger I always assumed I'd be in my early 20s when I had a baby - it's amazing how your perceptions change! Because he's older, h2b has been ready for a while, whereas I'm only just starting to get my head round the idea of not abandoning our social lives as we know them!

    Just wondering when everyone else first realised they were ready? x
  • Oh dear looks like i'm the oldest one, will be 35 this year, and am the type of person who needs a lot of sleep - the sleep deprevation will kill me.

    Chester Bride i'm in the same kind of situation as you, hubby is 42 next month and desperate for children, I switch between thinking "yep, i'm ready for this" to "no i'm not". I'm not particularly maternal, and like going out with my firends and on 3 or 4 hols a year - have seen the impact children have had on friends and I know it's selfish but I like my life as it is.

    am also ridiculously scared about the whole giving part!!!! then again i'm getting a bit ahead of myself as i'm nott coming off the pill till next month, being older means it's probably gonna take a bit longer.
  • I'm definitely the oldest! I'm 37, will be 38 in August! H2B is only just 32! Had a miscarriage last June and now baby plans on hold until after our wedding in May in Cyprus! Never mind, I'm keeping positive that I will get there! x
  • JannelleCJannelleC Posts: 1,113
    Bon, I will be 35 this year too. Hubby is 37 and we're both trying for our firsts.

    I had tried with my first husband when I was just 30 but we found out he had no sperm at all, and eventually that marriage distengrated. So I became very familiar with the whole TTC process with that one year of trying and 5 tries of IUI with donor sperm. I think God was watching out for me as I would have stayed in that horrible marriage if we had kids, then I would never have met my lovely hubby. It's a rollercoaster that I am so not looking forward to joining again!
  • Im 27, Got married last year age 26.If you had asked me ten years ago what my life plan was I would have been married at 21 and a few babies by now!
  • hi im 22 and i already have a daughter of nearly 3(she was a hugh surprise). we get married in may and we will start ttc straight away as my daughter is from previious relationship(even tho h2b has brought up my daughter from birth) and we want a baby which is a part of both of us to complete our family.

    if someone asked my before i fell pregnant with my daughter "when do you want to have kids" i would have said never, i was alyas the one who didnt want children but hey, how times and kids change things.
  • babyemziebabyemzie Posts: 124

    im only 21 (22next week) but my partners 29, i mc just over 2yrs ago and have been of the pill since with no luck till now, im not married yet were getting married in may so im going to be about 6m pregs,

    i dont think age matters being compleatly honest i was getting use to the idea that id have to thing about ivf and we had taked about waiting tilll i was older,

    everything will work its self out

  • Hi All

    I win.......!!!!

    Im 38, soon to be 39...!! And husband is the grand age of 46, nearly 47, so we are at the stage that my eggs may start to get a bit frazzled soon!

    Many heartfelt hugs going out to you ladies who have suffered a miscarriage, we miscarried twins in november (fours days after our wedding) and so we feel desperate to get pregnant again, especially as we are older and have less years of fertility left.

    However, really uplifting news is that this weekend we visited our friends who are 43, and 46 and went to meet their new 2 week old son, so definately feel we have a few years left.

    Sending you all lots of luck..xx
  • susu88susu88 Posts: 904
    I'll be 33 just after we get married, but we are planning to try after our honeymoon. It does creep into my mind that by the time I turn 40 my child would only be 5 or 6 years old only. That's if things go to plan. But then there's not much I can do about it at this stage since h2b and I only met less than 2 years ago. So I can't complain that I should have had children earlier. But then I was too busy with my career and the right bloke just had not turned up until now.

    Anyway, as for all you ladies who are worried about being the oldest at any antenatal class, don't. I know plenty of ladies who are in their 30's with their first child so you will not be alone. Anyway, 30 odd isn't that old.
  • Oh I clicked on here hoping that at 35 I wasn't past it (I know we're not) but I think we do count as old in biological terms!? We're just back from honeymoon and had to take malaria tablets, so we are planning to leave it a month and then try. Most of my friends (from all ages) tended to take 4-6 months to concieve. But I have one pal who's been trying 3 years and 3 miscarrages - and understandably its taken it out of her. Oooh fingers crossed everyone that it all happens smoothly for us all. I wish I'd met my hubby 10 years ago, torn between wanting married life just the 2 of us time, but also noting the old clock! (so trying to pretend I'll be cool if it takes awhile, but I know that first period after we start trying will be a blow).

    Still its all very exciting xx
  • ravioligraviolig Posts: 158
    i'm 25 and desperate for a baby, but hubby (26) not ready yet. I want 2 or 3 kids but wanted to have them, or at least the first 2 before I am 30. It's all my sister's fault, she got married at 20, then had 2 kids before 25, with a 3rd last year and she's still only 27. Hopefully will start soon. Seems everyone around me is getting pregnant just can't wait for my turn.
  • milkiemoomilkiemoo Posts: 144
    I was 27 when I had my daughter, the majority in my ante natel and post natel groups were older than me! The were just a couple younger than me. x
  • lush224lush224 Posts: 562 New bride
    Hi I think there are a lot of older women having babies these days. One of my work colleagues has just had a baby at 39 and another is off on maternity leave and is 41. Plus my neigbour is 40 and five months preggers!

    Lots of people are living their lives and establishing their careers first and therefore have a lot more to offer a child in terms of financial stability and maturity. I think that anything up to 40ish is fine to have a baby!
  • Hello ladies,

    Both me and my H2B are 28, and are getting married in September 2008. Both our daughters are going to be our bridesmaids, the eldest will be 7 and our 'baby' will be 20 months. so as much as we were young when we had our first, it's nice that she will be old enough to take part in our day.

    About the antenatal classes, for our second daughter we were still the youngest of the couples there, so don't worry. if they are anything like the ones we did you will either spend all the time laughing at the old dodgy films, or being scared

    by all the scary stories of 'what could go wrong'.

    hope you have loads of fun trying, and just remember 'practise make perfect'. Fill us in with any big news.


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