hiding spots

I am also worried about getting spots on the big day, does anyone know of any good foundation which cover blemishes for the day and lasts until the eveing that doesnt wear off after a few hours. i have a lot of scars on my face and they cover well to start with but then appear again!? Any tips would be great


  • nessauknessauk Posts: 319
    Hi - I use one by clinque called superfit makeup. It's oil free, long wearing and gives a moderate coverage. My skin is normal/oily and I've tried lots of foundations that claim to last all day. Although this one is abit more expensive than rimmel, boots 17 etc it's def worth the extra money. You may need to dap on concealer aswell if you did get a spot on the day (I'm sure I'll get a time of the monthly one!) but the coverage is good and natural looking. Maybe you could go for a clinique make over and try it out?
  • Have you tried mac concealers? I know you want a foundation too but on special occasions I use the mac concealer which comes in a round pot before I put on my foundation and then reapply afterwards. It works really well and if you set it with a bit of loose powder it lasts ages.

    I like mac foundations too
  • kelukkeluk Posts: 1,467
    mac are great i use studio finish concealer and its brill,really good for spots.
  • lausiepooslausiepoos Posts: 148
    Estee Lauder Disappear concealer has excellent coverage. I haven't used the foundation but it may be worth going to the counter and trying to get some samples, because the concealer really is very good.
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