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im planning on a very tight budget and am finding invites v.expensive. any advice???????????


  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    Make your own! Plenty of us on here have done that so can offer you loads of advice if you've not done it before.

    Get Craftycharli in on it - she's our wife-in-residence and made all her stationary and is great for tips and help.

    I made mine too and could also help out if you wanted.
  • I am thinking about it! Im using ivory and burgundy and cant decide what materials to use. I was thinking of little paper roses. They look cute but i dont quite know whatto do with you can tell, not very artistically minded
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Hi, What about Tescos or WH Smith. I didn't want to spend a fortune on invitations and finally foun some in my local card shop. Managed to get 80 invitations for £30. Bargain.
  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    if you have an idea but no inspirarion why not look at what invitations are available to buy that match your idea.

    When I was designing ours H2B said he didn't want anything that looked "homemade" so trawled web sites and found designs that he liked. I then adapted one of these designs a) so that it was personal to us and matched our theme and b) so that we were sure they would be unique and c) so that no-one could sue us!!

    Have a look for what can be done with small roses and take it from there.

    I'll think about it too and let you know of any ideas I come up with.

  • thanks. Ill start thinking about it more. or i mite just get h2b to do it for me. that would be entertaining if nothing else
  • karenngkarenng Posts: 77
    I'm really interested in this. I originally thought that I would buy my invititations but all I've found so far seem to be really expensive. I now quite like the idea of making my own. Are there any kits you can buy or anything along those lines?

    Any input would be most appreciated!
  • LiukLiuk Posts: 48
    Its so easy... pop 'handmade stationery' into google... have a look at the various designs on line, this should give you some idea's. Then go and have a look around a 'paper mill shop' see for your local store. You can buy your card and envelopes from these stores and they have all the other stuff that you will need to make your cards. The assistants in these stores are usually very helpful! Don't know of any specific books but I am sure that Amazon will have some... Good luck x
  • Hi Nicki

    I bought my wedding invites (25), place cards(50), order of service(50) and serviettes (75) all for 46.00 from which I thought was a bargain and now I can spend more money on more important things! image

  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    If you decide to make your own you could go to Hobbycraft - that's where I got most of my basics from. They have tons of card in different colours and tyoes and all sorts of other things including roses as you describe. I spent £53 in there and £10 on swarovski crystals for 50 invitations plus £15 on a website for the parchment paper (50 sheets).
  • I also didn't want to spend a fortune on invites and got mine from Dunelm mills. They are Marks and Spencers and cost 49p for 10 and are absolutely beautiful. Thought about having ones specially made but couldn't justify the cost once we'd seen these and can spend money on other things.
  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    NIKKI - An easy but dead effective card or invite to make with the paper roses you describe is as follows:

    If you want a red/burgundy theme you could choose either a red card or an ivory card for the base. The tear a piece of ivory mulberry paper about an inch smaller than the card all round (the torn effect looks very effective rather than cutting) then stick this mulberry paper in the centre of your card using double sided sticky tape (glues soaks through the mulberry paper). Then take 3 red paper roses and dependeing on the rest of your colour thesme with copper, silver or gold coloured wire wrap the wire tightly around the stems (leave a centimetre or so from below the rose buds and then start there) in a tight coil so all the twists butt up against each other, do this right down to a couple of centimetres above the end of the stems. So you should have bud then a centimetre or so of stems then wire and then a couple of centimetres or stems. The lay the buds in the centre of the mulberrry paper and range them so the 3 buds splay out and lay flat on the card - then put a small blob of glue on the back of each bud and a line of glues down the back of the wire and stick the bunch on the centre of the mulberry paper - et voila very effective yest simple This is one of my favs. If any of it doesn't make sense just say and I'll try to explain! If you decide to do them then don't make one whole card at a time but set up a production line - do all the mulberry paper onto cards first, then do all the wire twisting (easy infront of the tv on a nighttime) and then do all the sticking the bunches down!

    If you want ideas or inspiration then rather than buying a book I would go for the magazines - one of my favs is 'Beautiful cards' and remember just cos something is shown as a birthday card doesn't mean you can't adapt it to use as an invite!

    BY THE WAY - when I make wedding invities and the rest I would tend to charge (depending on materials) about £150 for 100 cards - which is only £1.50 each when you think handmade cards can be a fiver in the shops - does this sound a lot?? Or reasonable - would like any feedback for interests sake! :\)
  • kmorganukkmorganuk Posts: 6
    If you can print your own, this company do fantastic card in a huge variety of sizes, with matching envelopes. Their irridescent card is amazing and you can co-ordinate all of your table menus, service cards etc. You need to send off for a few samples to check what will go through your printer, but the results on their sparkly card are really impressive. Good luck!
  • Hi

    i started making my girls baptism invitations - it went so well I'm making 80 wedding invites, 8o menu's, order of service and placecards and rsvp's. maps and the whole lot!!

    I'm using some pretty patterned paper thats sort of see through, and ribbon, which is a general wedding theme.

    They don't take that long really, and if you want a proffesional look, less is more. If you want a home made cute look, there are loads of cute stuff to buy!!!

    The whole lot is costing £130, for the best qaultiy card and paper, glue paper and all that!!
  • emma26507emma26507 Posts: 24

    I was at a wedding show at the royal concert hall in glasgow at the end of last year and there was a woman doing a demonstration from a company called 'wedloco' ( It took her all over 5mins to make a card exactly as they are on the website and if you buy some of the material via e-bay - its really cheap, easy and looks fab.

    I just wanted to make my own invitations etc to keep me occupied (i've a yr to go until the big day), i wasnt too bothered about the price but they really are fantastic looking cards once they're finished and so easy, you can be as creative as you like.

    good luck

    love emma

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  • I think thats reasonable when you think about it yeah. you pay over £1.50 for birthday, christmas cards etc... i was thinking, ive got a tatty teddy cake topper so tatty teddy invites would be cute wouldn't they.
  • I'm not very handy at all with all this craft stuff so had a major dilemma. We are going for an old style feel for our wedding so we went to HobbyCraft and bought cream A4 paper, envelopes and a couple of reels of cream satin ribbon. We then just made up a really nice invitation on MSWord in an old retro font with a border round the edge. We then printed them all off and once folded, tied the ribbon round and posted. Not the flashiest thing in the world but they did the job and I went to a friend's house for a party and the invite was on the pinboard and I heard two people saying how cool they looked. Really made me feel good given I'd been worrying about whether they had looked naff for ages.
  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    I had the best compliment about my handmade invites the other day. We'd gone to the pub to see people there that we're inviting and handed them out - some day some evening ones - and my Dad was there. He looked at both invitations and said - how much did these cost then, I thought you were making your own... He couldn't believe it when I said I had done them!

    My Dad knows I have talents in some things (music and languages) but he called me "talented" at this as well. I was so chuffed!

  • HopefulmummyHopefulmummy Posts: 187
    A friend of mine recommended Even if you don't buy from there, they do have a few pages that tell you how to make your own stuff. They can also be slighty adapted to suit you and your themes. I haven't brought mine yet but I definately am! My friend showed me her invites and you wouldn't think she had made them at all - beautiful. They also provide paper and envelopes which is handy. the paper my friend used was gorgeous, when she printed off the wording on her own printer the letters came out silver - amazing!! Not an expensive site, worth a glance xxx
  • loobylou212loobylou212 Posts: 18
    hi, i found some really nice 0nes in whs sale 100 invos for £10 quite lucky but worth keeping an eye out. good luck x
  • Kate2000ukKate2000uk Posts: 41
    Hi, My sister has a saturday job in clintons and as our pre-wedding gift is paying for all our stationary, we have gone for their elegance range and she'll get a good discount with working there. I know this doesn't really count as a bargain as only works if you work in a card shop but thought I'd share my experience. My other sister is getting me my bouquet (thought I better add that incase she ever sees the message on here)
  • i got 100 plain cards and envelopes off ebay and 500 little fluffy feathers and it cos 15 quid. looks like i am making my invites. bargain;\)
  • Hi there, we are also on a budget so i did all my invites on the computer - printing them on lovely sparkly card i bought from, with matching sparkly envelopes it worked out about 80p per invite rather than the £3.50 we were quotes by some places. Also you can buy little self adhesive diamond sparkles in craft shops which look really professional - so if you have a computer and good printer at home i recommend you make them yourself image
  • bobbyukbobbyuk Posts: 48
    hi i have already bought my templates but need some lilac butterflies and lilac ribbon been to hobbiecraft and they had nothing any one any ideas thanks
  • try or ebay
  • whit-walkerwhit-walker Posts: 108
    Large John Lewis stores have large haberdashery departments - I'll be using them for all my ribbon needs.
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