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Eating like a horse................

I started well and the weight was dropping off, but now all of a sudden i seem to be eating anything and everything, especially chocolate!!! (damn the person who invented that!)

Is anyone else just piggin out and eating junk just for the sake of it but doesnt know why or am i the only one?!?!?


  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    *raises hand*

    Me too!

    I'd thought that the prospect of being an overweight bride would have been incentive enough. But apparently not, I'm still shovelling in junk food.
  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    Lol me too i desperately want to stop but can't my god whats happening.........
  • belindaxxxbelindaxxx Posts: 2,277
    So glad its not just me.

    Really dont know whats happened but Im eating more than ever!

  • me too think it is a winter thing with me always feel slimmer in summer and am not as hungry but as soon as winter sets in i crave lovely comfort food ...roast dinners, chocolate, puddings is making me hungry just thinking about it lol. think i am preparing for hibernation...;\)
  • Shelley06ukShelley06uk Posts: 2,474

    I always eat more in the winter months. Its a symptom of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I hate it because my moods drop - I get really irritable and over eat. I am using light box therapy and its helping but I really do struggle with my weight! I know I can lose it in the spring but I would really rather not put it on in the first place! :\)

    Shelley xx
  • Tricia1965ukTricia1965uk Posts: 1,148
    I was fine until I bought my dress, I had lost 1 1/2 stone. The dress made me look thinner with a corset back now I can't stop eating.
  • Me too!! I had lost 2 stone before i met h2b then stopped losing it, so knew i wanted to loose more to get smaller dress and look thinner and just keep eating and eating, even during the summer so don't have the excuse of it being winter. keeping weight steady trying really hard now.
  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    thank god its not just me then, i was losing weight until we got theory

    1. its the suns fault it ain't around enough

    2. Planning a wedding is stressful so i turn to chocolate for comfort (yea right)! lol

    3. i like chocolate

    4. chocolate is my friend

    5. Chocolate makes me feel better LOL

    ok ok i'm just looking for excuses

  • Well, I don't really eat chocolate but Good Lordie give me crisps and I'll be your friend for life. Just having one bag seems positively boring, so the whole six pack has to go in one sitting. It's disgraceful.

    My theory is that when you are on a diet and trying to lose weight, your brain kicks into 'cravings' mode and just goes bananas. It just makes you obsess about something until you give in and scoff it, but you don't just have one - oh no no no no no - HUGE amounts all at once.

    I've found Chinese Rice Crackers that are dead low in fat and kind of almost sort of are a little bit like crisps and that seems to do the trick, but at the hint of any stress or - heaven forbid - boredom, I'm off again.

  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    superli i know what you mean as soon as you think your dieting.....Bam the cravings hit!! Whereas if you thought you werent you wouldnt remotely be interested in anything remotely bad for you!

    i have ordered a copy of paul mackennas i can make you slim lol! lets see if that does anything.....

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  • belindaxxxbelindaxxx Posts: 2,277
    oooh let me knwo how that is sassy.

    Im a sucker for choc and crisps!

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