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Is anyone wearing a fascinator instead of a veil or tiara?

I'm not really a tiara kind of girl and as I am using feathers elsewhere in my wedding plans (on the invites and decorating the favour boxes etc) I am thinking about wearing a small-ish feather fascinator in my hair and giving my bridesmaids similar ones to wear too.

Would love to hear other b2bs opinions and experiences on this... Does it limit what hairstyle you can have? Where can I find a really nice elegant one?

Thanks for your help

littleredhen x


  • MoominmummyMoominmummy Posts: 1,621
    Hi Littleredhen

    I haven't quite decided exactly what I'm doing with my hair etc. I'm definitely having a veil - a fingertip one with a satin trim. I also know I'm definitely having my hair up. I anticipated having a pearl type band in my hair, like a tiara, but not one that stands up. On Saturday though I went to try on the dress again, and the girl in the shop did my hair in a low side bun and stuck in these lovely hairpins which each had a flower and a couple of longish thin feathers. It looked really lovely and she put the veil over which also looked nice. I'm going to wait & see my hairdresser first & see what style I want and then think about it, but i'm definitely considering these now. They were by Blossom and the website is Unfortunately the ones I tried aren't on the website and also they're bl00dy expensive - about £20 per pin!!! But the website might give you some other ideas anyway.

    Let us know what you go for in the end. When's your wedding??
  • HI Littleredhen

    I have decided to wear a fascinator, but this is on an alice band, as my dress has got alot of detailing, and also has chiffon draping off the shoulder and drops around the back. I thought that a tiara and veil would be too much, so my fascinator is made of cystals and small clear stones to match the dress. I haven't actually seen many hairdo's in the magazines where a fascinator is worn so I'm still searching. image
  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241
    Im hoping to wear a fascinator too. Just got to find the right one.

    My dress has a lot of detail, so think a facscinator would be better. Also, im marring abroad and thouhgt it would be easier to transport.

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