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Did anyone have a church hall wedding? Can you share photos?

Hi - did anyone have their reception in a church hall or a village hall? Did you decorate it yourselves? Have you got any photos that you can share from the decorated venue? I'm in need of inspiration!

Also, how long did the decorating take? And, who cleaned up afterwards? Any help gratefully appreciated.


  • My friend got married Sept and she had a church hall reception. Her mum is Church Warden so she had free reign of the place. It was all decorated and think it took her a few days but she had access to the hall all week. They had loads of ballons and lights all over the hall. Chair covers and matching table linen. The centre pieces were balloons and lots of little glass beads over the table. Looked fab don't think they spend hardly any money either and it really did look good. They cleared up the following day with some friends/family. We went back the following day and by about 2pm the hall was immaculate and everyone eating lunch!

    They had some people serving the food which her mum cooked herself, very professional.

    When do you have access to the hall? Do you have lots of people to help you with things and when do you have to give the hall 'back'?
  • Hi - thanks for your reply. Do you have any photos of your friend's hall? It sounds fab and just the kind of inspiration I need at the mo (bit disheartened about the whole thing!)

    We can have the hall the evening before to set up but it needs to be cleared up the same night as the wedding! eekkk!

    Anyone else have photos to inspire me??? - particularly before and after shots so that I can see the kind of transformation that's possible.

    Many thanks

  • Hey choc bar, we are having our reception in a village hall! Have you read 'The Wedding Diaries' by Laura Bloom? She did exactly the same and her book has lots of great tips.

    I have a link to some photos of her village hall transformation if you're interested:

    Hope this helps and that the links work, I am not very good at this! x
  • Hi Choc Bar,

    We, like you, are having our reception in the church hall and I too have had several bouts of disillusionment! I originally had grand ideas for the hall but am now more of the opinion that once the lights are dimmed and the tables are dressed the hall won't need much more! We have the Friday afternoon before the wedding to set up but we have to clear up that evening as we are off on honeymoon bright and early Sunday morning! That is the bit that panics me most, the tidying up after but I'm hoping family will all muck in! So the plan is, dress the tables and chairs (we have hired chair covers), tables will have tea-lights in holders all over as these are the favours. A few strings of fairy lights in some big pot plants that are in the hall already, a few swags of material over doorways and a couple of boards filled with baby photos of my man and me...I say all this but I have yet to get my @rse into gear...and only 53 days to go! How exciting! Good luck with it all. Don't stress too much as I'm sure it will go swimmingly whatever the d????cor!!
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