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Getting married in one hotel, staying in another

Is anyone else getting married in a different hotel to the one they are marrying in. We had big problems getting dates. Im now staying at Capo Bay and marrying at the Golden Coast on the 21st Aug 08


  • camlocamlo Posts: 199
    I'm not marrying abroad but getting wed here in Church, back to hotel for reception and party and then have to walk down to B&B as hotel had already booked up all rooms. DOH

  • Its a nitemare when you have your heart set on something and it doesnt go right. im just thinking of all the things we will miss out on and fruit in the room on arrival, breakfast in bed morning after the wedding, upgrade to honeymoon suit on wedding nite and candle lit dinner for 2. will probably have to pay for all the extras.
  • CBH2BCBH2B Posts: 2
    We are getting married at the Golden Coast Oct 3rd 2008 and staying at the Adams Beach in Nissi Bay - let down by Adams Beach for the wedding date after 47 guests booked into here & paid for accommodation!

    Tried to get Nissi Beach Hotel, Aneas, Capo Bay as wedding venue but you have to be residents to marry in these hotels so wedding planner suggested Golden Coast - looks lovely and like idea of Chapel for pics.Bit far away so had to hire coach for guests etc.

    How are your plans coming along?
  • Im just glad we have got the whole thing confirmed even if it wasnt what we had planned. Im quite happy to get married at the GC and did have an option to stay there but i to thought it was a bit far out. The thing im annoyed about is the fact that we have transport to pay for now that we wouldnt of needed if we were getting married at our hotel.

    I havent decided weather to use the chapel or the terrace area, looks like it looks out onto the beach.

    Are you having your reception ayt the GC. The capo have agreed to let us hold ours there as we are only a small party of 11 and just want a meal and drinks on the terrace. I just thought it was more convienient for us having little ones being at our hotel.

    Did you book yours a long time ago, we only booked in Jan so was probably asking for problems.

    Calmo- your baby looks soo cute x
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