False Nails

I have awful nails & am now thinking about getting false nails. Have NEVER had anything like this done!!! I'm being quoted £40 for a Full Set of Acrylic Nails - French & Natural. Is this good? Exspensive? Best thing to get? Will it last? Will it feel weird? Will they last for two week honeymoon?




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    No idea love but ....


    I'm going for natural nails but having nice manicure before hand. Used to have nasty nails but they're ok now.

    Had false nails once and hated them - but they weren't done very well.

    BOO again!
  • Boo to you too!!! How werid to be talking on here, hey!!! Do you know, Penguin... I'm getting SOOOOOOOOOOO stressed about the whole beauty side of things!!! I guess cuz it's the thing I'm not safe with and used to!!!

    I've got people down my ear (future mum-in-law & H2B's sis-in-law!) saying things like "you just 'have' to get yourse;f pampered"... "look like a lady properly"!!!... "make the most of this one-time occasion"... "you don't want minging nails to ruin a close up photo do you"


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    I know what you mean - I don't do hair and make up stuff either. It's all a bit girly for me! Hope nobody takes offence at that - it's just that I wasn't brought up around make up etc so I just don't know. I sometimes wear it going out but I'm so bad at applying it that I look worse. And Martin says I don't need it - he likes me natural.

    I grew my hair to get married and can't wait to have it short again - I've said I'll take his hair clippers on honeymoon and shave it all off. I loved having bright pink spiky hair!

    Booked a hair trial for next week but as for make up think I'll do the debenhams trial thing and get my bridesmaids or Aunt to do it on the day.

    Want to look like me but a bit nicer if you know what I mean.

    See you tomorrow?!
  • Well, I've booked myself in for a hair trial next week and a make-up trial the week after, so... wish me luck!!! Hate, absolutely HATE things like this!!! Oh well... for one day only! Then get to chill after it!!!

    See you tomorrow!!!

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    Did you have to book a make-up trial at places like debenhams? - I had assumed you could walk in off the street...!

    In that case I'd better get that sorted too...
  • Nah... they do it unbooked & for free(!)... but I'm going with the beautician from the spa at my venue. Cuz it's on a sunday there's not many beauticians open, so it's really, really good that this one is - and it's at my venue! but it's only £20 so thought may aswell... cuz i could do it myself (as in get a free one at deb's, watch what they're doing, tehn buy it all and do it myself) but can be pampered ont eh mornign of and not have to splash out on make-up i know i wont wear!

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    ..plan Batman!
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    i asked about false nails too cos i want to have nice nails on the day but dont want them to look too strange. spoke to the beautician who said silk nails are kinder to your own nails but may only last 1-2 weeks or acylic nails which last a lot longer but wreck your nails. think i may go for the silk ones cos only really want them for the day and im not supposed to have long nails for work so will have to take them off anway once off honeymoon xx
  • are the silk ones around the same price as the acrylic ones do you know. I've booked to have acrylic done but have heard about the silk once since so thinking they'd probably be better.
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