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O'natural or Glamour Puss????

Hi girls,

I've had a hair and make-up trial and have now decided I want to change both. My hair is sorted but my make-up is causing me a few problems. When I had my trial the make-up artist did it so it looked fairly natural and it seems many people go for this option. I don't want to look like a different person on the day but I do want to feel glamorous. I don't wear tons of make-up normally but I do think I normally wear more than what she has suggested. My normal make up consists of brown smokey eyes but pretty soft, bit of bronzer, bit of natural blush and mascara so nothing OTT but I am left feeling that the make-up trial made me look less made up than I normally do.

What look are you all going for and do you have any pics for ideas?



  • i dont wear any make up day to day & when im on a night out i wear tinted moisturiser, mascara & benetint to make my cheeks a bit rosy

    however my dress is quite glam so i think i will need to wear some more make up to go with the dress.

    i was thinking of having a bit of a smoky eye going on but with the rest of my face quite nude & maybe just vaseline or a light gloss on my lips

    need to find some pics myself
  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    hi laura,

    ask her to make you up a bit more, i def think you should look more "dressy" than everyday and i prefer the glamorous look

  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    I'm the same as you - wasn't happy with 'natural' as that's not what I normally wear. So what she did was use a mixture of both mine and her makeup - so I still looked like myself but just slightly more glamourous and 'smooth'! I also took a photo of reese witherspoon with me as I liked her makeup in the photo and she was able to recreate it to suite me - maybe find a photo of someone's makeup you like?x
  • Hi Laura,

    I find myself in the same position as you. I was going to have my make up done professionaly but id heard alot of people say they werent pleased with the look they got so now ive decided to do it myself. I dont wear alot of make up either but i do want to look more glam than natural as im having my hair up too, which is also different for me. I want to go for the smokey eyes look. Im going to pop into Boots and ask the advice of one of the cosmetics staff there and see what they suggest. Its worth a try. Ive taken some picutures out of the wedding magazine.

  • Hi ladies

    I am a qualified beauty therapist so thought I could offer some advice. Alot of brides make the mistake of wanting to look too natural on their day which is fine, however you need to apply more than normal other wise you can look really washed out and bland on the photos. There are lots of gorgeous natural looks out there but the key thing is more blusher and lippy than normal.

    It's nice to hear that some of you want to glam it up a bit though. I would not be offended at all if someone wasn't too happy with their trial. That's what a trial is for. I would be upset if a bride didn't let me know they weren't happy so I could rectify it for the big day.

    I think looking through magazines (not just bridal ones) is the best thing. I am doing my own make up and found a gorgeous look on Heidi Klum with lots of golds. It suits my colouring and my dress.

    Good luck everyone.
  • Hi RachieCakes

    Just read your message and could i ask you for some advice please? Which mascara done you recommend that is waterproof, Ive got maybelline at the moment but it still ggives me panda eyes. Also whats the best way to check you have the correct colour foundation? sorry for being so cheeky

    Tracy xx
  • 141Bash141Bash Posts: 500
    At the National Wedding Show they had a talk on wedding hair and make-up tips, and the make-up artist there said that when you go for your make-up trial you should go along there already made-up as you would do yourself, so that the make-up artist can see what your comfort zone is. Really they should discuss what you want after that and try it out, and if you want the natural look they shouldn't slap it on - and vice versa!
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    i agree with rachiecakes.

    the natural look to speak can look VERY washed out in photos.

    i have done photographic modeling in the past and it is important for the photos that the makeup is done well and the right products are used .

    a good makeup artist should know this. the lady i am using works on film and tv she is well aware of what she needs to do to create that picture perfect look.

    go back to your artist and try again..

    if not ,, then i suggest you look out for a different person to do your makeup.

    please, also be aware, that the girls that sell you makeup in a shop........... are not makeup artists.!!

    they are there, purely to sell you a product. being a good makeup artist is an art form . good luck j x
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