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eyelash tinting ?

Hi girls

Has anyone tried this? I was wondering about getting my eyelashes tinted and wearing clear mascara instead of normal stuff.... not that I'm planning on getting weepy and emotional you understand !!

Tam x


  • Hiya,

    I am a major fan of eyelash tinting as my auntie is a former beautician it is pain free and temporary- it takes approx 30-45 minutes and you always look like you have lovely full eyelashes fully reccomend this for anyone out there who is unsure.

    I'm getting it done for my big day, however do make sure that you have a trial beforehand to see which colcour you like- i have black but i like dramatic eyes- there is a whole range from brown- blue/black.

    Hope this helps


  • i have only had mine done a couple of times, but i recommend it too!

    i'll be honest i don't lke the process!!! it's not painful WOTSOEVA, but it feels weird!!! you have damp pads on your eyes for 30mins and you cna't open them, so it's a werid claustaphobic sensation... but my god it's worth it!!!

    i had it done for a wedding and i got to test it out, cuz i cried like a baby, but nothing ran!!! Yay!!!

    i put clear on the top - just to flick them up a bit.worked well!!!

    i serisouyl would say to et it done at least a couple of times before your day though - get used to it and test what colour suits oyu best!!!

  • i get mine done with my eyebrows too - I'm really really fair with red hair - so my eyebrows are white!!!


    Go for it, it's a fantastic thing!!
  • tlsmithuktlsmithuk Posts: 11
    Thanks for the feedback, it sounds like its definately worth a go. I wonder if I've got time to give it a try before wedding (51 days!) and then have it redone just before. Glad to hear you've tear tested it too!

    Tam x

  • You've got plenty of time. I had a trial when I had my last but one before wedding waxing session about 4 weeks ago and I liked it so much am having it done for real (again with my waxing) next Friday.
  • Ooh maybe i'll have that done too, would be nice for honeymoon too as cant wear mascara when your in and out of the pool. Was thinking about having false eyelashes but bit scared about them falling off so perhaps i might just go for the tinting. How long does it last for? Does it last until your eyelashes fall out?
  • tlsmithuktlsmithuk Posts: 11
    I asked a local beautician and apparently it lasts 4 to 6 weeks. However she also advised not to have it done the day before wedding as it also leaves a slight dark smudge around the eyes - a bit like eyeliner .. however best to let it fade incase its not the look you're after. I might go and have it done tomorrow to see what happens! will let you know!

    Tam x
  • Ooh thanks for the tip, look forward to hearing how it goes. Also how much does it cost, is it fairly cheap to have done?
  • helenwileshelenwiles Posts: 215
    hi everyone

    i also wondered about eyelash tinting but spoke to my beautician who said on average it lats about a week which i thought was disapointing so im just gonna buy some waterproof mascara instead xx
  • Oh really, just a week, thats no good then, especially if you have it done a few days before the wedding. oh well might give that a miss os perhaps even put a few individual false ones on, not sure?!
  • Mine is just fading now and I haven't worn anything but a tiny bit of clear mascara for the past 4 weeks.

    If you have fair eyelashes and use a dark colour it will last longer. I've heard a few people say it only lasts a week - maybe that's cos it's just a henna dye or something.

    Cost me £6.
  • Oh well if its only £6 then i might tru it and if it fades then it fades and i wont have wasted too much money, even if it only lasts a week at least it will be nice for the actual wedding day!
  • sarahbeeeuksarahbeeeuk Posts: 126
    Sorry if this is a silly question- but is there any chance of an allergic reaction to the dye?.. I'd really like to give it a go too but worry something drastic could happen, like all my eyelashes falling out! xxx
  • Sarahbeee

    Some people can get allergic reactions to anything! That's why they recommend a "spot test" first, same as you should do a skin test before using any dye... including hair dyes and fake tans - although people rarely do. If you've used any such products before it's unlikely but still worth having a pre-test. Just ask your beautician - if she's any good she'll insist on one anyway.
  • tlsmithuktlsmithuk Posts: 11
    Guinea pig reporting here ! - I just had my eyelashes done today - cost £10, stung like crazy though for about 2 minutes! ... and not sure how noticeable it is being as I am quite dark anyway. I reckon it's worth doing if you're fair haired though. Will see how long it lasts.

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